"Nan Nan?" Qiao Dongliang said softly as he glanced at Qiao Nan, hinting to her whether she should say anything. After all, Zhu Baoguo usually listened to her.

It was not only Qiao Dongliang. Even Elder Zhu looked at Qiao Nan with hopeful eyes.

Zhu Chengqi was aloof and Zhu Baoguo was stubborn. Both were father and son and had the same strong temper.

In the past, when this father-son pair was at odds with each other, Elder Zhu had no way to stop them.

Nevertheless, the situation was different now. His grandson and son were seemingly getting along much better than before. The grandson also seemed to have someone he cared for.

For this, at the time when Elder Zhu was at the end of his rope, the first person he thought of was Qiao Nan.

"Dad, don't worry. Let the two of them argue with each other. It's worse if they do not talk to each other. They will be closer after some bickering. At the same time, Zhu Baoguo could learn from Uncle Zhu about war strategy and plot," Qiao Nan said calmly. Her eyes were fixated on the book. She looked so obsessed. It was as if her eyes were going to jump out of their sockets and glue themselves onto the book.

This was a limited edition book. To a book lover like Qiao Nan, she was more pleased to receive this than gold, silver, or money.

In her previous life, Qiao Nan spent a lot of effort looking for this book. In the end, she found it. However, it was ridiculously expensive as the book was out-of-print and there was no updated version of it.

That was the first time that Qiao Nan wanted to buy an expensive item for herself. However, Ding Jiayi took away the money as soon as she had saved them up.

In this lifetime, although it was difficult to buy this book, it was not as difficult nor was it as expensive as it had been in her previous life.

"Nan Nan, don't talk nonsense. It doesn't make sense that arguing more will improve relationships." Qiao Zijin said gently and softly, "Baoguo, don't do that. You're being impolite to Uncle Zhu. It's just a book. If you really like it, then… Nan Nan, give the book to Baoguo. There's always another chance next time. We'll think of a way to buy it for you."

The more Qiao Nan was not sensible, the more she wanted to show her thoughtfulness, generosity, kindness, and sensibleness.

Qiao Nan was so ineloquent. It was fine that Zhu Baoguo liked Qiao Nan. However, she did not understand why Uncle Zhu was so good to Qiao Nan but had never noticed her even once.

Qiao Zijin was very certain about one matter. When Zhu Chengqi came back to the house, he not only did not greet her by name but also did not look at her at all.

"Give this book to Zhu Baoguo? It's too wasteful. He doesn't know how to read it either." Qiao Nan shook her head in despise. "Giving this book to him is like leaving bright pearls in the dust and not differentiating between good and bad stuff." If she really gave it to Zhu Baoguo, she would feel the pinch.

"Certainly." Although Qiao Nan made such a derogatory comment about Zhu Baoguo, Zhu Chengqi was not angry. Instead, he furiously nodded in agreement.

"Chengqi!" At this juncture, Elder Zhu was not pleased. Why did Chengqi say that about Baoguo? What's wrong with Baoguo? When he flashed Baoguo's academic results now, many of his old comrades praised that he was fortunate that his only grandson would be successful soon. Clearly, great talent took time to mature.

"Xiao Qiao and my dad are not wrong. I really can't understand this book. It's a waste to give it to me." The party concerned, Zhu Baoguo, was neither angry nor troubled. He frankly agreed to the words of the two.



Zhu Baoguo's words stunned Wang Yang and Qiao Zijin, who were waiting to watch the show. Their faces turned pale.

Elder Zhu was both angry and amused. He felt like punching his grandson a few times. "You said it yourself that you can't understand that book. Then, why did you get angry when your dad gave the book to Qiao Nan? You looked like you wanted to fight with him. Are you kidding us?" He had really thought that his grandson wanted that book but Zhu Chengqi gave it to Qiao Nan instead, leading to him losing his temper.

"Grandpa, you don't understand. Xiao Qiao has been yearning for that book for a long time. I've known Xiao Qiao for so long. When did Xiao Qiao ever ask me for help? It's rare, and when she did, it's for this book. I've asked Dad to help look for this book. He's been telling me that he couldn't find it. But he found it, didn't he now? The worse thing is… Dad actually gave this book to Xiao Qiao in his name. Clearly, I was the one who found the book!" Toward the end of his speech, Zhu Baoguo's words were incoherent. In short, he was furious with the shameless behavior of his biological father.

He was clearly robbing him of his merits. Didn't he see that Xiao Qiao's eyes were glued on the book as soon as she saw it?

Xiao Qiao's gratitude belonged to him. Xiao Qiao's liking should be his as well.

"You found it? Did you have anyone help you find the book? Did you have enough money to buy it? You have to know your limits as a person." Having that said, Zhu Chengqi's eyes turned unknowingly at Wang Yang. This made Wang Yang, who was gloating earlier, quickly buried his face into the bowl of rice. He was full of hatred.

Damn, he was fooled by Zhu Chengqi and Zhu Baoguo, this moronic pair of father and son.

In the past, he suspected why an idiot like Zhu Baoguo was the son of a formidable character such as his Elder Uncle, Zhu Chengqi. They could have taken the wrong baby in the hospital. However, at this juncture, Wang Yang no longer suspected this.

They spent so much effort to give that book to Qiao Nan. The father and son even argued because of this. Were they retarded?

"What book is so rare? Is it very expensive?" Qiao Zijin did not understand much except the value of the book.

Zhu Baoguo even gave Qiao Nan something as expensive as a Discman. What kind of book in the world could not be afforded by Zhu Baoguo?

"The price of the book is not important. Most importantly, we have to see who it goes to and how they use it thereafter." Zhu Chengqi did not sound concerned about the price of the book. Regardless of its price, it was a book after all. Of course, Zhu Chengqi would not take to heart this small sum of money.

"Thank you, Uncle Zhu." Qiao Nan, who received a great bargain, did not seem to mind. She was also unwilling to spend time and effort to bother about the scheming against one another and the sparks that flew across the table earlier.

She could only say that those few people who wished to see her embarrassed had to be disappointed today.

"So this is the truth of the matter," Elder Zhu said. He was dumbfounded by his son and grandson. After arguing for so long, it was not because his grandson wanted the book. It was because he wanted to give the book to Qiao Nan, but his son had taken the opportunity to…

Elder Zhu smiled. Why did he have the illusion that his son and grandson were fighting for the affection of Qiao Nan, a young lady?

He must have drunk too much tea during the day that he was drunk now.

Truly, it was not the tea that made him drunk but the individual himself.

With the misunderstanding cleared, the dinner was considered a harmonious occasion.

"Qiao Nan, I'll get the chauffeur to send you back. As for your dad's bicycle, leave it at my house first. You can take it back when you have time." After dinner, Zhu Chengqi made arrangements for Qiao Nan and Qiao Dongliang. When the sun was up, the path was not conducive to travel on, not to mention that it was already dark and the weather had turned cold. The road was slippery.

When Zhu Chengqi said this, Ding Jiayi's face turned black.



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