"Alright, let's go." Zhai Sheng stood up, his pants straight without any creases as if it had just been washed and ironed.

Although Zhai Sheng said it coolly, one could not help but do according to what he said.

Zhu Baoguo grounded his teeth. Wang Yang and Qiao Zijin had spoilt his day and taken up all his time. He would have plenty of chances to deal with Wang Yang. As for Qiao Nan, he would make her suffer the moment he got hold of any chink in her armor!

"Xiao Qiao, then I will go back first. Uncle Qiao is not back yet. Will you be fine at home alone?"

"I'm not a three-year-old child. You should worry about yourself. Without me around, do not be affected by what Wang Yang said and acts like a halfwit. You are older than Wang Yang, so you should be wiser than him. You must not fall for his tricks. Isn't that shameful? You must not be all brawns and no brains. You must have your wits about you!"

Qiao Nan could not hide her exasperation. She and Brother Zhai were around to help him today.

If they had not been around, Zhu Baoguo would not have been able to have a sure win against Wang Yang. She had no idea how Wang Yang grew up to be so scheming, whereas Zhu Baoguo was so naive and simple-minded.

"Xiao Qiao, you must not look down on me. Wait till you see. Previously, I didn't know that he would be so vicious. After all, he is my relative and his mother is my auntie. Hence, I was not wary of him. But now that I am on my guard, he will not have the chance to plot against me. I will not believe in whatever he says! I have already said that in the Zhu family, it's either me or him. I will not tolerate him. I can definitely think of a way to make sure that Wang family will not be able to take advantage of the Zhu family. If they think that I am a pushover and dare to deal with me, I will make sure that they suffer!" Zhu Baoguo said indignantly.

In fact, back then, when Qiao Nan advised him to be careful, Zhu Baoguo had already planned to deal with the Wang family.

Wang Yang might be scheming, but he was just a kid. If nobody had taught him to do so, he believed Wang Yang could not have done so many bad things. To put it bluntly, the adults in the Wang family must have played a part.

Wang Yang was the pupil that surpassed the master. He was more ruthless than the elders in the Wang family.

He was reminded of the incident two years ago when he was almost killed by a group of hooligans. Zhu Baoguo, who used to be bubbly, had a grim look on his face.

"Well, don't just worry about me. Qiao Zijin is much more stupid than Wang Yang, but she is cunning and much more difficult to deal with than Wang Yang. Now that these two people are in cahoots, it will mean more trouble for both of us." At the mention of the two of them, Zhu Baoguo was even more annoyed.

"It's good that you know. Now that they are in cahoots, all the more we must buck up. When we enter a good college, we will be able to leave this place and be rid of them."

"Well said! We must study hard and work hard for the college entrance examination so that we can leave this disgusting place!" He really wanted to be rid of Wang Yang, but Wang Yang kept pestering him. It was plain annoying for Zhu Baoguo.

"When you're done, let's go." Zhai Sheng was very gracious. He waited till they had given each other their encouragements before grabbing Zhu Baoguo and walking out with him.

"Zhai Sheng, let me go. Don't think that just because Xiao Qiao calls you big brother, you've really become the big brother. You are only two years older than me. I won't acknowledge you as my big brother." Zhu Baoguo pulled a long face as soon as he left the small quad. He looked at Zhai Sheng, feeling displeased.

Zhai Sheng was the person that Zhu Baoguo could not stand the most in the quad. When he was a child, every time he did something to disappoint his family, Elder Zhu would bring up Zhai Sheng, saying that if he had a grandson like Zhai Sheng, then he would not have to worry about the future of the Zhu family.

It was not only Elder Zhu. At times, Zhu Chengqi would compare Zhu Baoguo to Zhai Sheng as well.

As a result, Zhu Baoguo could not stand the sight of Zhai Sheng since childhood. Zhai Sheng knew that Wang Yang had been the person behind Zhu Baoguo's bad reputation. Zhai Sheng never liked such a foolish and troublesome Zhu Baoguo. He was like a young lady who needed pacifying.

The two people who found each other to be a nuisance had come face to face with each other. The atmosphere was not pleasant at all.

"You will be mocking me if you call me your brother." Although Zhai Sheng appeared to be calm and composed, his words almost made Zhu Baoguo explode in anger.

"What do you mean?!" Was Zhai Sheng laughing at him that though he was older than Wang Yang, yet he was always plotted against and tricked by him?

"Your family chauffeur is here. I will go first." Seeing that the Zhu family's car had arrived, Zhai Sheng opened the door to his car and got onto the driver seat. He did not really mean to drive Zhu Baoguo home when he brought him out.

"Crap!" Zhu Baoguo turned green in anger as Zhai Sheng drove off in his car. He had the feeling that he was being used by Zhai Sheng, and now that he was of no use, he was being dismissed. Why did Zhai Sheng insist that he went home? What did he mean by that?

This was too strange.

"Baoguo, why did you wait outside? Are we going home now?" The Zhu family chauffeur was shocked when he saw that Zhu Baoguo had been waiting at the doorway of the small quad. He was worried that he had arrived late. "Baoguo, you could have waited inside. It's cold outside, and the snow has not melted yet. It may snow again today. Next time, you should wait in the house."

"It's not cold at all. My dad made me swim in the winter. Alright, I am hungry. Let's go home and eat."

Zhu Baoguo was too embarrassed to bring up Zhai Sheng to his chauffeur. He could only admit that he was unlucky. He got on the car and returned to the Zhu family's residence.

After how Wang Yang was humiliated today, Zhu Baoguo finally had a few peaceful days. Zhu Baoguo's life had gotten better, but Qiao Nan was not that lucky. It was almost the Lunar New Year, yet trouble kept coming her way.

"Nan Nan, there is something that I want to discuss with you." Qiao Dongliang looked as if he was in a difficult situation. He did not know how to approach the matter.

"Is it regarding money?" Qiao Nan's heart jumped a beat. Could it be that her father could not help it and told her mother about the money in her account, and her mother wanted to use the money on Qiao Zijin?

"No, it has nothing to do with money." Qiao Dongliang waved his hand again and again. He had repeatedly advised Nan Nan not to let anyone know about the money, so how could he possibly tell Ding Jiayi about it? Once Ding Jiayi knew that Nan Nan had the ability to make money and that she had a lot of money with her, it would be big trouble.

"Then, what is it?"



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