When the principal saw Qiao Zijin's results, he made a phone call to check. The answer he received was exactly the same as the transcript in front of him.

After all, they were high school teachers and would know the admission scores for The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. The admission scores for The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China were much higher than that of the Ping Cheng High School. It was impossible for Qiao Zijin to enroll in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China with such results.

There was only one explanation. The Qiao family must have forked out a large sum of money to enroll Qiao Zijin into The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

If the Qiao family could come up with such a large sum of money to send Qiao Zijin to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, it showed that their financial situation was not as bad as what the rumor made it to be. In that case, it would not be seen as splurging for her parents to rent a house near the school for Qiao Nan.

The principal was certain that the three-year lease of Qiao Nan's house that was near the school cost less than half the amount of Qiao Zijin's 'sponsorship fee' to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

In that case, the rumors that Qiao Nan leeched on her parents were not true.

The environmental evidence was much more credible than the words of others.

Ding Jiayi never imagined that after she took great efforts to spread the rumors about Qiao Nan in Ping Cheng High School, everything would come to futile all because of the fact that she spent money to 'sponsor' Qiao Zijin to study at her high school. As soon as it was cleared up, the rumors that had been spreading would die down eventually.

"As a teacher, it is inappropriate for me to comment on the behavior of the parents. Other people might value boys more than girls. As for the Qiao family, they value the elder daughter more than the younger daughter. I was angry after reading through the materials. I could not sleep a wink at night. I can't believe that there is such a mother in this world who has the heart to do terrible things to her own daughter. If not for the solid proof, no one will believe it. These people are fearless as they think that they can do anything with their status. We almost wronged our own student. Principal, given Qiao Nan's results, she actually could enroll in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China."

Teacher Liu took a deep breath. He was furious at what he read from the documents.

After being a teacher for a long time, one could get to know all sorts of bizarre things and 'widen' one's horizons in the process. "Qiao Nan chose to come to our school because she studied at Ping Cheng Junior High School. Given her excellent performance in junior high school, she could have been directly admitted to our high school, but she refused to do so. She insisted on taking the middle school examination and has done our school proud by coming in the first place in the province. We have to be fair to such a good student like her. At the very least, we must not let such things happen again or escalate."

"You are right." The principal took off his glasses and stopped looking at the information. He could not bear to read on.

According to the data, the parents had no wish for Qiao Nan to continue with her studies. They wanted her to quit junior high school and work.

If not for Qiao Nan who had a mind of her own and insisted on completing her studies, Ping Cheng High School would not have a top scholar in middle school examination like her.

Qiao Nan's performance had been very stable and excellent. The principal was certain that as long as Qiao Nan could maintain her standard, their school would definitely be able to have a top scholar in the college entrance examination in three years' time.

As the principal of Ping Cheng High School, how could he allow such an excellent student to leave school!

Ding Jiayi had always succeeded in making life difficult for Qiao Nan. She had gone too overboard that she ended up setting her own spear against her own shield.

No matter how exaggerated and serious Ding Jiayi made it to be, people could see through her lies easily after some probing and investigations.

They had the solid proof with them, and nobody would believe Ding Jiayi's lies.

"But we have to be very careful when handling this matter. Otherwise, it will have an impact on our school," Teacher Liu said seriously. The whole school had probably known about the rumors now.

After all, this was Qiao Nan's family affairs. The school could not possibly publicize the family affairs of the Qiao family. They could not make a speech to clear things up on the flag-raising ceremony on Monday either.

But now that they knew the truth, they could not sit by and do nothing about it.

Once other people learned about this, the students and the teachers in the school would be affected.

If outsiders learned of the rumors, the reputation of Ping Cheng High School would be completely ruined.

If Qiao Nan really did these things, the principal could come up with an excuse to expel Qiao Nan and things would die down gradually. But now that he knew that what Ding Jiayi said were all lies, as a principal, he could not do this to his student.

Therefore, Teacher Liu felt that it was not easy to clear up the rumors.

"Let me think about it." The principal pinched his nose, lost in his thoughts. Ding Jiayi had created such big trouble for Ping Cheng High School and landed them in such a dilemma. He felt bitterness in his mouth at the thought of Ding Jiayi. "There's a way!"

"What is the solution?" Teacher Liu asked nervously. Right now, the principal was the only one who could solve the problem.

"I remember that Teacher Feng who has retired has a house nearby. He lives abroad with his son and left the house with the school. I remember there isn't anyone staying at the house, is there?"

"Yes, no one lives there. However, there is some miscellaneous stuff there." Teacher Liu's eyes lit up. He more or less knew what the principal was thinking about.

"You can make a trip in noontime to have a talk with Qiao Nan's father and tell him what has happened recently. You can hand him the key to Teacher Feng's small cottage as well. Qiao Nan is a good student. The school has exempted her from paying tuition and miscellaneous fees. This can be considered as an additional reward for her."

"Let me thank you on behalf of Qiao Nan. Thank you, principal," Teacher Liu said happily.

"Let's just do this. You should go over to Qiao Nan's house to inform them so that they can make preparations. The house has been vacant for a while. I suppose it will need some cleaning up. I heard that Qiao Nan's father had a car accident recently and he is still recovering from it. You can bring a few helpers with you to clear up the house as much as possible. In this way, Qiao Nan can devote her full attention to her studies."

"Thank you, principal!" Teacher Liu did not expect that the principal would arrange a place for Qiao Nan. It was an excellent solution.

Teacher Liu had his class in the morning. After his class, he had time to make the necessary arrangements.



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