The Qiao family could not even compare with the Zhai family. They were too far apart in terms of financial status and social standing.

In short, her mother would not even consider Qiao Nan as her future daughter-in-law.

She did not understand. The 21st century was coming, but why would her mother have such a mentality that a marriage must be between two families of equal social status?

"There will not be any 'what if'."

"Why are you so confident?" Zhai Hua crossed her arms about her chest. "Anyway, you are the one who likes Nan Nan, not me. When Mom gives both of you a hard time, don't come to me for help. You should know Mom's character. She will not listen to anyone. I doubt there is anyone in this world whose words Mom will listen to."

"You don't have to worry about that." Zhai Sheng looked at Zhai Hua with full confidence. "I have never been worried about Nan Nan. She is very outstanding. Mom may have strict requirements, but Nan Nan does not need my help. She will be able to prove herself to Mom. However, I am indeed a little worried about Mom."

"You can sense it too?"

"Of course."

Zhai Hua rubbed at her itchy fist. If not for the fact that she was no match for Zhai Sheng, she would have given that brat a punch. "Shall we do some investigations?"

"You shall check it out."

"Why is it me? If I am found out, I will be the one who will be punished!" Zhai Hua disagreed.

"Because you are born three years earlier than me. Because you are my elder sister, and I am your younger brother." Zhai Sheng pulled his lips into a smile. Zhai Hua felt like crying.

"Your elder sister? It is only at times like this that you are willing to call me your elder sister!" Zhai Hua was exasperated. Only when there was trouble would Zhai Sheng then admit that she was his sister!

"That's right. If you can't even do this, then you will really have to cry." Zhai Sheng patted Zhai Hua on her shoulder. "I will leave this matter to you. Do a good job. Don't shame the army."

Zhai Hua was furious at the cunning and shameless look on Zhai Sheng's face. In her next life, she wanted a younger sister. She did not want such a troublesome younger brother.

Time flew past.

People who cherished their time would make full use of it. But nevertheless, time and tide waited for no one.

"It's so cold." Qiao Nan warmed her hands with the heater. Qiao Dongliang pasted the word 'Fu' on the door. "Dad, for the Lunar New Year this year, are we really going to stay here? Are we not going back?" For the Chinese, the Lunar New Year was the most important holiday of the year. It was even more important than the Mid-Autumn Festival. All the family members would come together for a reunion on this occasion.

Qiao Nan did not expect that her mother would create so much trouble and did herself in to the extent that her father would not go home for the Lunar New Year.

"I won't go back," Qiao Dongliang said firmly. "If we go back, your mom might not be happy. Everyone should be happy since it is the Lunar New Year."

"Dad, Mom will only be unhappy if she sees me. She will be happy to see you." Qiao Nan smiled.

"That's the same. It's the Lunar New Year. Nobody will like to see her throw tantrums. Just let her be." Qiao Dongliang pursed his lips. He was unhappy at the mention of Ding Jiayi.

"What about my sister?"

"Your sister has your mom. I do not have to worry about her." After pasting the word 'Fu', Qiao Dongliang looked at Qiao Nan. It comforted and pained him at the same time to know that Qiao Nan was just like a butler who cared for everyone in the family but herself. Qiao Dongliang said, "Nan Nan, you should care more about yourself. Your mother dotes on your sister, and your sister… she is very smart. She knows how to plan and think for herself. Unlike her, you are simple-minded and kind. Your sister will be able to lead a good life in the future. I am not worried about her. I am worried that you are too honest and will be easily bullied by others."

Most importantly, outsiders might not be able to bully Nan Nan. It was her own family who bullied her.

Knowing this, Qiao Dongliang knew that the first thing he had to do now was to protect Qiao Nan, his younger daughter.

As for his wife and the elder daughter, Qiao Dongliang was certain that without him, given their wits and abilities, they would be able to lead a good life.

Qiao Nan was silent after listening to Qiao Dongliang's words. She did not expect that her approach to retreat in order to advance would be so successful.

They were one family, yet they had to be wary of each other. Qiao Nan could not help but feel disheartened. But at the thought of her mother's and Qiao Zijin's personalities, she told herself that she could not be softhearted.

Regardless, when dealing with her mother and Qiao Zijin, it was either to tolerate them, to be ruthless, or to get away!

If she tolerated them, she might have to die for the second time.

Therefore, she could only be ruthless and get away from them.

Thinking of this, Qiao Nan had a determined look in her eyes. "Dad, I took on some translation work and earned some money recently. Dad, you can save it for me. If I keep it with me, I'm afraid that I will lose them like before. Dad, my sister is one level higher than me. Her expenses must be higher than me. It is too tiring on you to provide for both of us. I want to lighten your burden. If sister needs the money for a rightful purpose, I won't mind that you give it to her. After all, she is the elder daughter and she is the one who will stay with the family even after she gets married. I have thought it through. When I go to college, I can work and study at the same time. I heard that college students can work part-time. There are a lot of part-time jobs near the college. I will definitely go to college and make sure that I study hard and graduate. Dad, don't be too hard on yourself and tire yourself out. I know that you have been taking on a lot of extra jobs and working till late into the night."

Her father had to finance two daughters through college. It was really tough on him.

"Part-time?" This was the first time Qiao Dongliang heard of this kind of arrangement. "Is it safe? Shouldn't students put all their attention on their studies? If you work while you are studying, will it be distracting and affect your studies?" To be honest, it was a burden on Qiao Dongliang to finance both of his daughters through college.

Especially now that Ding Jiayi had spent all the savings at home, Qiao Dongliang was so anxious that he found it difficult to sleep. He wished that he could work for twenty-four hours a day.

"It won't. When I go to college, I will have more free time compared to when I am in junior high school and senior high school. The mode of teaching is completely different from what we have now. There will be more than a hundred people sitting in a big classroom… In short, you don't have to worry, Dad. I have a way. You only have to provide for my sister. Dad, I brought the money back so that you can save it for me. After all, there are still more than two years before I go to college."

Qiao Nan took all the money she earned from the translation work that Lin Yuankang assigned her in the past half a year and handed them to Qiao Dongliang.

Looking at the money in the Qiao Dongliang's hands, Qiao Nan swallowed with difficulty. She was betting that she had won over her father over the past two years and that her father would be on her side. Today was the day where she would see the results.Fu means fortune



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