"Besides, the students are currently studying in class. This parent over here, please go back. You won't want to disturb your daughter while she is studying as well, right? Our school has its own regulations. Except for teachers and students, nobody is allowed to enter and leave the school grounds at will. So please go back. If you have something to say, you can tell your daughter when she comes home from school. Today is Thursday. There is no class tomorrow."

Since the principal had said so, the guards certainly did not dare to open the gate and let Ding Jiayi enter the school.

Regarding the last time when Ding Jiayi entered the school, although the principal did not hold anyone responsible for it, he had verbally warned the guards that they should not allow any outsiders into the school.

Take the parent-teacher conference as an example. Since the child's father had already arrived, why would the mother sneak in behind the father's back? Besides, the school only requested for one of the parents to attend the parent-teacher conference.

Even if the parents cared about their children's performance and insisted on coming, they would usually turn up together. They would not sneak in one after the other.

Therefore, not only was the principal angry at seeing Ding Jiayi, but the guards were also fearful that this parent would create troubles. They refused to open the door.

"Aren't you going to open the door?!" Ding Jiayi, who was denied entry to the school, fumed. "This is not my first time here. Don't try to lie to me. When I was here last time, I told you that I am Qiao Nan's mother and I was allowed entry. If you refuse to let me enter the school, I will call the police!"

"There's nothing that we can do if you want to report to the police." The guards wanted to know if Ding Jiayi really dared to call the police.

"You!!" Ding Jiayi sneered. "Fine. Since you refuse to open the door and do not allow me to see my daughter, I have other ways!" Ding Jiayi gritted her teeth and pulled at her sleeves. Without a care for the passersby who were staring at her, she climbed the iron gate, trying to make her way into the school.

"Oh my god!" One of the guards was dumbfounded and shouted to his colleague. "What are you waiting for? Call the principal right now."

"I have never seen such a parent before!" The principal slammed the table in anger.

"Principal, what do we do now?" The guard at the other end of the phone was troubled. "We advised her not to climb, lest she falls. Even though we have not touched her, she screamed like a banshee, saying that we're harassing her."

The guards felt angry that they were maligned.

By heavens and hells, they did not even touch the parent! How could they possibly harass her?

Furthermore, at his age, he could tell right from wrong clearly. He would not do something so indecent, unless he was blind. Otherwise, he would not be interested in a shrew like this parent.

"Call the police!" The principal was fuming.

"Alright, we will report to the police." With the principal's consent, the guard felt that he was in control of the situation.

After hanging up, he dialed 110 to call the police. The guards did not say much but told the police that someone was creating a fuss at the school gate, disturbing the students. Most importantly, she damaged the public property and the school gate. Everyone who tried to calm her down was attacked by her. Their clothes were torn during the struggle.

China placed great importance on education. As soon as the police heard that someone created a fuss at the school gate, they arrived in a police car in less than a quarter of an hour.

Before the police had time to ask Ding Jiayi for an explanation, she attacked them without any thoughts, disregarding the fact that they were police officers.

The guard did not malign Ding Jiayi when he reported that she attacked people. It was true that she used force on others.

It was very dangerous of Ding Jiayi to climb the gate. The guards wanted to help her down, but she hit and screamed at the guards, crying and scratching the guards. Their uniforms had a slight tear during the tussle.

When the police arrived, Ding Jiayi scratched and screamed at them as well. In particular, one young police officer asked Ding Jiayi politely to tell him what happened exactly.

But Ding Jiayi reached out toward him and scratched at his face, leaving a streak of blood on the face of the young police officer.

"Damn, is this person a patient who ran out of the psychiatric hospital? Is it because she didn't take her medicine?"

"She is not in the right state of mind. She is too aggressive. Handcuff her lest she hurts others." Sensing that the situation was not right, the senior police officer gave the orders and restrained Ding Jiayi with the help of other police officers.

"Harassment! The teachers at school are harassing the parents!" Ding Jiayi, who was beyond reasons, cried for help blindly. The passersby were alarmed by her shouts.

When they heard Ding Jiayi's cry for help, they had thought that the teachers from the school had harassed the parents. After all, nobody would make a joke about such a thing. But when they took a closer look, they were speechless. The 'teachers' were in police uniforms. Did the parent mean that the police officers had harassed her?

"Quiet down! We will send you to the hospital now. The doctor will prescribe a medicine for you." The senior police officer was helpless. He could only send such a lunatic to the psychiatric hospital. If he brought her to the police station, she would bring disaster to his fellow police officers.

"It turned out that she is mentally unsound." The passersby finally realized what was going on.

"Police?" The handcuffs felt cold to the touch. Ding Jiayi finally came to her senses. She realized that she was handcuffed by two police officers and they wanted to bring her to the hospital. "Police officers, I am not sick. I have got the wrong person. I was not referring to you. I was referring to the guards. My daughter studies at this school. She is a student here. I want to see my daughter, but they stopped me from seeing her. It is a misunderstanding."

"Police officers, we don't know this parent." The guards denied right away.

"What nonsense are you talking about! I was here a few days ago for the parent-teacher conference. I have been here before!" Ding Jiayi retorted.

"There were too many people at the parent-teacher conference that day. We can't remember. Did you sneak your way in? Police officers, as you have seen, this person is way too dangerous. We are not worried about ourselves, but the students are still young and may be frightened by her. What if she launches an attack at the students and injures the students? Our school will not be able to answer to the parents. Police officers, you have to help us," the guard said without blinking his eyes.

"Don't worry. We will not let her into the school." The young police officer wiped his face and realized that there was a streak of blood on his face.

"Qiao Nan, you wretched girl! Your mom is here! Come out of your hiding place now!"



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