"What do I want the most?"

"Brother, don't you remember? Last year, you requested your dad and grandpa to buy something for you. Even though you tried very hard to persuade them, they did not agree to it. I asked my dad for help. He entrusted the task to someone else and they finally managed to buy it. However, it will take some time to get through the customs. In another half a month's time, I will deliver the things to you. As the saying goes, 'Gift blinds the eye'. After accepting my gift, you must not be angry at me. You must not let your dad and grandpa worry about us anymore."

If whenever Zhu Baoguo was back at the Zhu family's residence, he would be treated as if he was transparent, then how could he take control of the Zhu family and make sure that it belonged to the Wang family eventually?

These had happened so many times that Wang Yang could not sit back and not do anything.

All these years, Wang Yang had always been successful in framing and slandering Zhu Baoguo. He had been very confident that his plan of taking control of the Zhu family would not fail.

When he was discovered by the Zhu family regarding the previous incident where he drugged Zhu Baoguo, he had proudly thought that with his previous effort, it would not have much impact on his position in the Zhu family.

However, the aftermath was not as he had expected. The incident had a huge impact on him and he could not help but panic.

Whenever Zhu Baoguo returned home from school, he would be asked to leave by his grandpa. In other words, he no longer had any foothold in the Zhu family. As long as Zhu Baoguo was around, he must go back to his house.

Why should he?

"What's the matter? You can't do anything about my grandpa, so you want to buy me off?" Zhu Baoguo looked at Wang Yang contemptuously.

"How could you say that I am trying to buy you off? Brother, what you said is… Besides, Grandpa has been very good to me. I don't want him to worry about us. Grandpa is no longer young. If the family stands united and has a harmonious relationship, he will be happy and will be able to live a long life. Brother, I am sure you would like for Grandpa to stay healthy as well. Therefore, let's bury the hatchet so that he will not have to worry about us again."

Wang Yang had a smile on his face, and his attitude was particularly good. He was very tolerant of the arrogant Zhu Baoguo.

"You want to bury the hatchet?"


"Dream on!" Zhu Baoguo laughed happily. "Wang Yang, Wang Yang, I never thought that you'd have this day. I have suffered under your hands and I am not sure how I can deal with you. But Wang Yang, from today onward, you have to prepare yourself as I have seen through you and your acts. After all, you are only capable of this stuff, aren't you?"

Wang Yang tried hard to maintain his smile. "Brother, what do you mean by this? Are you still angry with me and want to keep on quarreling with me?"

He had already backed down. If it were in the past, Zhu Baoguo…

"Wang Yang, I suggest that you read 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms'. Have you heard of a phrase that says, 'A scholar who has been away for three days must be looked at with new eyes'? I am no longer the ignorant person in the past. I won't be fooled by you. Do you think that if you act pitiful and apologetic, I will be complacent and forgive you like what I did in the past? I am not stupid!" Zhu Baoguo's words were dripping with sarcasm. He slammed the table in anger.

Wang Yang was a wolf, a poisonous snake even. He would not be the stupid farmer who died in its hands.

"Baoguo, we are one family. How could you say that? I have heard about the incident. Yang Yang was definitely not intentional…" Qiao Zijin interrupted.

"Another word from you and I may whack you! Who are you to reason with me?" Zhu Baoguo turned and stared at Qiao Zijin. "Let me warn you. I can't stand the sight of you, but it's just that I don't have the chance to deal with you. If you dare to spout nonsense, I will give you a bashing such that your mom can't even recognize you! "

"I…" Qiao Zijin paled and cowered in fright.

Qiao Zijin shut her mouth. Zhu Baoguo looked at Wang Yang. "Wang Yang, what you did today goes to show that you are at your wit's end. Wang Yang, bear in mind that your surname is Wang, while my surname is Zhu. The Zhu family and the Wang family are two different families. Everything in the Zhu family will not be yours."

"Grandpa has been saying that you have improved a lot. At first, I didn't really believe him, but now I have to believe his words. I really don't know about the 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms', though." Wang Yang sneered. In the past, Zhu Baoguo would fall easily for his traps.

The worst thing was that Zhu Baoguo had Qiao Nan by his side now.

Originally, Zhu Baoguo was just like a fool, easily manipulated. But now that there was Qiao Nan, he had grown smarter.

Therefore, if he wanted to deal with Zhu Baoguo, he would have to solve the problem of Qiao Nan first.

Wang Yang cast a sideways glance at Qiao Nan and vowed that he would make her pay for the humiliation that he suffered today.

The moment Wang Yang caught a glimpse of Qiao Nan with his peripheral vision, he found himself under Zhai Sheng's piercing and dangerous gaze.

Zhai Sheng sat upright in the chair as if he was in the middle of a national conference. He did not seem to be in the small quad. It was as if he was at the Great Hall of the People. Even though before him was only a low coffee table with a few cups of water, it seemed as if it was a grand conference table at which important issues were discussed. Most importantly, the ordinary teacups on the table suddenly seemed as if they were priceless cultural relics that the soldiers in the army had risked their lives and spent a lot of effort in getting, taken from the hands of foreign tomb raiders, and would be a great contribution to the Chinese archeology.

Zhai Sheng had that dignified aura about him that no matter how shabby the environment was, they would seem to be classy and exquisite with him around.

Compared with the common furniture and cutlery that instantly seemed as if they were of high value, Wang Yang paled at a slight glance from Zhai Sheng. His eyes flickered and he hunched his back as if he were a rat that came out of its hiding place in the day but was so scared by the bright daylight that it scurried back into its hiding place!

Wang Yang paled in comparison to Zhai Sheng, and he could not help but want to hide away.

Zhai Sheng had some water. He did not say anything or look at Wang Yang again. However, Wang Yang was so ashamed that he lowered his head and wished that he could dig a hole and hide in it.



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