When speaking to smart people, one needed not to be too explicit in his words. It would suffice to make his point known.

"Qiao Nan, what do you think about this matter? If I wish to have another elder sister, will you allow it? After all, the elder sister is yours. If you don't agree, don't worry, I'll definitely not fight with you or be too close with Sister Qiao Zijin. I'm a good person and very nice to talk to."

Qiao Nan, your decision if you would.

Choose an outcome that would be good for you, me, and everyone. Or would you rather fight with me for the sake of an unrelated person?

When Qiao Zijin, who was smiling like a flower, heard this, her expression changed greatly and she stared at Qiao Nan with a look of warning. She was hinting to Qiao Nan to watch her words. She no longer hoped for Qiao Nan to have any conscience and help her at an appropriate time. Nevertheless, it would be best if Qiao Nan did not destroy the rare opportunity that she had. Otherwise, she would definitely not let her off!

"Yang Yang, what are you talking about? Nan Nan is not someone who's so petty. After all, everyone gets along well and can have fun together, including Baoguo. The more the merrier."

"Yes, that's right. When the four of you are together, you can look after one another. In the future, your studies will definitely improve by leaps and bounds." Ding Jiayi nervously stood out to put in some good words for Qiao Zijin. "Nan Nan, hurry and come into the house. It's so cold to stand outside. Come to Mom's side. Your dad and I have spent much effort on your sister's and your studies. Your dad accompanies you near the school while I take care of your sister. It's been a long time. Come over and let Mom take a good look at you. Mom misses you so much."

To Qiao Nan, Ding Jiayi's words carried an unprecedented enthusiasm.

Ding Jiayi reached out her hands, her eyes full of enthusiasm. Before Qiao Nan could react, she pulled Qiao Nan into her arms tightly in one swift action. Not only that, Ding Jiayi even pouted her lips and gave Qiao Nan a few hard kisses on her hair while making some kissing sounds.

At that instant, Qiao Dongliang felt so cold that he had goosebumps all over him.

Qiao Nan, who was hugged and kissed by Ding Jiayi, was so scared that she nearly screamed and ran away.

It was rare to know how it felt like to be hugged tightly by a mother. However, Qiao Nan not only felt unhappy but also afraid. Her face turned as white as a sheet and there was a flash of horror in her eyes.

"What are you doing? You're scaring Nan Nan!" Qiao Dongliang stepped into the house in large strides and subdued Ding Jiayi with strength. He finally 'saved' Qiao Nan from Ding Jiayi's arms. "Nan Nan, are you alright?" Nan Nan's face was pale.

Although Qiao Dongliang dreamed of the day where Ding Jiayi would treat Qiao Nan like what she just did, he dreaded the day to truly come, not to mention Qiao Nan. Qiao Dongliang nearly wanted to separate Ding Jiayi away from Qiao Nan by giving her one big slap. It was too scary!

"I-I'm fine." She was just frightened.

"What's there to be afraid of? I'm Nan Nan's biological mother. Haven't I always been treating Nan Nan so well? Nan Nan, is that right?" Ding Jiayi's eyes were full of warning and fawning. She was implying to Qiao Nan to cooperate for Qiao Zijin's sake today and not spoil Qiao Zijin's plan. If she could do so, she promised to treat Qiao Nan extremely well in the future. She would not bully and give Qiao Nan a black face as she did in the past.

To put it bluntly, she just hoped that Zijin would have a good life in the future.

If Zijin could board a 'big ship' like the Wang family, then would there be a need for her to plot against Qiao Nan for such little benefit? That would be too tiring and not worth the reward.

"Hahaha…" Under the pressure of the trio Wang Yang, Qiao Zijin, and Ding Jiayi, Qiao Nan smiled. In front of them, her lips curled into an obvious superficial smile, her eyes full of sarcasm. In the end, she said coldly, "As long as you all are happy."

Having that said, Qiao Nan's eyes turned toward Wang Yang and Qiao Zijin. She then said with implied meaning in her words, "Congratulations, you have one more 'good' elder sister. Congratulations to you, too, for having a good 'younger brother' now. It's really a 'good' day with double happiness. Wonderful!"

At this juncture, Wang Yang could not bring himself to smile. "Qiao Nan, have you really thought carefully about it?" This was the last chance he was giving Qiao Nan.

"Both of you want to formally acknowledge each other as sister and brother. It has got nothing to do with me. As long as you've thought carefully about it, then…" Qiao Nan raised her eyebrows. "It's rare that you have fate with each other. I'll feel ashamed to destroy it."

"Yes, yes, yes, this is fate. It's all fated to be." It was rare that Qiao Nan was cooperative and did not wreck their plan. Ding Jiayi quietly heaved a sigh of relief. She hoped that she could take a loudspeaker and directly shout to all the people in the quad.

The grandson of the Wang family liked Zijin so much that he had acknowledged her as his elder sister. In the future, Zijin would have a god-sister relationship with the Wang family then.

"Nan Nan, Mom will look for you tomorrow and prepare some nice food for you. You love to eat spicy food, right? Actually, Mom knows how to cook Si Chuan dishes quite well. I'll show you some of my skills." With her wish granted, Ding Jiayi looked at Qiao Nan with satisfaction and kindness for the first time.

"Ha, hahaha." Qiao Nan smiled dryly. Her mother's reaction and words meant that she was extremely elated.

"Why are all of you standing here? Will you be full with the wind blowing at you? Wait, why did you come? Who let you come today!" Zhu Baoguo, who also came back from outside, saw Qiao Nan and the group at the entrance of his house just as he stepped in.

Zhu Baoguo was quite happy when he saw Qiao Nan. But before he could greet her, Zhu Baoguo saw Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin, the mother-daughter pair. Zhu Baoguo pulled a long face instantly. "Who asked you to come? This is the Zhu family, not the Qiao family. Where did you come from? Go back to where you came from!"

Was it not enough to bully Xiao Qiao at the house of the Qiao family? Were they going to bully Xiao Qiao again by coming to the house of the Zhu family?

"Baoguo, what are you doing? All visitors are guests. Don't kick up a fuss. Aren't you on good terms with Qiao Nan? By doing this, are you giving Qiao Nan face? Aren't you afraid that Qiao Nan will be angry? Silly lad!" Elder Zhu was speechless. "Quickly come over. I've already said that you're on good terms with Qiao Nan and treat her like your younger sister. But in some areas, you really have to learn from Yang Yang. You are not as thoughtful as Yang Yang."

Through Wang Yang, Elder Zhu then knew that the Qiao family had lived separately for a long time to take better care of their two daughters. One took care of the elder daughter and the other the younger one.

He truly pitied the great devotion of the parents.

Only biological parents would do this for the sake of their children.

For the sake of studies, a fine family of four was split into two.

However, it was good that the Qiao family of four could finally reunite and have a reunion dinner today. It was such a good thing.

"Wang Yang, it must be you again. You're 'good'." Zhu Baoguo's face swelled in red. He nearly reverted to his former approach and spoke to Wang Yang with his punches directly.

At the thought of his promise with Elder Zhu, he took a few deep breaths. "I'll listen to Grandpa today. Wang Yang, you have to cherish the chance. If you miss the chance today, I don't know when it will come again."



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