If it was not in the capacity as a classmate, then in what capacity could he be when he thanked Zhai Sheng on Xiao Qiao's behalf? And how could he put some distance between Zhai Sheng and Xiao Qiao?

Zhu Baoguo, who could not figure out at once, became anxious. He seemed to want to confirm something but could not bring himself to say the words.

"Well?" Since Zhu Baoguo kept his silence, Zhai Sheng asked him again. He seemed as if he had all the time in the world while he waited for Zhu Baoguo's reply. Zhu Baoguo panicked at his prompting.

"A-as her brother! Yes, you may not know, but I am actually one year older than Xiao Qiao. Although Xiao Qiao is in the same grade as me, in fact, she is younger than me. I have always treated Xiao Qiao as my sister. I want to protect her. Of course, you are very good to Xiao Qiao. As her brother, naturally, I want to thank you on her behalf." Yes, that was it.

Long ago, he had said that Xiao Qiao was his younger sister and that he would take good care of Xiao Qiao. He would not let others bully Xiao Qiao.

He would retaliate against those people who bullied Xiao Qiao. As for the people who helped Xiao Qiao, it was appropriate for him to express his gratitude.

With this new identity that he assumed, Zhu Baoguo straightened his back. He was no longer as uncertain and guilty as before. He was confident of himself.

Zhai Sheng gave an uncanny smile. "I will accept your reason and your gratitude."

Zhu Chengqi was very capable, but his son was not as smart as him. He was already eighteen years old, but he was still like a young bashful boy. Zhu Baoguo did not know to use any strategy or tactics. He merely gave it a try and Zhu Baoguo was forced to leave no way of retreat for himself by saying that he treated Qiao Nan as her younger sister. In this way, he had made it such that there was no way they would have any other developments.

Zhu Baoguo was too young to know that he had lost something precious with what he said just now. When Zhu Baoguo matured in the future, he would be full of regrets for what he said now.

In fact, Zhai Sheng felt that he was giving Zhu Baoguo a lesson so that he would learn and grow.

Zhu Baoguo would have to blame it on his father, Zhu Chengqi, for not teaching him well, and that he was too stupid to be plotted against by Wang Yang. At this age, he had not learned his ways and brought this upon himself.

Zhu Baoguo tensed up. Previously, Zhai Sheng seemed as if he wanted to pick a fight with him, but he softened his tone in the next second. What did he mean by that?

The Zhai Sheng he knew was definitely not someone who would compromise easily. Did he have other ways to deal with him?

"Both of you seem to have a good chat. What did you talk about?" Qiao Nan felt that they should have more than enough time with each other. Hence, she came out with two cups of hot water and handed them to Zhai Sheng and Zhu Baoguo.

"Nothing important. It's just casual talk."

"Stop busying around and sit down." Unlike Zhu Baoguo who had a guilty conscience, Zhai Sheng behaved as if nothing had happened. But in actual fact, he had nipped the feelings that Zhu Baoguo had for Qiao Nan in the bud.

Zhai Sheng had received news that the Zhu family asked the Qiao family over for dinner as soon as they extended the invitation.

At that time, Zhai Hua made a dig at Zhai Sheng. "You have to work harder. Otherwise, Nan Nan may be abducted. I heard that the boy from the Zhu family is only one year older than Nan Nan. Speaking of which, they are much more suitable in terms of age. Moreover, they are junior high school classmates. They could be considered as childhood sweethearts. They must be very close with each other. If they enter the same college, they will be with each other for ten years. That's three years of junior high school, three years of high school, and four years of college. By then, won't Nan Nan take the surname Zhu?"

"Look, since the Zhu family invited the Qiao family to their house for dinner, obviously, the Zhu family does not look down on the Qiao family, and they can accept them. Given this alone, Zhu Baoguo has an advantage over you. Zhai Sheng, your relationship with Nan Nan may not come to fruition. Since Zhu Baoguo and Qiao Nan always spend their time together, they may grow to like each other. By then, you will be out of the picture."

Zhai Hua spoke such harsh words to Zhai Sheng as if they were not related at all. She wanted to know if Zhai Sheng would be antagonized and go straight to the Zhu family's residence to take Qiao Nan away.

Unfortunately, Zhai Sheng did not fall for her trap.

Nobody at the Zhai family could tell that Zhai Sheng was concerned about the fact that Qiao Nan was invited to the Zhu family's residence for dinner. When Qiao Nan and Qiao Dongliang were safely sent back to the small quad by the Zhu family, he also did not reveal any displeasure. It was only when he was playing chess with Elder Zhu did he reveal a slight hint of what he was feeling.

Recalling what Zhai Hua said yesterday, Zhai Sheng stretched out his arm to take the drink that Qiao Nan prepared for him. He took a sip and smiled.

There was no way that Nan Nan would fancy Zhu Baoguo. It was no use that they were suitable.

"Nan Nan, the Lunar New Year is coming. Have you forgotten about something?" After drinking a mouthful of water, Zhai Sheng reminded Qiao Nan of his purpose here today.

"Yes, I remember, but Elder Lin must be very busy recently. I wanted to go last time, but his house was full of people, so I was scared away." Qiao Nan knew that Zhai Sheng was referring to Lin Yuankang who took her in as his last pupil half a year ago.

When Qiao Nan first went to the Lin family's residence, she had seen it for herself the crowd at the residence. However, she did not expect that the situation would be the same when she went there for the second time. In fact, it was much more crowded than before. She did not understand why there would be so many people waiting at the doorway and refusing to leave.

"It is all because of you that your master has to put up with all these troubles. As long as nobody knows of your identity as his last pupil, they will not give up and want to try their luck. Your master has suffered a lot for your sake." Zhai Sheng locked his gaze on Qiao Nan, but he sounded very calm.

"In that case, master will have to endure all the trouble in the future," Qiao Nan said hurriedly. If her identity was exposed, would others be mad at her for taking away the position that they had longed for?

Zhu Baoguo had no idea what Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan were talking about. They talked to each other as if nobody was around. He felt like an outsider to them. He could not help but turn sullen.

Something was not right with him today. He used to hate the sight of Zhai Sheng, but he never disliked him as much as today. He could not wait for him to get away from Xiao Qiao's side.

Zhu Baoguo really wanted to know about the 'master' that Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng were talking about, but he was too proud to ask them.

"Nan Nan, are you around? I am here to see you."

"Oh my god! Just what day is this?! Even she has come over for a visit as well?!"



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