What was done could not be undone. By then, for the sake of Zhai Sheng's happiness and future, he believed that his father would not create a fuss or make things difficult for the two families.

Zhai Yaohui had planned to talk to Zhai Sheng, but Zhai Sheng was not at home, so there was nobody for him to discuss with.

"Who are you lecturing?" Old Master Zhai was unhappy and jumped to his grandson's defense. "Think about when you were young and your mother was still around. How many times did you accompany your mom and me during the Lunar New Year and have glutinous rice balls together on the first day of the Lunar New Year?"

Old Master Zhai was an old revolutionary. He would not ask his children to devote all their time to him.

In fact, when he knew that Zhai Yaohui could not return home as he had to serve the country, it was these special moments that made him especially proud of his son. On the other hand, his wife would always nag at him.

Therefore, Old Master Zhai could not stand it when Zhai Yaohui reprimanded Zhai Sheng for not staying at home.

"Dad…" Everyone would always obey Zhai Yaohui's orders when he was in the army. However, he could do nothing about his father. Zhai Yaohui was teaching his son the right way. His father could not always side with Zhai Sheng. "Dad, Zhai Sheng is no longer young. Don't you hope that he will marry early so that you will have great-grandchildren to play with?"

His father would definitely soften his attitude at the mention of babies.

"What! Are you cursing me?" Old Master Zhai was furious. "Your mom left us at an early age. I promised her that I will live to a hundred years so that I can take a look at the children of Hua Hua and Zhai Sheng. I am strong and healthy. At the very least, I can live for another ten years. I don't believe that Zhai Sheng will not be married and I will not get to see my great-grandchildren by then. I don't favor boys over girls. As long as they are Zhai Sheng's children, I won't mind if they are boys or girls. Having a great-grandchild may be important, but the daughter of the Qiu family will never do!"

"Why?" Qiu Chenxi was two years younger than Zhai Sheng, and they both played together in the quad since childhood. Zhai Sheng did not have the chance to get to know more friends. The only people that he was in contact with were from the army. There was no chance that he would get to know other girls.

Compared with marrying a stranger, like what people did in ancient times, they at least knew Qiu Chenxi.

If Qiu Chenxi was unsuitable, he had doubts whether he would ever be a grandpa in his life.

"Because my grandson doesn't like her!" Old Master Zhai said angrily. "Nobody is more important than my grandson. Since my grandson doesn't like her, it will not do. Besides, I don't think that the daughter from the Qiu family has a good personality. She doesn't deserve my grandson, so I don't agree to this match. Zhai Sheng, you have to work hard. You have to do me proud and find a good girl for yourself. I will stand on your side. As for you, you are not good at choosing, yet you want to teach Zhai Sheng the wrong ways. If you were to choose back then…"

To Old Master Zhai, his son was outstanding in all aspects except that he could not tell which woman was good to him and which was not.

Miao Miao was such a good daughter-in-law, yet Yaohui kept thinking about the daughter-in-law of the Qiu family. He was so shameless!

If Qiu Chenxi was not that woman's daughter, he did not believe that Yaohui would be so enthusiastic about bringing Qiu Chenxi and Zhai Sheng together.

"Grandpa, rest assured. Zhai Sheng is very smart. He knows what kind of wife he wants." Zhai Hua, who knew what was going on, finished the last bite of the glutinous rice balls and joined in the conversation. In fact, Zhai Sheng did not need to search anymore. He already had one in mind.

"Zhai Sheng, tell me. Is there someone you like?" Old Master Zhai's eyes sparkled as soon as he heard that Zhai Sheng had been making progress.

If his grandson had found a girl that he liked, then they should hold the wedding as soon as possible. By next year, he would be able to play with his great-grandchild. If he was lucky, he might be able to watch as his great-grandchildren grow up and go to school!

"Grandpa, there's no hurry. I will definitely bring you along." Zhai Sheng did not change the topic. Instead, he told Old Master Zhai very seriously that he would bring his grandpa to take a look eventually.

"When will it be…" Zhai Yaohui had thought that Zhai Sheng was talking about the future. He did not realize that his son meant that he already had a girl that he liked. "Zhai Sheng, your grandpa may dote on you, but you must not lie to him."

"Zhai Sheng is willing to cajole me, and I am willing to be coaxed by him." Old Master Zhai jumped to Zhai Sheng's defenses.

"Dad…" Zhai Yaohui had nothing to say.

Old Master Zhai snorted. "It's useless. No matter what, I have the final say. Nobody can force my grandson. And don't use what happened back then to rebut me. If you are half as good as Zhai Sheng in judging people, your mom and I would not have to worry for you back then. If you were not my son, do you think you could marry Miao Miao?"

Miao Miao was a virtuous wife. If Zhai Yaohui was not his own son, he would not have agreed to let such a good girl like Miao Miao to be married to him.

In fact, Old Master Zhai was the one who brought Zhai Yaohui and Miao Miao together.

When Old Master Zhai was lecturing Zhai Yaohui, the rest of the family kept silent. Miao Jing, who was brought up several times in the conversation, dared not interrupt either.

As a daughter-in-law, Miao Jing should feel happy that her father-in-law was on her side.

But whenever Old Master Zhai sided with her, although Miao Jing was moved that he defended her, she felt disheartened at Zhai Yaohui's attitude as well. After so many years, even if his heart was made of stone, he should have been touched by her actions.

Unfortunately, he kept thinking of that woman.

Zhai Yaohui failed to discuss the engagement between Qiu Chenxi and Zhai Sheng. Instead, he was lectured by Old Master Zhai. In the end, Zhai Yaohui could only continue reading his newspapers.

"Zhai Sheng, have some glutinous rice balls. Your mom made it herself. There is minced meat inside." After giving his son a lecture, Old Master Zhai pulled Zhai Sheng to his side and gave him a bowl of glutinous rice balls.

Zhai Sheng, who was tall and well-built, looked very humble in front of his grandpa who was slightly hunched. The two of them got along very well.

Zhai Hua gave Zhai Sheng a thumbs-up. Luckily, he asked his grandpa to come back in time. Otherwise, her father and mother might decide to take actions first before reporting. They might have agreed on the marriage between Zhai Sheng and Qiu Chenxi even before their grandpa visited them.

Zhai Hua did not really care who her sister-in-law would be.

Qiao Nan was good, but Qiu Chenxi was not too far off as well. Most importantly, Qiu Chenxi's family was worthy of her brother.

However, in their house, it was not good enough to come from a good background. What mattered most was whether Zhai Sheng liked the girl or not.

Zhai Sheng ate the glutinous rice balls made by his mother. There was a sparkle of light in his eyes.



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