Teacher Liu took the key that was left by Teacher Feng. He then followed the home address left by Qiao Nan and went to her house.

Luckily, Qiao Dongliang listened to Qiao Nan. He worked part-time and was at home today. Otherwise, Teacher Liu would have made a futile trip.

"Teacher Liu, what brings you here?" Qiao Dongliang was surprised when he saw Teacher Liu. "Is this a home visit?" He remembered they just had the parent-teacher conference not too long ago. Was it not too soon for a home visit? "Did something happen to Nan Nan at school?"

"No, she's fine. Rest assured that it's not what you think. However, it's true that I am here regarding Qiao Nan. I am here today to discuss something with you. Is your wife around?" Teacher Liu asked cautiously, seeing that the mistress of the house did not seem to be around.

A woman who would do such terrible things to her own daughter… He could not imagine what she would do to an outsider like him.

"She… Qiao Nan's mom has gone to work, and she does not stay here as it is not convenient for her. She stays at where we used to live in." Qiao Dongliang found it awkward to explain their living arrangements.

"I see." Teacher Liu breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. "That's good."

"That's good?"

"Qiao Nan's Dad, this is what happened. When you came to our school for the parent-teacher conference, Qiao Nan's mom… Recently, there have been many rumors about Qiao Nan circulating in the school. High school students face a lot of pressure, and our school does not want them to bear pressure from public opinion. Qiao Nan may be smart and intelligent, but she is only a child. As her elder, we all care for the juniors. In the end, the principal came up with a solution. We understand that it cost you some money to rent this place. Our school will provide you free lodging. Here is the key. The people from our school have cleaned the small cottage. Both of you can move into the cottage right away. In this way, those rumors will die down by itself. After all, our school is not in the position to clarify the rumors or make further explanations."

"I feel embarrassed to accept the house." Qiao Dongliang's face was red. He wanted to reject the keys. He was able-bodied and could support his daughter and himself.

But Qiao Dongliang knew that he had to accept their kind gestures. He could not refuse just because of his self-esteem. Otherwise, Qiao Nan would remain the center of gossip and be ruined by those rumors.

They were the root of the problems. If not for Ding Jiayi sneaking to the school behind his back and spouting nonsense, there would not have been any trouble at all.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about. The principal hopes that Qiao Nan can put her full attention on her studies and not be distracted by other meaningless stuff. Qiao Nan is very outstanding. We believe that she will do us proud in three years' time. Qiao Nan's dad, you don't have to feel burdened by our gestures. If you need any help, feel free to tell us. We have someone waiting outside to help you move your belongings."

"Alright!" Qiao Dongliang placed his hands on his knees as support and stood up.

Initially, he moved to this place for Nan Nan's sake. As long as it was for the interests of Nan Nan, he did not mind having to move house for the second time.

"Okay, let us know whatever that you need help with." It was rare that Qiao Nan's father would agree to their suggestion so readily. Teacher Liu also hoped to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Since Qiao Dongliang had the experience with moving house, it was a piece of cake to him this time around, and he packed his things in a jiffy. "These are all that I have. I have to trouble you to help me to move them to the new place."

Qiao Dongliang asked Teacher Liu and the helpers to help bring the belonging to the new place first while he had a talk with the landlord.

He had paid the first three-month rent in advance.

Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan had stayed in the house for more than two months. The period of their stay had yet to reach three months.

But in order to be clean-cut, Qiao Dongliang did not ask the landlord to return half the monthly rent to them. After returning the keys, he went directly to the 'new house', limping his way there.

"I am very sorry to have caused you so much trouble." Qiao Dongliang blushed in embarrassment. He did not know what else he could say.

He was shamed thoroughly because of his wife, Ding Jiayi. The Qiao ancestors were shamed as well.

"Don't worry about it. You can rest assured that I will tell Qiao Nan that you have moved." Teacher Liu was relieved that he had finally resolved this matter.

"Thank you, Teacher Liu. I have caused you a lot of trouble. By the way, when you go back to school, could you let Qiao Nan know that I have some business to take care of and will have to leave home for two days? I will be back before she returns. Please tell her not to think too much about it."

"I see. Sure, I will pass the message to Qiao Nan. Then, we will go off now."

"Thank you for your hard work." Qiao Dongliang walked Teacher Liu to the door.

Qiao Dongliang turned grim when he was left alone in the cottage. The small cottage was much better than the one he rented previously. It was much larger and there was a garden with beautiful scenery.

In addition, Teacher Liu and the helpers had helped with the cleaning and the moving of their belongings. Qiao Dongliang did not need to do any cleaning and the new house was sparkling clean. It looked much better than the Qiao's house in the quad.

Qiao Dongliang could not help but feel angry at his current situation. If he could, he would thrash it out with Ding Jiayi right away. He wanted to know whether Nan Nan was her biological daughter. Why would she hate Nan Nan to the core? Why was she so bent on destroying Nan Nan?!

Had it not for Teacher Liu, he would have been kept in the dark, having the false impression that Ding Jiayi had learned from her mistakes and had really changed for the better.

Ding Jiayi was hopeless!

He should not have given Ding Jiayi a chance.

It was time for him to do something. He could not spare Ding Jiayi any longer. Otherwise, Ding Jiayi would only be more and more arrogant and unreasonable!

After making up his mind, Qiao Dongliang closed the door to the small courtyard silently and returned to the house.

Qiao Dongliang sat on the bed and finally had the time to sort out his thoughts.

Ding Jiayi went to the school and spouted nonsense about Nan Nan. But how did the teachers find out about the truth that Nan Nan was maligned and come up with a solution to the problem? As her father, he was the last person to know what happened to Nan Nan at school.

"Yes, you can rest assured that the matter has been resolved. Everything has come to an end. Well… The principal will not allow this incident to have any negative impact on Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan is a very outstanding student. It is an honor for our school to have her with us. We will do our best to protect students like Qiao Nan and will not let anything happen to her. Well, that's right. We have to thank you for helping out."



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