The night was dark and the wind strong. The road was slippery, not conducive for traveling.

If Qiao Dongliang insisted to leave with Qiao Nan in the night, it would not only be difficult but also dangerous.

Ding Jiayi was thinking that if it was not convenient for Qiao Dongliang to bring Qiao Nan back to the rented apartment, they could just go back to the Qiao family's residence in the quad. If the family of four could stay under the same roof, she believed that they could resolve their prior conflict regardless of how big it was.

Ding Jiayi wanted to take this opportunity to mend the relationship between Qiao Dongliang and her. However, when Zhu Chengqi offered to give Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan a ride home, all the thoughts and plans that Ding Jiayi had earlier were ruined.

"That's fine too." Qiao Dongliang felt embarrassed to trouble the Zhu family initially. However, when he saw Ding Jiayi's expression, he immediately agreed. "Sorry to trouble you."

"No problem." There was a rare smile on Zhu Chengqi's serious face. "I like Nan Nan, this child. In the future, feel free to let Nan Nan come to our house to have fun."

"Sure," Qiao Dongliang replied weakly. He only treated what Zhu Chengqi said as words of politeness. "You don't need to send us off. Bye."

"Be careful on the road."

With the help of the Zhu family's chauffeur, Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan saved much effort and reached home just after a little nap in the car.

When Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Nan got into the car, Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin were still at the house of the Zhu family.

Ding Jiayi hid the pale look on her face. Zhu Chengqi's face turned serious. "Do you need me to ask someone to send the two of you back?"

"No need for the trouble, Uncle Zhu. My mom and I can go back on our own." Qiao Zijin knew what was good for her. Both were the daughters of the Qiao family and had dinner on the same table. However, Qiao Nan had a gift and she didn't.

From this matter alone, Qiao Zijin was certain that Zhu Chengqi treated Qiao Nan and her differently.

It did not matter that Qiao Nan had someone to send her off. If she were shameless and think that she would receive the same treatment, then that would be too annoying to others.

In front of a character like Zhu Chengqi, Qiao Zijin was very conscious. When she knew that she would annoy the other party by doing that, she would not do it. "Uncle Zhu, it's late. I'll go back with my mom first. Thank you for your warm hospitality today. Next time, I hope that Uncle Zhu will give us face and come to our house for a meal. We don't have much but there are still simple dishes at home. Bye, Uncle Zhu."

Seeing that Ding Jiayi had no reaction, Qiao Zijin gave Ding Jiayi a pull. Ding Jiayi then reacted. She moved her stiff mouth and said with a forced and weak smile, "Bye."

"Wait…" Ding Jiayi thought of something before she opened the door of the Zhu family's house. "Why don't we do this? I'll push Old Qiao's bicycle back first. Leaving it here will be a trouble for you."

Once she had pushed the bicycle back, Old Qiao would have to make a trip back home when he wanted to get the bicycle.

Now, Ding Jiayi dared not think about Qiao Dongliang's money. Her greatest wish was for Qiao Dongliang to return home soon.

The problem was when Qiao Dongliang moved for the second time, although Ding Jiayi eventually found out about the new address, Ding Jiayi dared not step into the small quad provided by Ping Cheng High School at all.

As for Qiao Dongliang, he would definitely not go back to the small quad of the Qiao family if there was not a need.

Even if he had to come for something, he would not stay for long. He would leave as soon as he settled his matter. Ding Jiayi could not even hold him back.

At the thought that there were already many rumors of divorce between Qiao Dongliang and her spreading between the familiar neighbors in the quad, Ding Jiayi panicked terribly.

When she was a lady in the past, she could not find someone better than Old Qiao. Now that she was already of this age, she would have nothing left if she really left Old Qiao. So, she would never divorce Old Qiao. She also had to think of a way to mend the relationship with Old Qiao and let people in the quad know that she, Ding Jiayi, was having a blissful life.

"No need." Zhu Chengqi saw through Ding Jiayi's mind immediately. "Our house is big. One bicycle will not take up too much space. Furthermore, when the two of you go back, you have to be careful on the road. It's probably more inconvenient to push the bicycle along. Don't need to feel embarrassed about this. My Zhu family certainly has a place to spare for your bicycle."

"R-really? Then, thank you very much. It's truly not quite convenient tonight. That model '28' bicycle of my family's Old Qiao is heavy. Coupled with the weather, it'll be tiring to push it. In this case, we'll forget about it tonight. I'll come over tomorrow for it. It's decided, then. Zijin, let's go back."

Without giving Zhu Chengqi a chance to reject, Ding Jiayi pulled Qiao Zijin and left the house immediately.

"Mom, why were you so anxious?" Qiao Zijin was a little unhappy. She had not bid farewell to Yang Yang.

Ding Jiayi looked at Qiao Zijin unhappily. "Don't you wish that your dad will bring Qiao Nan home earlier? Why did your brains go rusty at this critical juncture? Your dad is now unwilling to step into our house. Many people are waiting to see our family turn into a joke. We only have one model '28' bicycle and your dad will definitely need it. If we push it back home first, won't your dad have to look for us? We have to catch every opportunity to be with your dad and work hard at mending our relationship with him. That way, your dad will come home sooner."

"Still, you didn't need to be so anxious. I've not even said goodbye to Yang Yang." It was not easy for her to 'acknowledge' a 'younger brother'.

Ding Jiayi patted Qiao Zijin's head. "Is an outsider or your dad more important?"

"Dad." However, Wang Yang could give her a beautiful future while her father could not give her anything.

"That's right. Listen to Mom for today's matter. It won't be wrong. That kid called Wang Yang seems to like you very much. Therefore, he definitely won't refuse to acknowledge you as a sister just because of a goodbye."

"That's true." Qiao Zijin lifted her chin. "Yang Yang has a better sense of judgment than Zhu Baoguo. He knows how to decipher people and also knows who is more outstanding between Qiao Nan and me."

"A good sense of judgment is useless. Wang Yang's status is lower than that of Zhu Baoguo. In the Zhu family, Zhu Baoguo is number one. Wang Yang…" Zhu Chengqi did not seem to be treating his nephew, Wang Yang, as well as what she heard from the rumors. Zhu Chengqi definitely did not treat Wang Yang like he did his own son.

When Zhu Chengqi came back today, he did not seem extremely close to Zhu Baoguo, but there were interactions between the father and son. They had quite a lively chat. On the contrary, Zhu Chengqi rarely bothered about Wang Yang.

It was different from what she heard.

"Mom, I'm tired. Let's go back quickly." There was a flash in Qiao Zijin's eyes as she interrupted the topic.

Wang Yang was not better than Zhu Baoguo now. However, she believed that Wang Yang would not stay the same. One day, he would surpass Zhu Baoguo.



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