"If not for the information that you sent to me in the nick of time, even if I wanted to help Qiao Nan, the principal might not agree with me. Now that the matter is resolved, Qiao Nan has you to thank for."

After successfully completing the task that the principal had assigned to him, the first thing Teacher Liu did when he returned to school and sat down to catch a breath was to call the person who sent him the information.

"What! You want to keep this from Qiao Nan? Oh, you are worried that Qiao Nan will be distracted. It will not affect her studies… Oh, alright, I will not say anything. Yes, it's most important that she focuses on her studies. Okay, I know what to do. Anyway, I have to thank you on behalf of Qiao Nan. As her form teacher, it's my responsibility to help my student. Alright, goodbye."

After putting down the phone, Teacher Liu patted his chest for a few times and breathed a sigh of relief.

He was very cautious when he was on the phone, lest he made a mistake or said something wrong and angered the person on the other side of the phone. This was more stressful than talking to the principal.

But Teacher Liu could not understand why that person would contact him all of a sudden and send him the information in such an opportune time. The information had been of great help to him.

Without the information, even if he believed Qiao Nan was innocent, he was not confident that he could prevent Qiao Nan from being expelled.

If Qiao Nan was no longer his student, it would definitely be a great regret in his teaching career.

Nevertheless, everything had turned out well.

Most importantly, not only did he manage to prevent Qiao Nan from being expelled, his influential relative who never kept in touch actually contacted him because of this incident.

If Qiao Nan ended up as the college entrance examination top scholar in the province, by that time, with the help of his relative, her future would be very promising. With that thought in mind, Teacher Liu was bursting with enthusiasm!

"Regiment commander?" Zhou Jun knocked on the door and walked into Zhai Sheng's office. "This is the topographic map for the mission. Regiment commander, who was on the phone?" It did not seem to be related to military affairs.

"It's just a relative in the family." Zhai Sheng took the topographic map and studied it carefully. "Have you looked at this topographic map?"

"I have looked through it. It is a difficult fight." Zhou Jun turned serious at the mention of work. He had forgotten about the call just now. "Regiment commander, this military exercise is very unfavorable to us. Do you think someone wanted to do us in, and thus performed this cheap trick?"

"Even so, are you not confident of winning?" Zhai Sheng began to outline the mission plan. "In the face of absolute strength and ability, all cheap tricks will be rendered useless like paper tigers. As long as we thoroughly analyze the terrain and study the method of attack, there is no such thing as a losing battle!"

"Yes, Regiment Commander Zhai!" Zhou Jun was full of respect toward Zhai Sheng. He looked at Zhai Sheng and gave him a salute.

Zhai Sheng was younger than Zhou Jun by more than two years, but Zhou Jun fully respected Zhai Sheng, who was much younger than himself. He genuinely treated him as his superior.

After he was convinced that Qiao Nan's matter had been settled and she would no longer be affected by it, Zhai Sheng devoted all his attention to the military exercise. He dared not slacken or be off his guards.

On the other hand, Qiao Nan, who did not know that Zhai Sheng had done so many things for her, heard from Teacher Liu that she had moved again. "What? My dad moved again?"

"That's right. The new place is about five minutes away from where you used to stay." Teacher Liu handed the new address to Qiao Nan. "The school has arranged this place for the both of you. Qiao Nan, you must study harder in the future. By the way, your dad wanted me to tell you that he has some business to attend to and will be away for a few days, but he will definitely be back before Friday."

"Arranged by the school?" That was to say that they did not have to pay the rent for the new house? Why would the school be so good to them?

"Yes. Alright, the school has made arrangements for you. You don't have to worry anymore. Qiao Nan, now you should know that the school places a lot of importance on you. You must not let the teachers and the school down."

Qiao Nan smiled. "Teacher Liu, I will be under a lot of pressure. But no matter what, it is my duty as a student to study well. I will not slacken. I have to thank the school and Teacher Liu for making such arrangements for me."

Qiao Nan did not know why the school was so good to her and had made such arrangements, but in comparison to Ding Jiayi, Qiao Nan chose to believe in the school.

"Alright, you can go back now." After passing another set of keys to Qiao Nan, Teacher Liu asked Qiao Nan to go back to the classroom.

"Nan Nan, how was it? What did Teacher Liu want with you?" Zheng Lingling and the rest of them were very concerned about Qiao Nan. As soon as Qiao Nan came back, the five girls gathered around her.

"Don't worry. Teacher Liu wanted to tell me that all the misunderstandings have been cleared up. Everything is fine now." It was not convenient for Qiao Nan to spell out everything. Hence, she could only assure them that everything was fine now.

"Is everything okay now?" Fang Fang asked in disbelief. After all, things had gone out of control. Even if Zhu Baoguo intended to curb the rumors, there was no way that the problem could be solved so easily!

"It's true that I am fine now. Don't worry. Very soon, you will know that I'm really okay." The school arranged a free house in the school district for her and her father so that people would not believe in the rumors that she was selfish and leeched on her family.

Since the school had made up their mind to help Qiao Nan, they would not keep quiet after making the arrangements. They would make an announcement sooner or later.

In the end, things had turned out well. Initially, Qiao Nan was worried about how the school would handle the matter. It was definitely inappropriate to let others know of the Qiao family's private affairs. Besides, they might not believe it. On the other hand, it would not be suitable to keep quiet and do nothing about it. At school, they might be able to contain the damage done to her reputation, but they could not control how outsiders think of the school and of her.

In this way, all the problems would be settled.

"That's good." Seeing that Qiao Nan did not seem to be lying to them, He Yun and rest of them were relieved that the problem was settled and returned to their seats.

Zhu Baoguo pestered Qiao Nan. "Are you sure everything is really okay? Don't lie to me. How was it resolved?"

Zhu Baoguo was not as easily dismissed as the rest. He would not believe Qiao Nan unless she told him everything.

"What do you think this is?" Qiao Nan showed Zhu Baoguo the key to the new house. "This is given by the school. That was how the problem was solved."

"Why is the school being so generous to you? Is it for real?" Zhu Baoguo asked in disbelief.

"Of course it's real."

Zhu Baoguo slightly relaxed. "If it's really true, then you have made the right decision to choose Ping Cheng High School instead of the top-notched The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China."



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