Maybe in a year, or half a year, or even a month, Brother Zhai might meet a person he really liked, and he would realize that his affection for her was that of the care and concern for one's relatives and younger sister.

Brother Zhai had helped her so much. If he could find his happiness, she would be more than willing to let go. She hoped that Brother Zhai could be with someone he really liked.

However, she was human as well. She also had feelings and would be hurt. She could let him go, but she was not sure whether she would be happy when the time came.

Zhai Sheng had the same expression as Qiao Nan. Both of them were frowning, deep in thought. "Nan Nan, you seem to distrust me very much, and you don't believe what I said. Did you say we are not suitable because you already have someone you like, and that person isn't me? Nan Nan, one must be honest and fulfill their promises. You wrote in the letter that you will not start a relationship while you are still studying. Nan Nan, I am so disappointed in you."

Qiao Nan hugged her stomach, feeling a slight pain inside. "Brother Zhai, are you joking with me, or are you serious? You told me not to fall in love, not to start a relationship while I am still young, but you confessed your feelings to me and talked about marriage. If I agree, isn't that breaking my promise to you? Isn't that starting a relationship while I am still young?"

"Firstly, I was talking about relationships with other people. Secondly, I did not ask that you start a relationship with me. I wanted to be engaged to you."

Qiao Nan was rendered speechless by what Zhai Sheng said.

"Well, we have settled the previous two problems. What else do you find not suitable?"

"Yes!" Qiao Nan rubbed her stomach. "Your mom doesn't like me! Brother Zhai, you should know my relationship with your mother. We do not click, and we are just like enemies. I want to find a mother-in-law who can treat me like her biological daughter. Brother Zhai, you may not know. Auntie Miao doesn't like me. In fact, she dislikes me very much. I am not saying that she is biased. Indeed, the Zhai family is too outstanding. It is beyond my reach. I have never thought of becoming Cinderella. I am afraid that I will end up in the worst state. Brother Zhai, we are too far apart in terms of social status."

"Nan Nan, as a young woman and as a student, how can your thinking be so backward and feudal? Everyone is equal. The party and the chairman have said working class is the most glorious. Twenty years ago, the peasants had a high status in society. As a person living in modern society, how could you differentiate people based on their social class? Nan Nan, your way of thinking is too backward. You must be with me so that I can make a positive influence on you."

Qiao Nan was lost for words. She had a bitter smile on her face. "Brother Zhai, are you debating with me? You should know I didn't mean it that way."

She did not differentiate people based on their social class. It was this world and the society that discriminated people based on their social class.

It was a fact that Auntie Miao disliked her. Last time, when she saw that Auntie Miao's shoes were broken, she wanted to buy a new pair for her. However, Auntie Miao thought she was after her money instead.

If not for the fact that Auntie Miao was Brother Zhai's mother, when she encountered such an incident, she would not be so silly as to be humiliated by others.

"What does that mean? No matter what, you can tell me if you face any problem. We will solve it together." No matter how difficult the problems were, he could resolve them. He believed that he could win over the heart of his wife-to-be.

"I… I…" Qiao Nan placed her hands on her stomach, feeling dizzy. She had not finished her sentence but fainted right into the arms of Zhai Sheng.

"Nan Nan?" Without a word, Zhai Sheng put his arms around Qiao Nan's waist and lifted her into his arms, wanting to rush to the hospital at the fastest speed. But when his hand accidentally touched her bottom, he could feel something sticky. He lowered to check and smiled. It came at the wrong timing.

When Qiao Nan woke up, she could feel that she was lying in a warm bed, her stomach feeling warm and comfortable. But amidst all this, Qiao Nan sensed the persistent pain in her lower abdomen and the uncomfortable wetness in her lower body. She blushed red in embarrassment.

Her menses had come!

Wait! She remembered that she was in a discussion with Brother Zhai about how they were not suitable for each other. Why was she on the bed now?

"You have woken up. Drink a cup of hot sugar water." Zhai Hua sat by the bed and helped Qiao Nan up.

Qiao Nan looked at Zhai Hua in confusion. "Sister Zhai Hua, how come you are here?" Was it already the morning of the Lunar New Year?

"It's two o'clock in the morning."Zhai Hua rolled her eyes and yawned loudly. She had never been awake at this time except when she was in the army performing missions. "If it was not me, then do you expect that Zhai Sheng would help you change and take care of you?"

Zhai Hua was angry at the thought that she was woken up in the middle of the night by a sweaty Zhai Sheng. He stood in the dark, dragging her out of her bed and insisted that she helped him.

What was the use of having a younger brother? He only knew to anger her and did not know to take care of her. She was a woman as well!

It was too much!

"It is already two o'clock?" Qiao Nan sat up suddenly and felt that there was a gush in her lower body, making her buried her face in the blanket in frustration.

She felt so embarrassed. Brother Zhai was with her when she had her first menses. This time around, it was Brother Zhai who discovered it as well.

Given how embarrassed she was in front of Brother Zhai, how could she possibly marry Brother Zhai? She did not have the cheek to face him.

"What's wrong? Is it still painful? Dysmenorrhea is an illness. It must be cured. As a woman, you must pay more attention to your health. Dawn is breaking. I will bring you to a veteran practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. He is a good Chinese physician. Whenever my mom and I have any problems, we will look for him." Qiao Nan had to take care of herself. She would have to depend on Qiao Nan to give her nephews and nieces.

"No need. In fact, I don't have dysmenorrhea. Today is an exception." Qiao Nan shifted her bottom. "Sister Zhai Hua, I have to go to the toilet." If she did not go to the toilet, she might soil the sheets.

"This is no exception. You fainted from the pain. You should have seen Zhai Sheng's dark and somber expression when he came looking for me. Moreover, it was in the middle of the night. He gave me a big fright!" What surprised Zhai Hua the most was that Zhai Sheng, who was usually calm and composed, would behave in such a silly manner.



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