Apart from money, what was it that put her father in such a difficult position?

"Your mom said that we are one family, and there must be a family reunion during the Lunar New Year. During the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, our family did not have the opportunity to have a meal together. Nan Nan, what do you think?" Though Qiao Dongliang was in a difficult position, he wanted to have this reunion dinner as well.

He had not divorced Ding Jiayi. That said, she was his wife and Qiao Zijin was his daughter. Even if they were divorced, it was not too much to ask that the family came together once a year to have a meal.

"Dad, so you actually have the same thoughts as well?" Qiao Nan twitched the corners of her lips and asked, "Since Dad thinks that way as well, I have no opinion. Do we go to the quad or have it here?"

"We will go to the Qiao family's residence at the quad." This house was lent to them by Ping Cheng High School. Given what Ding Jiayi had done previously, no matter how thick-skinned or desperate he wanted to have the reunion dinner, Qiao Dongliang would not have the reunion dinner in this 'home'.

"Fine, it's settled." Qiao Nan nodded and agreed.

"Nan Nan, will you be unhappy?" Qiao Dongliang was shocked that Qiao Nan agreed readily to his suggestion. He thought that Nan Nan would be unhappy and would refuse to have the reunion dinner.

He had thought of different ways to persuade Nan Nan, but they did not come in handy.

Sure enough, Nan Nan was the most sensible and most obedient child at home. He did not need to worry about her.

Qiao Nan turned around and said nonchalantly, "There's nothing to be unhappy about." It was merely a meal.

"I'm glad that you are not unhappy. This year, during the Lunar New Year, we will have a sumptuous meal. Nan Nan, you can rest assured that with me around, your mom will not—" Qiao Dongliang had a happy smile on his face.

"Dad, I know." Qiao Nan interrupted his words. Did her father mean that her mother would not create trouble again? Her mother would not be able to stay still for long. Otherwise, she would not have stirred up so much trouble at her school that she almost could not continue with her studies in Ping Cheng High School.

Without Brother Zhai's help, she would have been transferred to another school all because of her mother.

"It's good that you know." As a traditional Chinese, Qiao Dongliang was glad that like any other year, he would be able to have a happy family reunion this year as well. He did not notice that although Qiao Nan said that she was not unhappy, she did not say that she was happy either.

The days building up to the Lunar New Year passed by in a blink. Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi were kept busy and in no time, it was the day before the Lunar New Year's Eve.

"Old Qiao, it's already so late today. Why don't you just stay here?" After being together for a few days, Qiao Dongliang's attitude toward Ding Jiayi was much better, and Ding Jiayi was more affectionate to Qiao Dongliang.

When she thought of the cold bed at night, and that there was nobody beside her, an agitated Ding Jiayi reached out to grasp Qiao Dongliang, refusing to let go. "Old Qiao…"

Qiao Dongliang also had the same intentions, but in the end, he let go of her hand. "No, Nan Nan is alone at home. I worry about her."

"Nan Nan is not a child anymore. After the Lunar New Year, she will be an adult. She can take care of herself. You can feel free to stay behind. At least, you should stay here for another two hours. Zijin has already gone to bed anyway." No matter what, making Qiao Dongliang stay behind was the most important. As for whether she would let him go two hours later, that would be a different matter.

"No!" Qiao Dongliang pulled a long face. "Ding Jiayi, if it is you, will you let Zijin stay alone in the house? Ding Jiayi, you are reverting to your old ways again. If you continue to be like this, I will have to reconsider the family reunion dinner this year."

"What have I done? I have been behaving myself for the past six months. Haven't I done enough?" Ding Jiayi felt that she was wronged.

If not for the fact Old Qiao had been losing his temper, she would have liked to ask Old Qiao why he moved to a new place again without leaving any message, causing her to be so distressed.

"You should know whether you have done enough or not. If it is not for the sake of Zijin, I will not come back with Nan Nan this Lunar New Year. Ding Jiayi, I am so disappointed in you." Their relationship had just gotten better, but it turned sour again because of what Ding Jiayi said.

Qiao Dongliang's expression turned cold. He shrugged Ding Jiayi's hand away and walked off without any hint of hesitation.

"Did you quarrel with Dad again?" Qiao Zijin, who had woken up and was thirsty, poured herself some water. At the sound of people quarreling, she yawned and walked over.

"It's all because of Qiao Nan, that wretched girl, who smeared my reputation in front of your dad. If she hasn't spun tales, your dad will not treat me in this way. I really don't know what I did wrong in my previous life that I have to pay my debts in this life." Ding Jiayi stomped her feet in frustration. She could feel that Old Qiao treated her very well recently. She had thought she could make Old Qiao stay today.

"From what I heard from Dad's tone, something is not quite right. Mom, let me ask you again. Did you give Qiao Nan any trouble this semester?" After Qiao Zijin took a sip of water, her throat was not as dry and uncomfortable.

"No, no, no! How would I dare to do anything given your dad's attitude? Your dad has already moved out with Qiao Nan. If I create any more trouble, I am afraid he will divorce me for the sake of that wretched girl. I will not be so stupid and sacrifice my marriage with your dad in order to deal with that wretched girl."

She did not want this daughter, but it did not mean that she did not want her husband.

On the contrary, she wanted her husband back with her and grew old with him.

For the sake of Old Qiao, she would tolerate living with Qiao Nan.

Qiao Zijin wrinkled her eyebrows. She would always get the same answer whenever she asked her mother. She might have to find a chance to ask Qiao Nan or her father to find out the truth.

"Alright, now that Dad has left, you should sleep as well. If you really want Dad to stay, there is a perfect opportunity on the Lunar New Year's Eve. By then, Dad can't use Qiao Nan as an excuse again. But Mom, you must rein in your temper. Don't spoil the ship for a halfpenny-worth of tar. Even though you don't like Nan Nan, you must endure it lest you anger Dad. Qiao Nan has a nasty temper. If you do anything wrong, she will not be able to control her temper, and she will pull a long face and leave. Whether you can make Dad stay for the night is totally up to you."

Even if she wanted to make life difficult for Qiao Nan, she had to know her limits and judge the situation as well, lest she ruined her plans to keep Qiao Dongliang for the night.



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