The principal spat out the tea in his mouth and asked in disbelief again, "Did you say that the police station just called to inform Qiao Zijin from the second year's class eight to go to the police station to bail her mom, Ding Jiayi?"

"Yes, principal. What should we do now?"

"What do you mean? It has nothing to do with the student in our school. The student is still a child. Where are the other family members? Is she the only one who can bail her mom?"

One should not gloat over the misfortune of others. It had only been a while since he was feeling happy over Ding Jiayi's incident and he was struck with such a heavy blow.

The students in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China had only been to the police station for good reasons. They had never been there for any bad conduct. Be it in the past, now, or in the future, this would never happen.

"But the police officers said that they cannot reach Qiao Zijin's father to bail Ding Jiayi out." They only knew that Ding Jiayi had a daughter named Qiao Zijin. The police had nobody else to look for beside her.

The most troublesome thing for the form teacher of the second year's class eight was that to bail someone out, not only did one need to be present, but one also had to sign and pay for the bail. Furthermore, there were a series of procedures to follow. Since Qiao Zijin was only a child, she could not handle all these by herself.

In other words, if the school did not manage to find Qiao Zijin's father, Qiao Zijin would have to go to the police station. As her form teacher, she would have to go as well. She might even need to pay for the bail as well.

At the thought of this, the form teacher had a headache.

She had never been to the police station, yet she had to go to the police station because of a student whose results were below average. The form teacher could not help but feel that it was her misfortune to have Qiao Zijin as her student.

The form teacher had barely finished her sentence before she heard a beeping sound coming from the other end of the phone.

The principal was so angry that he hung up the phone.

Ding Jiayi was just like the God of Plague. Whoever was in contact with her would be unlucky.

It was true that she had a daughter in Ping Cheng High School, but what was upsetting was that she had a daughter in The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China as well!

It was not long ago that the form teacher was gloating that Teacher Liu from Ping Cheng High School had to deal with a troublesome Ding Jiayi. But shortly after, she finally understood that one should not celebrate too soon as things could still go wrong!

The principal had hung up on her. What should she do next? She could not possibly do nothing. If the police made a second call to the school, it would be a disgrace to them.

Teacher Cen, the form teacher of second year's class eight, had no other choice but to interrupt the lessons and get Qiao Zijin to come with her. "Qiao Zijin, you don't have to go to your classes today. You need to come with me to a place."

Qiao Zijin smiled and felt proud as she stood and followed Teacher Cen to the office. She thought that the teacher must have good news for her. "Yes, Teacher Cen." Did the school have any upcoming competition and Teacher Cen wanted her to participate in it?

It would be nice if that was the case. This time, she would not make the same mistakes again.

She was two years older than Qiao Nan. She believed she could do whatever that Qiao Nan was capable of. In fact, she would work harder and put in more effort than Qiao Nan.

"Your mother is at the police station. They just called for you to bail your mother out. Let's go." She only had herself to blame for being Qiao Zijin's form teacher. Otherwise, she would not have needed to go to the police station at all.

Teacher Cen told herself that after the current batch of students graduated, no matter how high the pay was, she would not be the form teacher of class eight again!

"P-police station? I… I will not go!" Qiao Zijin was shocked. She did not ask why Ding Jiayi was taken to the police station. Instead, she made her stand clear that she did not want to go to the police station.

Teacher Cen smiled bitterly. "I do not want to go either but she is your mom." She was not her mother! She had never been to the police station for her mother's sake before. If possible, she would rather not go to the police station.

"Let's go."

"No, Teacher Cen. I am afraid! I will not go. If I go to the police station, how will others look at me in the future? The students will look down on me." Qiao Zijin shook her head, hoping to hide in one of the corners of the office.

"Don't worry. You are not the one who was in the wrong. You are only there to bail your mom." Teacher Cen was getting impatient. She walked over and pulled Qiao Zijin's hands. "It's getting late. The day will be gone by the time we bail your mom out. Let's get this done as soon as possible. When you return, you may still have some time to do your homework."

"No, I won't go." Qiao Zijin grabbed the desk with her other hand, refusing to go. "Teacher Cen, what happened to my mom? Besides, you should be looking for my dad. He should be the one to settle problems like this. I am just a child. I don't know anything at all. I will not be of any help."

Where was her father?

Where was he now when her mother was taken to the police station?

"The police station couldn't reach your dad, so they looked for you instead!"

"I am not the only daughter. The police officers can look for Qiao Nan." Qiao Nan was deemed as more capable than her. Since her mother was in trouble, Qiao Nan should be the one to go to the police station. She refused to go. Never.

Qiao Nan would have to go to the police station. Even if Qiao Nan refused to go, she would not go as well!

Teacher Cen sneered. "Your mom was taken to the police station all because of your sister. Alright, there's no way you can avoid it. Let's quickly resolve it so that we can be at ease. This concerns the reputation of the school. Qiao Zijin, you have to go!"


"If the police station calls our school for the second time and finds out that as her daughter, you refuse to bail your mother, what will the others think of you? What will others think of our school?" A few days ago, Ding Jiayi tried to smear the reputation of Qiao Nan. Now, Qiao Zijin would be the talk of the town instead, and the school would be affected as well.

If not for all these, Teacher Cen would rather wash her hands off this matter.

If the reputation of the school was affected because of Qiao Zijin, as her form teacher, Teacher Cen would have to bear the responsibility.

"Is it so serious?" Qiao Zijin was dumbfounded. She simply refused to go to the police station. Why would this tarnish the reputation of the school?

"Okay, let's get going. I am not willing to go either. I am just unlucky to be your form teacher. You have brought nothing but trouble. Don't worry. I will accompany you to bail your mom. But I hope that your family will not create troubles and implicate the school again in the future! Do you understand?!"

Teacher Cen glared at Qiao Zijin. The latter was too scared to speak and could only nod her head in acknowledgment.

From the teacher's words, Qiao Zijin knew that if her family created any trouble again, she would not be able to study at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China anymore.



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