Qiao Nan gritted her teeth and wiped her body with the hot water. After a while, she came out of the toilet feeling refreshed.

She was dumbfounded when she came out and realized that the bed sheets and the blanket on the bed had been changed!!

Her father was still at the quad. In this house, there was nobody around except for her and Brother Zhai. So, the person who helped her change the bed sheets and the blanket must be Brother Zhai. The reason why he changed them must be that he knew that she…

Qiao Nan covered her face. She looked up, not knowing what to say.

She seemed to feel a faint ache in her stomach again. She felt that her menses flow was so heavy that she might need to rush to the toilet again.

She dressed at the fastest speed and dashed out. "Brother Zhai, you…"

Qiao Nan wanted to ask Zhai Sheng where the soiled blanket and bed sheets were and tell him to leave them by the side.

However, she was stopped in mid-sentence by the sight of Zhai Sheng wringing the water out of the clean bed sheets…

"B-Brother Zhai, y-you have washed them?" Washed…

"Yes." Zhai Sheng flung the bed sheets and the blanket after wringing out the water. "Now that the sun is out, I will bring them out to dry. It will not freeze. It's cold outside. You should stay in the house. I will bring out the bed sheets and the blanket to dry. If you are hungry, you can have the food first. They are piping hot."

Qiao Nan was in a daze. She watched Zhai Sheng as he hung them out to dry. She came out of her daze and asked, "Y-yesterday…"

Qiao Nan was like a cat on a hot tin roof. She started to search frantically around the house.

Brother Zhai had washed the dirty bed sheets and the blanket. But what about the under** and pants that she had dirtied?

If they were washed by Zhai Hua, even though Qiao Nan would be embarrassed as well, Zhai Hua was a woman, after all. Qiao Nan would feel better if that was the case. However, Qiao Nan had a terrible thought in her mind. She was particularly obsessed about finding out where yesterday's soiled pieces of clothing were.

She prayed silently in her heart. She would rather see her dirty clothes being thrown into the basin by Zhai Hua. She did not wish to find them being washed and put out to dry.

Unfortunately, whatever that she was dreading came true.

Qiao Nan saw that the under** and pants that she wore yesterday was drying in the big toilet. Without a word, Qiao Nan banged her head against the wall.

Why did her menses have to come in the middle of the night and be seen by Brother Zhai?

Though it was embarrassing for her if her soiled clothes were washed by Sister Zhai Hua, it was still bearable.

Qiao Nan was so embarrassed at that possibility that it might be Brother Zhai who washed them.

"Nan Nan, come and eat your breakfast. After the meal, I will bring you to see the Chinese physician." Zhai Sheng's clear voice resounded in the quiet house. His voice was particularly clear such that Qiao Nan could hear his pronunciation and feel his breathing.

Qiao Nan hung her head as she had her breakfast. After the meal, she said in a sullen voice, "Brother Zhai, I am fine. There is no problem with me and I don't need to go to the hospital. I swear that this is really my first time." This is the first time that she fainted from the pain.

"No." After Zhai Sheng had his food, he cleaned up the dishes and said, "Let's go."

Did Brother Zhai really intend to take her to see the doctor for that reason? Was she the only one who was embarrassed and felt that it was inappropriate?

"Doctor Zhong, how is Nan Nan?" Sitting in a medical hall that smelled of Chinese herbal medicine, Zhai Sheng asked with a look of concern on his face.

"Her constitution is very good. There is no problem with her. However, she has to continue to maintain her good habits. She should not have cold stuff, especially when she has her menses. It will be good to take a hot bath." Doctor Zhong told Zhai Sheng what to take note of in daily life. "That's about it. Don't have Popsicles and ice-cream. They will result in a cold uterus. She does not have this problem, though."

The doctor was very serious in telling them what to take note of while Zhai Sheng paid full attention to the doctor. Qiao Nan opened her mouth and wanted to interrupt them, telling the doctor that she was the one who was here to see the doctor. He could tell her these privately!

"Does she need to take any medicine as a supplement? She has a heavy flow. Will it affect her health? If there is no problem, why did she faint?" Zhai Sheng was worried about Nan Nan as he knew that monthly menses would be a strain to one's body. Moreover, Nan Nan seemed to have a heavy flow.

There was only so much blood in one person, and Nan Nan had such a heavy flow. Would she be anemic? Did she need to have some supplements?

Qiao Nan felt as if the world had collapsed around her. How could Zhai Sheng be having such a serious discussion with the doctor regarding her condition and her heavy flow?

Could Brother Zhai not adopt such a serious attitude as if he was discussing national affairs when in actual fact the topic that he was discussing with the doctor was her menses?

As Qiao Nan became agitated, she could feel that she needed to rush to the toilet again.

"I have taken her pulse. The young lady used to suffer from malnutrition. However, she is still young and we can give her more nourishment. But because of this, she is not as strong and is slightly feeble. The reason why she fainted must be that she was agitated. As for her flow, it has to do with her mood swings as well."

That was right. She was agitated!

Qiao Nan shouted in her mind.

"All medicine has toxicity to some degree. It will be better for her to take tonics instead. I will give you a few recipes for the tonics. You can prepare them for her." Doctor Zhong pushed his glasses and wrote three pages worth of recipes. Qiao Nan could not help but be dumbfounded.

Today was the first day of the Lunar New Year. Did the doctor not need to spend time with his family? His recipes could rival the thousand-word essay that she wrote.

"That's about it." Doctor Zhong kept his pen and gave the written recipe to Zhai Sheng. Qiao Nan, who reached out her arm to get the recipe, had her hand suspended in the air.

Qiao Nan did not understand. She was the party concerned and the recipe was obviously for her, so why did Doctor Zhong discuss with Brother Zhai and hand the recipe to him? It was as if he was her guardian.

"Thank you, Doctor Zhong."

"You're welcome. This is my duty as a doctor." Doctor Zhong smiled bitterly. "But Zhai Sheng, I have a suggestion for you."



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