"Alright, don't worry about me. You should worry about your own results." Qiao Nan kept the key. "You must not tell anyone of this."

"I am not a fool." Zhu Baoguo crossed one leg over the other. Xiao Qiao did not mention about the house to the girls from the dormitory. It seemed like she was not as close to them as she was to him. At least, Xiao Qiao had a conscience and knew who had her best interests at heart.

Zhu Baoguo was in a particularly good mood that Qiao Nan let him in on her secret. Not only did he cross his legs but also hum a tune, causing the students in class one to be bewildered by his good mood.

Zhu Baoguo was always very protective of Qiao Nan. He took care of her as if she was his child.

Now that Qiao Nan ran into such a big trouble, why would Zhu Baoguo be so happy about it?

Zhao Yu knew Zhu Baoguo well. She knew something must be going on. Zhao Yu gritted her teeth, wrote a note, and threw it to Xu Tingting. It said, 'Did you receive any news? Is Qiao Nan's matter resolved?'

After Xu Tingting read it, she wrote a note in reply. 'No, this is a serious matter. I don't believe Qiao Nan has the ability to resolve it within a few days. The die is cast and the rumors have been spread. We must not let Qiao Nan get away from it.'

Ever since Ding Jiayi's incident, the two people who were at loggerheads decided to come to a truce and deal with Qiao Nan together.

Zhao Yu felt much at ease after receiving Xu Tingting's reply. She was glad that she was not alone in the fight against Qiao Nan.

After thinking about it, Zhao Yu drew on the note in which the conversation with Xu Tingting was written, tore it, and threw it into the trash bin.

Zhu Baoguo, who witnessed the scene, sneered. It seemed that both of them did not heed his words. They had better not create any troubles for Xiao Qiao. Otherwise, he would not be lenient toward them!

In the evening time, the student who was on duty was on the way to empty the trash bin into the big garbage bin when he noticed that Zhu Baoguo and a few of the second and third-year students were waiting beside the big garbage bin. He stood on the spot as if he was a rabbit who saw a tiger. He dared not take another step forward.

"What's wrong? Come forward!" A tall and tanned second-year student chewed on chewing gum and said in anger, "Are you going to keep us waiting? Do you know we have been stung by mosquitoes as you are way too slow?"

The student's eyes turned red and he almost burst out in tears. "I… I did not mean it. I am sorry."

Although the student on duty had no idea what he had done to antagonize the boys, he apologized right away.

"It's good that you know. Hurry up, empty the trash bin onto the ground right now." The second-year student said.

"Onto the ground?" The student looked at the big garbage bin not too far away and hesitated.

"Do you have any problems with it?"

"No, no!" The student on duty dumped all the rubbish onto the ground. The second-year student's face turned black in an instant. "Are you a fool? You should not stand but squat down. Anyway, I don't want to waste my time on a fool like you. Search for the shredded papers and take them out."

"Me?" The student on duty pointed at himself in disbelief.

"Of course! Are you telling me to do it instead?" The second-year student grew more and more impatient. "Are you doing it or not?!"

"I will do it right now!" The student on duty had no choice but to go through the rubbish in search of the shredded papers.

"Don't try to act dumb and piece the pieces together. Instead of acting on our orders, use your brain to think."

"Oh." The student on duty did not dare to disobey his orders. He did whatever he was told to do.

Luckily, Zhao Yu did not tear the papers into very small pieces. It only took a while to piece all the shredded papers together.

The student on duty was dumbfounded when he read the contents on the paper. It seemed like Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting had a part to play in the recent rumors about Qiao Nan!

Given the relationship between Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo, were Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting courting death?

"These two women!" Zhu Baoguo's face turned dark. Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting clearly knew that he would not let anyone harm Xiao Qiao, yet they dared to plot against Xiao Qiao. It seemed he must show them what he was capable of!

"Big brother, what do we do about this?" The second and third-year students could not wait to join in on the fun. They had not expected that the young girls would be so scheming.

Initially, they were unwilling to follow Zhu Baoguo's orders to look through the trash bin for the note that the girls had thrown away. They felt that they should not bother themselves about the petty quarrels between the girls. After all, the girls were just having a small argument. It would not be anything more than that.

But now they realized that they were wrong. Girls could be very ruthless when they decided to plot against someone.

"Alright, let's settle it this Friday." Zhu Baoguo nodded. This time, he would not let Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting off again.

"After you go back to the class, you should know what can be said and what cannot be said, right?" A third-year student patted the shoulder of the student on duty.

The student on duty nodded immediately. "I only came here to empty the trash bin. Nothing happened at all." Zhao Yu and Xu Tingting did themselves in. It had nothing to do with him. He did not want to be any part of this.

"It's good that you know your place." The third-year student smiled. "Okay, clear the rubbish and throw it over there, then you can go. Big Brother, let's go?"


The student on duty had to clear the rubbish by himself. He frowned to himself. If he had known, he would have chosen a spot that was nearer to the rubbish garbage to empty the rubbish. In that case, it would have saved him the trouble to bring the rubbish over to the garbage bin.

"Feng Zhaoxiang, what are you trying to say? Why do you give me strange looks today? Have I offended you?" Xu Tingting was used to the besotted looks the boys cast her. She was not used to the look of dislike in their eyes.

Feng Zhaoxiang, who was the student on duty that evening, smiled. "Nothing. You didn't offend me and I didn't provoke you. Don't block my way. There is a physical education class tomorrow. I have to get the keys from the teacher to prepare the equipment in advance so as not to be in a flurry tomorrow," Feng Zhaoxiang, the sports representative, said in an indifferent tone.

When Xu Tingting had her back to him and they were about two to three meters away from each other, Feng Zhaoxiang stopped and turned to look at her. A woman who liked to cook up trouble was very unlikable.

Zhu Baoguo would deal with Xu Tingting eventually!

After having dinner, Qiao Nan went to the evening self-study class. On the other hand, Ding Jiayi had a terrible time.



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