"Nan Nan, wait for a while first. Dad just came back and is full of dirt and smelly. Boil some water. Dad will take a shower first. We can talk later." Qiao Dongliang tugged at his clothes uncomfortably. He had been out for a few days and unable to bathe at all. It nearly stifled him.

In the past, Qiao Dongliang was not someone who bathed diligently. However, ever since he was discharged from hospital, Qiao Nan had been watching him like a hawk to ensure that he managed his personal hygiene.

He was now used to taking baths regularly. All of a sudden, he had to revert to the time where he did not bathe and wash his hair for a few days. He really could not take it.

"Oh." Interrupted by Qiao Dongliang, Qiao Nan did not manage to tell him about Ding Jiayi. She quickly boiled some water for Qiao Dongliang. "Dad, you came back late. You most probably have not taken your meal, have you? Since it's still early, I'll go and buy some groceries back. But is there still any rice at home?"

"Yes." He had shifted over all the rice he bought earlier.

Ding Jiayi 'reported' to him every day to cook for him. She was as diligent as when she had just gotten married to him. Qiao Dongliang knew clearly what Ding Jiayi was thinking.

Previously, Qiao Dongliang could turn a blind eye and allow Ding Jiayi to earn a meal. However, Qiao Dongliang had already moved house and did not inform Ding Jiayi. He could not possibly leave the rice that he bought there to feed Ding Jiayi to her fill, could he?

"Fine." Qiao Nan nodded. There was a lot of firewood in the small quad. Qiao Dongliang must have prepared them before he left. It was thus very easy for Qiao Nan if she wanted to start a fire and boil water. The chore took less than ten minutes. "Dad, the water is ready. Help yourself. I'm going out to buy groceries."

"Ah, okay."

After receiving a response, Qiao Nan put some money in her pocket and left straight for the market.

When Qiao Nan was back from the market, Qiao Dongliang had not only finished bathing but also washed his clothes and hung it outside to dry. "Nan Nan, you're back. Rest a while. Dad will cook."


"Oh yes, Nan Nan. That matter at your school… Has it been resolved?" When Qiao Dongliang took the groceries over from Qiao Nan, he asked Qiao Nan in a hesitating and worrying tone. Ding Jiayi had created so much trouble this time and Nan Nan was affected badly. "Teacher Liu said that there should not be any problem. Your mom did not create any trouble for you again, did she?"

"Right!" Qiao Nan slapped her forehead. "I nearly forgot about this. Mom probably knew that we moved house again but didn't know where our new place is. She lost her temper and came looking for me at the school yesterday. The security guard did not let her in and she created a fuss. In the end, she was sent to the police station. Dad, are you going to bail her out from the police station?"

"Nan Nan, your mom hurt you in such a way, yet you're still asking me to bail her out?" Qiao Dongliang looked at Qiao Nan and asked.

Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. "Dad, you said it yourself. She's still my mom. I take it that it's my bad luck and destiny to have such a mother. She has never been to a police station. This time, at the very least, I think she will be taught a lesson."

She was angry with her mother, hated her even. She could not wait to keep as far a distance from her as much as possible. However, she had never wished for her mother to die soon to put an end to all this.

"Nan Nan, you're truly a kindhearted child." Nan Nan was badly bullied, and Ding Jiayi nearly caused her to quit her studies. She did not take issue with Ding Jiayi and even asked him to bail her out. Nan Nan was really too kind and softhearted. That was the reason why she was always bullied by others.

"Dad, Mom has been locked up for a day. Aren't you going to bail her? As for the money…" Qiao Nan gave a long sigh again. "Take it that we're breaking a fortune to avoid the disaster. As long as Mom learns a lesson and behaves properly for some time, that will suffice."

It was just a night at the police station. Qiao Nan did not expect too much change in Ding Jiayi after this. "Money can always be earned back. I'll find a part-time job during the winter vacation. I can also save up for my school fees."

"Every time we finally have some savings, your mom just has to create some trouble. Even if we can earn the money back, it'll never be enough as it will be spent by your mother!"


"Not going!" Suddenly, Qiao Dongliang objected firmly. "According to what you have said, she did not commit any serious offense. Based on regulations, the police station will release her if no one bails her out after a few days. Learn a lesson? I think she has not been taught enough lessons, or, rather, the lessons did not leave a deep impression on her. That's why she carries on with her misdeeds. If we can't teach her a deep lesson, then let outsiders deal with her. That's a good thing too."

"Really not going?" Qiao Nan pulled her lips and forced a smile. "Dad, Mom is always very unreasonable in front of us, but she's in fact very timid."

"That's right. Your mom is a lion at home, but a mouse abroad. Alright, I know what to do about this matter. Nan Nan, don't worry about this." The kinder Nan Nan was and the more she did not take issue with others, the more he needed to be harsh and help Nan Nan discipline Ding Jiayi.

"…" Qiao Nan's lips gently relaxed. "Alright, then I shall not interfere in this anymore."

"That's right. Okay, go back to your room and do your homework. Recently, were your studies affected by your mom?" If that was the case, he really wanted to murder Ding Jiayi.

"No." Don't even mention this occasion in particular, objectively, she would never be affected by her mother in both her studies and work in this lifetime.

"That's good. Right, Ping Cheng High School is a good school. They knew the students' situation very well. Otherwise, with those words said by your mom, Dad wouldn't know how to help you too." Qiao Dongliang looked as if he had survived a big disaster.

These few days, Qiao Dongliang had been thinking. If Ping Cheng High School did not understand the truth and misunderstood Qiao Nan because of what Ding Jiayi said and even wanted to expel Qiao Nan, what could he, as a father, do for his daughter?

In the end, Qiao Dongliang realized sadly that he could not do anything.

Due to the rumors 'marketed' by Ding Jiayi, he feared that the people from Ping Cheng High School would not believe him no matter how he explained for Nan Nan and be her witness. They would think that the truth he said were lies that he deliberately conjured up to help Nan Nan.

At the thought that the truth he said nearly became lies that no one in the world would believe, Qiao Dongliang was aggrieved and fearful.

"Okay," Qiao Nan was puzzled and replied in a distracted manner.

Qiao Nan was not very clear about how the matter was resolved. When she knew about it, Teacher Liu just gave her a key and then the principal announced to the entire school that the apartment her father and she were staying at was specially arranged by the school. No rent was collected from them.



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