"Sister-in-law, I'll give you the same answer even if I repeat myself thrice. I don't have any money to lend you. Sister-in-law, it's late. You should go back," the other party replied without hesitation.

"You… Old Qiao treated you so well in the past. Now, our family is facing some difficulties. We're just borrowing, not asking you for money. Why did you give me this kind of reply? Aren't you afraid that Old Qiao will feel disappointed when he knows this?" Ding Jiayi was thick-skinned enough to come and borrow money but did not expect to face a white-eyed wolf.

"It is precisely because Old Qiao took care of me in the past that I have 'no money'."

"You! What do you mean by this? After all, are you even worthy to be Old Qiao's friend if you are not willing to lend me money? Don't you know that Old Qiao is someone who cares about his reputation? If I had a choice, would I come and borrow money from you? You have no conscience at all." Ding Jiayi was red with anger. This person was nurtured by Old Qiao in the past.

The other party twitched his lips. "Sister-in-law, you may not know. We're all aware of what happened the last time you came to borrow money."

At this juncture, Ding Jiayi's face turned redder. She was both angry and embarrassed. "All of you are grown-up men. Furthermore, you're soldiers in the army. Why do you act like women? So big-mouthed and gossipy. Which family doesn't have cash flow issues at some point in time? Didn't we already pay back all the money we owed? Why did you have to smear the name of my Qiao family?"

So shameless!

"Sister-in-law, I can't lend you any money even if I have it." That person was angry too. "Other people may not know how much money we earn as soldiers in the army. But Sister-in-law, shouldn't you know? We don't have much expense when we're in the camp, but our whole family is waiting for us to feed them. It's not easy for us to have money in our pocket. If there's any, it's all 'squeezed out' from somewhere. Sister-in-law, the money you borrowed previously was repaid by Nan Nan. Sister-in-law, you really feel there's no problem with that, don't you?"

Ding Jiayi's reputation had spread to the ears of Qiao Dongliang's former comrades, and so did that of Qiao Nan.

If not for Qiao Nan, Qiao Dongliang's reputation in the army would have been tarnished.

"She's just a child. How much money could she have in her pocket? The money was from our family." Ding Jiayi wanted to maintain her pride and refused to admit her mistake.

"Sister-in-law, did you feel guilty when you said that? You don't know anything, do you? A few days ago, Old Qiao came back to see us for the first time after so many years. He even stayed here for a night. Otherwise, Nan Nan, this child, would be ruined by you."

"Old Qiao was here? How many days ago? When did he leave? Did he…" Did he say where he was staying at now?

"Sister-in-law, we know how Old Qiao resolved his problem previously even if you don't tell us. You've cornered Old Qiao to this extent. Sister-in-law, you're truly a talent." The other party sneered. Having that said, he simply went back to the army.

Simply put, 'Wish to borrow money? No way!'

"You! You're so heartless for not remembering the past!" At the sight of the other party walking back into the camp, she was stuck at the entrance and did not even have a chance to scold him. In the end, Ding Jiayi could only stomp her feet and leave unwillingly.

This place did not work. Ding Jiayi had to change her strategy. Ding Jiayi was prepared to repeat her old strategy of borrowing from more people but in a lesser amount as compared to before. If the amount was not huge, these people would definitely not chase her to pay them back.

Unexpectedly, when Ding Jiayi went to borrow money, she discovered something bizarre. No matter whom she asked from and how confident she was, the outcome was always the same: unable to borrow any money.

The most unacceptable thing to Ding Jiayi was that these people met Qiao Dongliang recently.

"What? You're unwilling to lend me money too?!" In the end, Ding Jiayi had no alternative but to borrow from the neighbors after returning to the quad.

It could be said that borrowing from the neighbors was Ding Jiayi's last resort since she really had no other way.

Qiao Dongliang wanted face, and so did Ding Jiayi. If the family lacked money, why wouldn't Ding Jiayi borrow from the people she was familiar and in close contact with in her daily life first? Instead, she had to look for Qiao Dongliang's former comrades. In the latter case, Qiao Dongliang, and not her, would be the one embarrassed.

On the other hand, people in the quad saw one another frequently and chat every day. Hence, if she borrowed money from them, Ding Jiayi felt that she would be deemed inferior.

After facing countless rejections, Ding Jiayi gave up her last bit of dignity and borrowed from the neighbors. Unexpectedly, the answer that she received was the same!

"Ding Jiayi, it's not that we're not willing to lend you. We can't lend it to you." The neighbor accidentally let the cat out of the bag. "Your Old Qiao told us about the situation in your family. If we lend you money and you can't return them to us, Old Qiao will definitely not help. It's not easy for each family to earn money. These are all hard-earned money. We lend for urgent matters and not poverty. Ding Jiayi, did anything serious happen to the Qiao family again this time? When Old Qiao was hospitalized last time, you didn't ask me to lend you money, did you?"

"What? Old Qiao said that? Old Qiao asked you all not to lend me money? If you lend me money and I can't return them, he'll definitely not help me?" Ding Jiayi was dumbfounded. "Was that really what he said?"

"Yes, that's right. A few days ago, Old Qiao made a trip back to the quad. He went to almost everyone that I know. I think he said the same thing to everyone. So, Ding Jiayi, forget it. You won't be able to borrow any money from anyone in the quad."

Who did not know that Qiao Dongliang was the main pillar of the Qiao family? He was the one who earned all the money for the family.

If Qiao Dongliang would not return the money, given Ding Jiayi's ability, they would definitely be throwing their money down the drain if they were to lend her any.

Which family's money was not earned after much difficulty? It was all hard-earned money. Since they clearly knew the outcome, they would be an idiot to lend the money. Furthermore, Qiao Dongliang had already made himself clear, just in case they were unknowingly 'tricked' by Ding Jiayi.

Old Qiao aired his dirty linen in public. He was kind enough to do this.

This was much better than the situation where they lent the money, taking into account that they were neighbors who should help one another, but could not get it back eventually.

"Old Qiao really said that?" Ding Jiayi refused to believe. She even dug her ears. "Did you hear it wrong or did I get it wrong?" She did not believe that Old Qiao would do that to her. He was so heartless.

Did Old Qiao know that she would come to borrow money as she had no other alternative? If she could not borrow any, Old Qiao… Did Old Qiao want to drive her to the grave?

"He really said that. Ding Jiayi, if you don't believe me, you can also ask the other people in the quad. Ding Jiayi, I didn't hear anything happening to your family recently. After Old Qiao was discharged, he seems to be doing quite well. Your Qiao family doesn't seem to be in need of money."

This was one of the reasons why the neighbors were reluctant to lend her money.

When Qiao Dongliang was hospitalized, the people in the quad did think of lending him money. They even visited him at the hospital. However, at that time, Qiao Dongliang expressed that he did not need the money.



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