"Will it affect my engagement with Brother Zhai?" Qiu Chenxi pursed her lips. "I seldom see Grandpa Zhai at the Zhai's residence, but I have a feeling that Grandpa Zhai seems to dislike me. Why is that so?" She had spent so much time and effort to please Grandpa Zhai. Not even her own grandpa had ever been given as much time and concern.

If not for the fact that Grandpa Zhai was the grandfather of Brother Zhai, and that Brother Zhai was very filial to him, she would not have bothered herself with an old man.

Qiu Qin smiled meaningfully at her daughter's question.

Although Old Master Zhai had retired since a long time ago and relinquished his authority at the Zhai's residence to Zhai Yaohui, everyone in the Zhai family still held him in high esteem.

That was to say if Old Master Zhai disliked Chenxi, it would not merely affect the development between Zhai Sheng and Chenxi, but it would have a great impact instead.

"Mom?" Qiu Chenxi asked again when nobody gave her any reply. "Mom, will it have any influence?"

Qiu Qin leaned against the car seat and closed his eyes to rest. "Be it Old Master Zhai's status in the Zhai family or Zhai Sheng's respect for Old Master Zhai, his opinion will have a lot of impact on you. Chenxi, Zhai Sheng may be a good catch, but it will not be easy for you to marry him. Now that Old Master Zhai is back, I advise you to set your sights on others so as not to end up making futile efforts."

"Dad, what are you talking about! Do you believe that I will tell Grandpa what you've said just now?!" Grandpa Zhai might call the shots in the Zhai family, but her own grandpa was not to be undermined in the Qiu family either.

In the Qiu family, other than herself, Old Master Qiu was the one who was most enthusiastic about her marrying Zhai Sheng.

"Chenxi, how could you speak to your dad in that way?" Qi Minlan gently pulled her daughter, reminding her to behave appropriately and not to use her grandpa against her father.

"I don't mean it. It's Dad who… Dad, I've liked Brother Zhai for so many years. In order to be deserving of such an outstanding person like Brother Zhai, I have spent a lot of effort to improve myself. Anyway, I will only marry Brother Zhai! Otherwise, I will never marry in this life!" Such an outstanding man belonged to Qiu Chenxi only.

"Are you getting married or not?" Qiu Qin glanced at Qiu Chenxi. "Chenxi, you are a young lady. You must have self-respect. You are different from… With your intelligence, you should be able to tell that Zhai Sheng's attention is not on you. He was not at home when we reached, and when he returned, how was his attitude toward you? Even if you obtain the approval of Old Master Zhai, it is of no use. What you are doing now is putting the cart before the horse."

Qiu Qin usually did not give any comment about his daughter's affairs. Today, one look at Zhai Sheng's expression, as a man, Qiu Qin could tell that Zhai Sheng was not interested in his daughter at all.

His daughter had lots of admirers. As long as they were willing, many outstanding young men would line up to marry his daughter.

"Chenxi, does Zhai Sheng not like you?" Qi Minlan was stunned. "I thought…" She had thought that her daughter was in the same situation as her back then—that everything was settled except for the approval of Old Master Zhai.

"Brother Zhai may not like me, but he doesn't fancy others as well. You should know what kind of person Brother Zhai is. He doesn't like anyone. He has his full attention on the army," Qiu Chenxi said stubbornly.

However, as she was saying this, she was somehow reminded of the young lady whom Zhai Sheng brought to meet Lin Yuankang, the one who took her spot to become the last pupil of Lin Yuankang.

"Are you sure?" Qi Minlan asked in disbelief. "Zhai Sheng doesn't like you, but he also doesn't really care about any other girls either?" That would make a lot of difference.

"I'm sure of it. He doesn't care for any other women. I think Brother Zhai does not understand the affairs of the heart. But it's okay. Men should focus on their career. Mom, I'm pretty sure I like Brother Zhai and he is the person I am looking for." Brother Zhai had taken no interest in anyone. After she married him, he would eventually fall in love with her and she would be the only woman whom he loved in his life.

Just the thought of it made Qiu Chenxi believed that she would be the happiest woman in the world by that time.

Her daughter had a dreamy and happy smile on her face, but Qi Minlan was not as optimistic. Back then, Zhai Yaohui was not such a cold person. There was no way that his son would be a blockhead that was slow to understand the affairs of the heart.

Other people around Zhai Sheng's age had already been fathers, yet Zhai Sheng still did not understand the affairs of the heart.

Could it be that he was mature in other respects, hence he was slower in this area?

Seeing how Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi were in a discussion about how to please Old Master Zhai, Qiu Qin decided to close his eyes and shut his ears so that he would have some peace.

There was no such thing as not understanding love.

It was just that he had yet to meet a woman he liked.

Once a man met the right person, even if he was slow in the matters of hearts, he would immediately come to his senses and know what he should do even without someone to tell him.

The atmosphere of the Qiu family was not pleasant. The Zhai family was not having a good time as well.

Zhai Hua had just stopped the car, but the chauffeur had driven it out again.

"Mom, where are you going?" Zhai Hua who just washed her hands but had yet to dry them chased out after her.

"It is suffocating at home. I will go out and take a walk. I will be back soon." With that, Miao Jing got in the car and closed the door, not casting another glance at her daughter. The chauffeur would drive her to where she wanted to go.

Zhai Hua grounded her teeth at her mother's behavior. If she allowed Qiu Chenxi to marry into their family as her sister-in-law, she would write her name upside down!

Zhai Hua shrugged the water off her hands and walked back into the house in exasperation.

Zhai Yaohui came out of the study room. He saw Zhai Hua and reprimanded her. "Look at you and your behavior. Don't forget that you are also a young lady. Look at how other—"

"Look at how Chenxi conducts herself. She is gentle and quiet, soft-spoken and takes lady-like small steps. She is the daughter of a respectable family whereas I am a wild girl, is that right?" Zhai Hua was fuming with anger. "Dad, if you like Qiu Chenxi, you should take her in as your goddaughter. Why must you get Zhai Sheng involved as well and insist that he marries Chenxi? Both of our families have not been in contact for two to three years. I thought you have given up on the marriage. No wonder when I brought up the issue of Zhai Sheng's relationship back then, you were not worried that he couldn't get a wife. From the start, you intended to get him a wife that you like!"

"What do you mean by a wife that I like?!" Zhai Yaohui's expression darkened, his voice turning serious.

"Isn't that so?" Everyone might be scared of an angry Zhai Yaohui, but people in the Zhai family were not afraid of him. Zhai Hua laughed in frustration. "In our family, who else finds Qiu Chenxi to be a good future daughter-in-law besides you?"



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