"That's impossible. I don't believe you. You must have hidden my husband away. Hand him over now. Otherwise, I will not leave. I will sit here at your doorstep. I will report to the police as well. Where did you hide my husband? Don't think that because he is by himself and unwell, hence you can bully him. Believe it or not, I will make sure you go to jail!"

As usual, Ding Jiayi went to the house that Qiao Dongliang rented to prepare his dinner after getting off work. She would usually have her dinner before going back.

Ding Jiayi was willing to shuffle between the rented place and the Qiao's house because she wanted to please Qiao Dongliang so that he would forgive her. More importantly, Ding Jiayi could save some money. She could have her lunch at the factory and her dinner at Qiao Dongliang's place.

In this way, Ding Jiayi could save a lot on her meals every month as she only had to pay for her own breakfast in the morning.

After a day of hard work, Ding Jiayi was tired and hungry. She longed to go back 'home' for a hearty meal.

But Ding Jiayi was denied entrance when she reached the rented place.

The door was closed tightly and locked. No matter how Ding Jiayi pushed at the door, it would not open. She tried calling for Qiao Dongliang, but there was no response.

The neighbors who happened to pass by could not stand the noise and told Ding Jiayi that some people came here during the day. They looked as if they were helping Qiao Dongliang move his belongings. They deduced that Qiao Dongliang went somewhere else to stay.

Ding Jiayi could not believe what she heard.

It was not easy to rent a house in the school district. Old Qiao had spent so much effort and money on Qiao Nan, that wretched girl. He could not possibly have moved house again. Besides, there was nowhere he could move to.

She did not display any inappropriate behavior recently. She did not do anything to that wretched girl in front of Old Qiao. Why would he move house without any apparent reason and keep her in the dark? Why did he not leave any message to let her know where he moved to?

"What's wrong with you? I have told you that your husband has left and had returned the place to us. He is your husband, not our family. I have no idea where he moved to. If you insist on creating a fuss, I will have to call the police! It's very late now. It's already eight o'clock! We still have to sleep, so please leave now." The landlady was angry beyond words. She did not know that the wife would be so unreasonable.

She made it sound as if they had done something to Qiao Dongliang for the money! She must be out of her mind.

"No, I won't go. I won't leave! If you don't return my husband to me, I won't leave! Unless you give me the address to the place where my husband moved to, I will not leave." Ding Jiayi banged at the door of the landlady's house. She refused to leave.

If she left, how was she able to find out the whereabouts of her husband and reconcile with him?

"Why are you so unreasonable?" The landlady's face turned red in anger. She wished to give Ding Jiayi a blow to her head so that the latter could come to her senses, but that would be going against the law. "Had I known that your family is so troublesome, I would not have rented the house at all!"

"Then, why did you rent it to my husband?" Ding Jiayi was angry at the landlady. If Old Qiao did not find a place to rent, he would not move out with that wretched girl and be separated from her.

"…" The landlady did not expect Ding Jiayi to push the blame to her. She was completely speechless. "There's no way that I can talk sense to people like you. Your husband seems to be well-mannered and polite. You are his wife, yet he did not tell you that he has moved. Isn't it obvious that the problem lies with you? With a wife like you, it's no wonder your husband treats you in such a way and refuses to let you know his whereabouts."

Initially, the landlady was furious that her tenant, Qiao Dongliang, had caused such big trouble for her. But right now, she felt sympathetic toward Qiao Dongliang.

He must have been so unlucky to have married such a wife. No wonder he wanted to hide from his wife.

"What did you say?" Ding Jiayi was infuriated by the landlady's words. She screamed and pounced onto the landlady like a tigress, itching to get her hands on her face.

"Go somewhere else to throw your tantrums!" At first, the husband of the landlady had no wish to intervene in the women's quarrel, lest Ding Jiayi said that he bullied woman.

However, he could not do nothing when he saw Ding Jiayi use force on his wife. Without a word, the landlord gave Ding Jiayi a push. "If you are sick, you should go to the hospital to see a doctor. Don't come to our house to create a fuss. We aren't afraid of you. If you continue with your crazy acts, I will not have any qualms about beating you!"

Then, the husband said to his wife, "Give me five yuan."

"Okay." The landlady knew what her husband meant. After getting the five yuan, she threw it at Ding Jiayi. "When your husband returned the house, he did not ask me to return the half-month rent that he had already paid for. Now that I have returned you the money, we are quits. If you dare to create a din again, I will call the police!"

"How can both of you gang up to bully me?" Ding Jiayi, who was pushed to the ground, was still in shock. The door slammed shut on her. She caught a glimpse of the warm light inside the house before the door was closed. She sat on the ground and burst into tears.

"Old Qiao, where are you? Do you know that I have been bullied? They refused to tell me your address. They must be up to no good. Old Qiao, please come back. I have suffered such grievances."

Ding Jiayi had a sulky face as she cried, but she made no move to leave. If the landlady did not give her a satisfactory answer, she would not budge.

Anyone would be frustrated at strangers who cried their guts out in front of their house. Moreover, Ding Jiayi spoke as if the landlady was in the wrong. In fact, the landlady was so angry that she wished she could use a chopper on her.

Ding Jiayi made it sounded as if the landlady had taken a fancy to Qiao Dongliang, and thus refused to tell Ding Jiayi his whereabouts.

"Damn!" The landlady could not help but swear. She opened the door and came out.

Ding Jiayi curled her lips, revealing a victorious smile. After the landlady told her where Qiao Dongliang was, she would insist that if Old Qiao had truly moved, he would surely have left a message for her. The landlord and landlady must have wanted to sow discord between them, so they deliberately kept it from her.

She was so smart. She would not fall into their traps.

Ding Jiayi's triumphant smile vanished in an instant. The landlady poured a basin of water on Ding Jiayi. "We just washed the vegetables. Here is the muddy water. We have been very kind to you. If you refuse to leave, I will treat you to a basin of water that I use to wash my feet next time!"



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