Regarding the matter between Qiu Chenxi and him, if he could settle the internal conflict in his family and put forth a unanimous stand to outsiders, the Qiu family would not be able to create any waves on this.

"Zhai Hua, come with me to the bedroom. I have something to ask you." After the family finished the sweet dumpling soup in the morning, Miao Jing let the housekeeper clean up the table as she pulled Zhai Hua into the bedroom. "I've something to ask you. You have to answer me honestly."

Zhai Hua felt uneasy as she distanced herself away from her biological mother. "Mom, tell me directly what you have in mind."

"Does Zhai Sheng have a lady that he likes? Zhai Sheng is always in the army and doesn't have much opportunity to interact with girls. Don't tell me it's a female soldier in the army? Do you know who she is?"

Zhai Yaohui did not realize anything. Nevertheless, as a mother, how could Miao Jing not be able to tell from the tone of her son?

In the past, when they brought up the matter regarding Qiu Chenxi and him, he was expressionless, not to mention having any reaction. It was as if he were not the person who would be marrying Qiu Chenxi. However, he reacted today!

If something was not happening to the son, would Miao Jing, as a mother, believe it?

"How's her family situation? If everything is good, why is the family willing to send the daughter to the army to suffer? Is it because her family situation is not too good?" If that was truly the case, she really had to think of a way.

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Zhai Hua pulled a long face. "I'm a female soldier too. Is the situation in my family not good enough? Moreover, as long as Zhai Sheng likes her, does the girl's family situation matter? When you said this, didn't you feel like you were slapping yourself, Mom?"

Zhai Hua did not understand. Her mother's family background was not good too. She had a lot of poor family members and unfortunately, they were a problematic lot.

When her mother despised others, why didn't she think of herself first?

Sometimes, Zhai Hua could not help thinking that her parent's relationship had always been so-so. Her mother was anxious about her father, but her father never seemed to care about her mother. Was it because of this temper of her mother?

Anyway, Zhai Hua expressed that her mother was good in everything except in this aspect of her character which she could not accept.

"You don't understand." Miao Jing's expression changed. She clearly understood what Zhai Hua was implying. "You have to remember that I'm doing this for the sake of Zhai Sheng and you. You're still too young and don't know what kind of choices are the best for you. Mom dotes on both of you."

Zhai Hua directly interrupted Miao Jing. "Mom, I'll listen to whatever you say but not this kind of matter. Forget about the past. If Zhai Sheng really has someone that he likes and doesn't take a liking to Qiu Chenxi, yet you insist to force Zhai Sheng to be with Qiu Chenxi, then that won't do! Mom, what if I fall in love with a man whose family background is worse than mine, or even incomparable? In the future, are you going to stop me too? Would you rather that I spend my whole life with the family background of the other party than to allow me to find someone that I like to happily spend my life with? Are you looking for a son-in-law or power?"

Miao Jing's expression changed greatly. She lifted her hands and nearly slapped her daughter's face. "How could you say that about me? I'm your mother!"

"Precisely. You're my mom, and that's why I'm angry. You're my closest kin. Don't you wish to see Zhai Sheng and I find our happiness? The other party is someone that we're going to spend our life with in the future. Mom, do you think it's more important that you like him, or us?" The matter between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan rang a warning bell to Zhai Hua.

In actual fact, Zhai Hua had already realized this problem a long time ago. It was just that she did not have an opportunity to talk to Miao Jing about this.

As Zhai Yaohui's reputation and status were high, he was often not at home. Miao Jing was also anxious about her husband. When Zhai Hua and Zhai Sheng were young, she often left the two children under the care of the auntie in the house while she accompanied Zhai Yaohui to various places everywhere.

As a result, Zhai Hua had never had a good chat with Miao Jing.

"Hua Hua, you… do you also have someone that you like? And this person's family background is not too good?" Miao Jing's face turned pale. She could not care much about her daughter's attitude when she spoke to her. She anxiously asked, "When did it happen? Why didn't I know? How long have you known that person?"

"Know?" Zhai Hua sneered. "Mom, to put it bluntly, I'm your only daughter. You don't even know when my first menstrual period came, and neither were you there to keep me company. You're always with Dad."

Zhai Hua let out a sigh and asked herself to calm down. "Even if I wish to tell you, you have to give me a chance to do so. Mom, I don't wish to mention much about what happened when I was a child. I'm not blaming you, but I hope that you can respect the opinions and choices of Zhai Sheng and me."

"Hua Hua, are you blaming me?" Miao Jing's pale lips shivered. She looked as if she had taken a big blow.

"I blamed you before. I blamed you when I was just a child. But I don't blame you anymore." Zhai Hua said very calmly, "There are all kinds of fish in the sea. In comparison, although you're not always with Zhai Sheng and me, you didn't treat us too badly. At the very least, you wanted to but you're unable to take care of us."

Zhai Sheng and Zhai Hua, this pair of brother and sister, grew up with and had been through difficult times with each other. Although the two of them had never stopped bickering, their relationship was extremely good. The important place that they had in each other's heart had exceeded that of Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing.

Zhai Hua was concerned for Zhai Sheng in everything as if she were a little mother.

Each time Zhai Hua had something that she could not handle, Zhai Sheng was the one who stood up to help Zhai Hua like a little father.

Miao Jing, this mother, hardly appeared in the lives of the two children. She rarely left an impression. Although she could not take care of the two children, at the very least, she did not harm the children.

In the past, Zhai Hua could understand her mother rationally but had never forgiven her mother emotionally. However, when she saw Ding Jiayi's situation, Zhai Hua then felt that her mother was actually considered quite good.

It was just that Miao Jing's opposition toward Zhai Sheng had aroused Zhai Hua's sense of danger and dissatisfaction.

At the sound of 'dong dong', Miao Jing turned away. "I need to go out to attend to some matters."

After leaving this sentence hurriedly, Miao Jing headed straight to the entrance of the house and asked the driver to drive out the car. She then got into the car and left.

Miao Jing ran out of the house abruptly, stunning Old Master Zhai. He then shivered and shouted at Zhai Yaohui. "See the sin that you've committed. If you're not a father now, and if it was twenty years ago, I would definitely hit you with a whip. You're asking for it!"

Zhai Yaohui's thin lips formed a line. His cold and stiff brows moved but he did not refute Old Master Zhai at all.

"Grandpa, I'll accompany you to the study room to play chess." Zhai Sheng's expression was similar to Zhai Yaohui's. It was equally cold and forbidding. It made people distance themselves. It was just that Zhai Sheng's anger was mostly directed at Zhai Yaohui, his father.

"Right. Grandpa feels uncomfortable when I see your dad. The family is fine, yet he had to do this again and again. I'm so furious."



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