It was a matter of opinion as to who stood to gain in the end.

Qiao Nan gave a slight cough to cover up for her embarrassment. "As a top student, this is expected of me. I must be well-read in different areas, lest it comes up in the college entrance examinations."

Qiao Nan's eyes lit up at the mention of the top student. She had an idea. "Sister, since both you and Wang Yang did not bring your homework, it's so boring to just sit and chat. Why don't we ask each other some knowledge-based questions to test one another and accumulate points? Whoever who can answer will get a point. If no one can answer, the person who asks the question will score a point. All of us will pool our money together to buy a good notebook as a prize for the person who has the highest score."

Qiao Zijin and Wang Yang were here to create trouble. They wanted to stop her and Zhu Baoguo from studying hard.

She had ways to deal with their plots.

Qiao Nan did not believe that she, who was more than forty years old, would not be able to deal with a few spoilt brats who were less than twenty years old.

"Sounds good," Zhai Sheng agreed.

"I have no objections." It was much better than engaging in meaningless conversations with Wang Yang and Qiao Zijin.

"… Alright," Wang Yang replied reluctantly. If they had to play the game, he would have to go easy on them.

Since everyone else had agreed, Qiao Zijin could not say that she, in fact, was not interested. She certainly could not answer the questions. Even if she managed to answer all the questions, the money that they pooled together could only be used to get a simple notebook. She had no interest in such a prize. If the prize was a bracelet, necklace, or earrings, then she would be slightly more interested.

However, it was one against four. Nobody cared that Qiao Zijin was reluctant to join the game.

Once the game had been set, what happened next was an interesting sight.

Zhai Sheng was the oldest among them and had the most extensive knowledge as well. Qiao Zijin, Zhu Baoguo, and Qiao Nan were all high school students. Wang Yang was the only person who was in the third year of junior high school.

Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan had a tacit understanding with each other. They raised questions that were based on high school knowledge points. Even though Qiao Zijin was a level higher than Zhu Baoguo and Qiao Nan, she was either unable to answer or was too slow to answer the questions that Zhai Sheng asked. Zhu Baoguo took the chance to answer before her.

Qiao Nan knew the answer to these questions. However, she went easy on Zhu Baoguo, letting him have the chance to answer.

Qiao Zijin was too slow to answer the questions, whereas Wang Yang did not know the answers to them at all. No matter how smart he was, he was still in junior high school. He did not read up on senior high school knowledge.

Therefore, Wang Yang could only gape like a fool as Zhu Baoguo answered one question after another, his eyes brimming with confidence.

Wang Yang's original intention was to go easy on the rest. Hence, he would always ask questions that even elementary school students would be able to answer. He did not want Qiao Nan and Zhu Baoguo to enjoy the game.

But as Zhu Baoguo answered more and more of the questions, and his score went higher and higher as if he was the sole winner, Wang Yang, who did not like to see that Zhu Baoguo was doing good, could not take it lying down. He forgot about his original plan and started to ask tough questions one after another which inadvertently let Zhu Baoguo have the chance to learn more.

"Congratulations, Zhu Baoguo. You have the highest score. We will pool our money and get you a notebook as a reward. Let's give a round of applause!" Qiao Nan took the lead in getting everyone to applaud.

Zhai Sheng cast a meaningful look at Qiao Nan. He was sure that when he had a child with Nan Nan in the future, she would be a good mother. She knew how to teach them well.

"Thank you. It is thanks to everyone that I have this score." Zhu Baoguo could not help but laugh. He was very pleased and proud of himself at winning the game. He had won, while Wang Yang almost did not score any points. Wang Yang was not as smart as he thought him to be.

Zhu Baoguo, who was exhilarated, forgot that Wang Yang was a junior high school student. As a high school student, there was nothing to be proud of to win over a junior high school student.

But nobody cared about this.

Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng took advantage of the situation and deliberately made it such that nobody would spell out the obvious. Wang Yang thought highly of himself and felt that he would not lose to Zhu Baoguo under all circumstances. With his intelligence, even if he was only a junior high school student, it was common to be better than Zhu Baoguo who was in high school.

Zhu Baoguo, who was over the moon, would not realize that, and Qiao Zijin, who was foolish at times, would not think of it either.

Wang Yang who felt insulted flushed red in anger and was speechless.

He was fooled again. He was fooled by Qiao Nan and Zhai Sheng.

Zhai Sheng took control of the overall situation while Qiao Nan helped him by the side to steer the flow. They made Zhu Baoguo seem as if he was very clever at the expense of him…

The most annoying thing was that he had fallen for Qiao Nan's trap and had asked many questions to test Zhu Baoguo.

Wang Yang had scored a few points, and he was not the one with the lowest score. He had a higher score than Qiao Zijin and Zhai Sheng. In Qiao Zijin's case, she really could not answer them, whereas Zhai Sheng did not want to be seen as a big bully. As for Wang Yang, the few questions that he had answered were a blow to his confidence.

He had wanted to go easy on them, but the few points that he scored near the end made him seem like a fool!

"I am tired. I will go back to rest. All of you can continue to play." Wang Yang was very upset. He was worried that he would not be able to control his temper. He stood up with a sullen face and went straight out.

"Yang Yang, wait for me. Let's go together." She came in Yang Yang's family car. If Yang Yang left without her, did it mean that she would have to walk back home?

"It's getting late. Zhu Baoguo, I will send you back to the quad. Let's go together." After Wang Yang, the god of plague left, Zhai Sheng stood up, getting to leave as well.

The smile vanished from Zhu Baoguo's face. He had no intention of leaving and wanted to stay a little longer.

Zhu Baoguo did not respond to Zhai Sheng's words, but Qiao Nan had already packed his things for him. "That's right. You should go back as well. Besides, judging from how it is today, Wang Yang has not given up on dealing with you. He wants to make sure that your performance will lag behind. He wants to disrupt our revision plans so that we do not have time to study. In addition to studying at my house, you must make use of the time at the Zhu family's residence to study. There's no way that he can keep a watch on you all the time. You must not skive during this winter break and don't be affected by Wang Yang either. You must make sure to do your revision on the knowledge that the teachers have taught us. Do you understand?"

Wang Yang was so shameless that he had resorted to roguish behavior of pestering Zhu Baoguo.

"But…" If that was the case, did it mean that he could not come looking for Xiao Qiao to revise and practice the sums during the winter break?



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