"Grandpa, tell me, should I spend this Lunar New Year and the coming winter vacation with you or maternal grandpa? He missed me quite a lot too."

Zhu Baoguo lifted his chin at his grandfather's 'wavering mind' and wished to have 'the best of both worlds'. It was not that he did not have a choice.

His paternal grandfather liked his maternal grandson. His maternal grandfather also liked his maternal grandson.

"What is the fuss? It's almost Lunar New Year. Your maternal grandpa has a grandson and you have me. Don't kick up a fuss. Today, just today…" Elder Zhu had to succumb to this tactic.

He only had one paternal grandson, Zhu Baoguo. If Baoguo was snatched away by the Lee family, then he would not have any grandson he could be close to.

No matter how good the maternal grandson was, he would never be better than the paternal one.

"Then, how about Wang Yang?" Zhu Baoguo stood by his guns and purposely asked the question in front of Wang Yang.

Elder Zhu had no choice. "What about Yang Yang? Won't your Grandpa Wang miss Yang Yang? It's the Lunar New Year. Of course, the whole family has to reunite."

"Okay, Grandpa. We're one family. Wang Yang and his grandpa are also one family. Obviously, since it's the Lunar New Year, we'll have to spend time with our own family." Baoguo was satisfied. He walked over to lock his arms with Elder Zhu. "Grandpa, what nice food did you prepare today? I'm hungry. Xiao Qiao, quickly come in. You won't be full by taking in the air from the wind."

As he saw the pale look on Wang Yang's face from the corners of his eyes, Zhu Baoguo just walked passed him while holding Elder Zhu's arms in an intimate manner.

He was his grandfather's biological paternal grandson, but Wang Yang was only a maternal grandson. Yet, Wang Yang wished to fight with him and snatched from him everything that belonged to the Zhu family. Wishful thinking!

"Dad, let's go in. You have not fully recovered. It's not good to take in too much cold air." Following Zhu Baoguo's suit, Qiao Nan locked her arms around that of Qiao Dongliang and walked into the house.

Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin were obviously stunned by what happened earlier. Ding Jiayi discreetly gave Qiao Zijin a push. Qiao Zijin immediately reacted and walked to Wang Yang's side. "Yang Yang, what's done was done. Let's also go in and have dinner. Both paternal and maternal grandsons are close. Don't think too much. Elder Zhu dotes on you so much."

"Okay, let's go over and have dinner." Wang Yang smiled as he retracted his gloomy and depressed expression.

Was it really as close?

The difference between paternal and maternal grandsons as well as son and nephew was not just a little.

Zhu Baoguo dared to do that to him just now. He would take what Zhu Baoguo did today to heart!

When Zhu Chengqi reached home after work, he saw two unfamiliar ladies. He removed his coat that had some snow on it. "Why are there two more people?"

Elder Zhu smiled. "I've never worried about your performance in the army, but judging from today's matter, in terms of interpersonal relationships, Baoguo is really your son and your closest kin. Both of you are very careless. Fortunately, Yang Yang reminded me. Otherwise, it would be such a big embarrassment for our Zhu family today."

Clearly, there were four people in the Qiao family, but the Zhu family only invited two of them. What type of logic was that?

"Wang Yang?" Zhu Chengqi held back the expression in his eyes. His eagle-like sharp eyes glanced at Wang Yang nonchalantly. Wang Yang was so scared. It was as if he was an herbivore who bumped into a carnivore. His body shrank and his muscles could not help stiffening.

"Elder Uncle, you're back." Wang Yang let out a breath and tried his best to make his expression more natural.

"I'm back. If I'm not back, how could I get to see this?"

As for what to see, of course, it was to come back to watch the show.

The reality had proven that Wang Yang was the offspring of the Wang family. He was very scheming and also daring. He had investigated the matter that happened clearly. He did not expect that Wang Yang dared to do that.


Wang Yang's face turned pale. His head drooped and he did not know what to say.

Wang Yang dared to plot against Zhu Baoguo and fooled around with Elder Zhu, but he was extremely fearful of Zhu Chengqi.

"Nan Nan, I heard that you came in top in the cohort again. Congratulations. This is my gift to you. Take a look and see if you like it." Zhu Chengqi did not come empty-handed. He actually brought Qiao Nan a gift.

Qiao Nan was pleasantly surprised by the attention. "Thank you, Uncle Zhu."

The present from Zhu Chengqi was heavy, stiff, and square in shape. Qiao Nan's eyes lit up. "It's a book. Can I open it to take a look?"

"Since I've given it to you, it's yours." Zhu Chengqi sat down after washing his hands.

"What? Isn't this book…" When Zhu Baoguo saw Qiao Nan opening the present, his eyes turned stiff and red. He shot a murderous look at Zhu Chenqi. "Dad, you lied to me. You're too disappointing. How could you do that !!!"

"What's the matter?" Elder Zhu was shocked and he held on to Zhu Baoguo. "Why are you talking to your dad like that? Isn't it just a book? If you really like it, get your dad to help you buy it. You're on such good terms with Qiao Nan. Aren't you afraid that Qiao Nan will laugh at your behavior?" Fighting for a book with a young lady… Baoguo's studies had improved, but his interpersonal skills seemed to have gone backward.

Judging by the situation, Zhu Baoguo was seemingly unhappy and furious at Zhu Chengqi's gift to Qiao Nan. He nearly quarreled with Zhu Chengqi.

Everyone, except for two people, had a look of worry on their faces. These two people, Wang Yang and Qiao Zijin, were suppressing their smiles, their heads drooping immediately at the sight of this.

When Wang Yang accidentally saw that Qiao Zijin had the same reaction as him, his lips could not help curling up again as he found it hard to suppress his smile.

The relationship between Zhu Baogup and Qiao Nan was so superficial. They would quarrel just because of one book.

Making Zhu Baoguo and Qiao Nan fall out with each other was not as complicated as he had thought. A few books would do the trick.

Qiao Zijin did not think as deeply as Wang Yang. She only knew that although both Qiao Nan and she were daughters of the Qiao family, she did not receive any present while Qiao Nan did. It was as if she was inferior to Qiao Nan.

Zhu Baoguo and Qiao Nan fell out instantly because of a book.

If she could make use of this matter, she would not only have Wang Yang as his younger brother but she might also have Zhu Baoguo call her elder sister.

The brother and sister who had just 'reconciled' with each other had exactly the same thoughts at this moment: Zhu Baoguo should quarrel more harshly and lose his temper directly at Zhu Chenqi. Smashing the table and stool would be a bonus. In short, the uglier and messier the situation was, the better it was!

"Grandpa, you don't know. It's not just a simple book. Dad, I'm angry about this. You're too much." Zhu Baoguo's face stiffened. He looked like an angry little tiger, staring at Zhu Chengqi. It did not seem like he would simmer down anytime soon. Elder Zhu had just wasted his breath on him.

The flaring Zhu Baoguo totally did not care about what occasion it was or who was present at the moment. It nearly made Qiao Dongliang take the book away from Qiao Nan and return it to him.

However, when he saw the happy look on Qiao Nan's face as she held the book tightly, he constantly told himself that this was the family affairs of the Zhu family. It was not appropriate for him to interfere. Most probably, his persuasion would be useless.

At this juncture, Qiao Nan, who looked so calm as if nothing had happened, became the odd one out.



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