"If you really want to thank me, don't come to me on the first day of the Lunar New Year next time. Can you give me a day off?"

"Sure." It was not every time that Nan Nan would have her menses and faint on the first day of the Lunar New Year. The probability of that falling on the first day of the Lunar New Year was very low.

Doctor Zhong was relieved that Zhai Sheng agreed readily.

In the future, there would be a day when Doctor Zhong, who was a rare romantic, had arranged a whole day of activities to spend a happy golden wedding anniversary with his wife, but had to check on Qiao Nan because the latter fainted. It was then that Doctor Zhong lamented that Zhai Sheng found fault with the choice of his words!

"Brother Zhai, thank you very much for what you did for me today and yesterday." Qiao Nan took a few deep breaths. She sat in Zhai Sheng's car, feeling a mixture of unease and genuine sincerity. In her two lifetimes, ever since a young age, or, rather, ever since she could remember, nobody had ever cleaned her clothes for her before.

Even on the day when she was reborn and was ill and had gone to the hospital for the drip, she still had to wash two to three days' worth of clothes after she recovered.

Most of the time, she was the one who washed the clothes for the whole family. However, when she was sick, nobody helped her wash the clothes. She could not count on her mother or her sister to wash them, let alone her father. But all of a sudden, a man would wash her soiled clothes for her. Qiao Nan was touched by his gestures, feeling warm inside. It was even warmer than the hot water bag that Zhai Sheng prepared for her to place it on her tummy last night.

Zhai Sheng had done everything that her closest kin had never done for her.

Thinking of what Zhai Sheng said to her last night, and how he treated her, Qiao Nan was touched by his proposition and started to waver.

"Nan Nan, I don't want to force you. But please seriously consider what I said last night. I will be responsible for my words and actions. As long as you are certain about us, then that is enough. As for others, it is not a problem. You are the only one who will pose a problem for us." Though Zhai Sheng did not sleep a wink yesterday, he sat in the driver's seat, looking very clear-minded and energized. One could not tell that he had stayed up all through the night.

"Well, I will think about it again!" Qiao Nan clenched her fists, mustered her courage, and said what her heart told her to. "At least, I want to give it a try."

"Very good. Since you have already promised, then you must always remember that you are a military wife. You must be determined and firm. And as a soldier, I will be totally loyal to you. This is my promise to you!"

"Wait…" She only said that she would give it a try. She did not say that she wanted to get married. How could she become a military wife all of a sudden? That was too big of a jump!

"What's the matter? Are you not serious about me?" Zhai Sheng arched his eyebrows.

"Of course I am serious!"

"Since you are serious, and you promised to get along with me, then we should have marriage in mind. Isn't that so?"

"This…" Since she agreed to go out with Brother Zhai, she certainly did not intend to break up with him.

"Chairman Mao said that entering a relationship without the intention to marry is equivalent to acting like a hooligan. Nan Nan, are you trying to do that to me?"

"Absolutely not!"

"Then, that will do." It was set in stone. Zhai Sheng stopped the car at the door of the small quad and helped Qiao Nan out of the car. "I have to make a trip back home. You have a good rest at home. When I am done with my errands, I will come back to check on you."

"No need!" Qiao Nan said in a hurry. "My dad will be back soon. Even if both of us are very serious and responsible, I am still young nevertheless. Brother Zhai, can we keep this from the others for the time being? I am still in high school. My dad doesn't want me to be distracted."

Zhai Sheng seemed to rush at things. Qiao Nan was taken aback by what he said.

She clearly said that they would take the time to understand each other and spend time with each other. But according to Brother Zhai, it seemed as if everything was cast in stone.

Was it because she did not have much experience in relationship and thus she did not know that everyone in this era who was in a relationship at a young age would be like Brother Zhai who was quick and resolute?

"Do you want to keep it from everyone or do you want to let others know at a later time?" Was he that unpresentable?

"I want to let them know at a later time!" Qiao Nan took a deep breath. "Brother Zhai, you have said that you are considering marriage and I have also said that I hope to get your parents' approval. I am still too young to get married. It is better not to tell anyone about us. I want to get the approval of your parents. I can't change my family, but I can change myself. You may not mind, but the opinion of others will have an impact on us. I want to improve myself so that I can be an excellent match for you. Till then, can we keep it from others first?"

Moreover, she only promised to go out with Brother Zhai.

Was having a relationship at a young age a glorious thing? Was it worthy of telling everyone about it? She felt that it was inappropriate to do that.

Zhai Sheng looked at Qiao Nan seriously. After he was sure that Qiao Nan only wanted to keep it from others for now and was not trying to brush him off, he nodded after a long while. "I respect your decision."

"Thank you, Brother Zhai." Qiao Nan sighed in relief. "Brother Zhai, I will go back to rest. You… You must know your limits. Even though Sister Zhai Hua will cover up for you, the people in the Zhai family will not be easily fooled."

Qiao Nan was sure that Zhai Hua knew of Zhai Sheng's intention toward her.

It was no wonder that when her mother framed her last time, Sister Zhai Hua helped her and admitted that the key was given by her. It was not that Sister Zhai Hua was good to her. She did that on account of Brother Zhai.

That said, Brother Zhai seemed to have harbored feelings for her since a long time ago. Why was it that she had no inkling at all?

"I know what to do." Zhai Sheng touched Qiao Nan lightly on the head. He watched her as she went back into the house and closed the door. Only then did he drive the car back home. By then, everyone in the Zhai family had gotten up. Zhai Hua was the last one to wake up. Miao Jing had to drag her out of her bed. Zhai Hua's hair was as messy as a bird's nest and she still had a sleepy look on her face. She was sitting by the table, eating glutinous rice balls.

Zhai Yaohui put down the newspaper and was displeased at Zhai Sheng. "Today's the Lunar New Year. Where have you been driving to so early in the morning? I have not heard of any missions assigned to you by the army. It is rare that all of us can celebrate a family reunion together. Zhai Sheng, you have to put aside whatever it is in your hands."

Actually, Zhai Yaohui intended to talk to Zhai Sheng about Qiu Chenxi this morning.

Old Master Zhai preferred the environment in the countryside and would go back sooner or later. When he left, Zhai Yaohui wanted to discuss the marriage of Zhai Sheng and Qiu Chenxi. At the very least, he wanted them to be engaged first.



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