Qiao Nan was not the only one who could tell who was at the door. Zhu Baoguo could tell as well. "What is Qiao Zijin doing here?"

"I don't know." Qiao Nan shook her head. Since Qiao Zijin was here, she had to open the door for her. She was now on winter break. There was nowhere she could be except at home. She could not hide or pretend that she was not at home either. "Sister, why are you… here with Wang Yang?"

Qiao Nan was about to ask why Qiao Zijin was here when she saw Wang Yang with Qiao Zijin.

"I came with Yang Yang." Qiao Zijin smiled. She pushed the door open and squeezed in. "Yang Yang, come in quickly. The wind is very strong outside. Be sure not to catch a cold. Treat this as your own house. If you need anything, just tell me."

Qiao Nan knitted her eyebrows and did not say anything.

Wang Yang curled the corners of his lips and walked past Qiao Nan. He had a provocative and mockery look in his eyes.

"What a crowd." When she entered the room, Qiao Zijin noticed that not only Zhu Baoguo was there, but the 'Brother Zhai' she met at the hospital was there as well. Her smile became strained at seeing all of them. One of them was a young and promising boy, while the other was an outstanding man. Both were giants among men. Sooner or later, they would have big achievements.

However, these two excellent young men always mixed with Qiao Nan. Qiao Zijin gritted her teeth. They must be blind. She was so much better and beautiful than Qiao Nan.

In comparison, why would they choose to be with Qiao Nan but ignore her?

"Yang Yang, have a seat. I will give you a cup of hot water." Fortunately, although Zhu Baoguo and Zhai Sheng did not know how to appreciate her, there were others who could tell that she was better than Qiao Nan.

"Okay." Wang Yang sat down cautiously at one side. He was not as at ease as he was before. He had already received news that Zhu Baoguo came to look for Qiao Nan, but he did not expect that Zhai Sheng would be there as well.

Wang Yang might be fearless, but he had a guilty conscience with Zhai Sheng around. He did not dare to be as arrogant as he used to be.

He could scheme against Zhu Baoguo, but there was no way that he could win over Zhai Sheng.

"Nan Nan, where is the teacup?" Qiao Zijin wanted to play the host to Wang Yang, but unfortunately, Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi had never been in this house, so she did not know where Qiao Nan kept her cutlery. "Nan Nan, come over and help me. You are not a guest, so why are you sitting with the guests? Come here."

Qiao Nan smiled but she refused to help Qiao Zijin. "This is not your house. Since you want to play host, do as you like. Why would you ask me where the cutlery are and want me to help you?"

"Nan Nan, is this how you should behave?" Qiao Zijin pulled a long face. How dared Qiao Nan disgrace her in front of these outsiders! "I am your sister!"

"Yes, you are merely my sister." Qiao Zijin could not be thinking that since she was tolerant of their mother, she would treat her sister in the same manner, could she? Where did Qiao Zijin get the idea from?

Ding Jiayi was her mother, while Qiao Zijin was only her sister. If Qiao Zijin expected the same treatment as their mother, she had been thinking too much.

"You!" Qiao Zijin flushed. "You should look at the situation before you throw a tantrum. You will be eighteen years old in another year. You will be an adult by then. Don't you find it embarrassing to throw a tantrum in front of the guests?"

"Embarrassing?" Qiao Nan chuckled. "Wang Yang has waited a long time for that cup of water. Are you sure you want to continue to bicker with me and make Wang Yang goes without water?"

Qiao Zijin looked at Wang Yang and knew that she could not do anything about Qiao Nan. She had to prepare the drink by herself.

Initially, Qiao Zijin wanted to make Qiao Nan look bad in front of the three guests. She did not expect that she would be bringing shame to herself and that Qiao Nan would be so domineering.

Without Ding Jiayi's help, it was not easy for Qiao Zijin to order Qiao Nan around.

Qiao Zijin dared not try anything funny after she was taught a lesson by Qiao Nan. "Yang Yang, here's your tea."

"Thank you." It seemed that Qiao Zijin was defenseless against Qiao Nan. Wang Yang thought to himself whether he had chosen the wrong person. If Qiao Zijin was only capable of such feats, he was not willing to waste his time and effort on her.

"I intend to study with Zhu Baoguo. Are both of you here to join us?" After the two of them sat down, Qiao Nan lifted her chin, pointed to the homework on the table, and asked bluntly.

"This is a good idea. Tomorrow, Yang Yang and I will bring our homework with us. How about the four of us do our homework together? Today is too rushed. I have forgotten to bring my homework," Qiao Zijin said with a smile.

"Since you are not here to study, what are you doing here today?" Zhu Baoguo put down his pen and stared at Wang Yang coolly. Wang Yang must be here to make trouble.

Looking at Zhu Baoguo, Wang Yang put on a smile, playing out the image of a well-behaved boy. "I get along very well with Sister Zijin yesterday and I wanted to know more about her. Brother, it's been a long time since we last sat down and chatted. Since all of us are about the same age, we must have a lot of topics to talk about. If there were any misunderstandings or unhappiness in the past, we should just talk about it and clear up the misunderstandings. Brother, we are one family. Sister Zijin and Qiao Nan are one family as well. Since we are one family, we must not stay angry with each other. Yes, I ended up doing the wrong things even though my intentions were good. You have the right to be angry with me. Brother, I solemnly apologize to you. Please forgive me."

Wang Yang's apology was said so lightly. There was no sincerity in his words at all.

Regarding what happened to Zhu Baoguo during the middle school examination, anyone who had the wits about them could have guessed that Wang Yang definitely did not have good intentions toward Zhu Baoguo.

However, since they were relatives and had not severed ties or cut off contact with each other, they allowed some latitude by not spelling everything out lest they might feel awkward.

Wang Yang made use of this and refused to admit that he harbored evil intentions toward Zhu Baoguo. He tried to understate his actions by saying that he had good intentions.

"Brother, I was wrong. A mere apology will definitely not be enough. How about I give you something that you desire the most? With this, you should accept my apology. Brother, I know my mistakes. I really didn't mean it. Brother, as you are magnanimous, you must not be angry with me."

Zhu Baoguo put down his pen, crossed his arms about his chest, and looked at Wang Yang cautiously. "You want to give me something as an apology? What do you want to give me?"

"Since I want to make an apology, of course I have to give you whatever it is that you most desire."



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