"Ask yourself. I'm not you. How will I know how determined you are to change and how long you can persevere? You're the one who's going to change, not me. Auntie Miao, you're asking me if you can do it. You're kidding me."

"Qiao Nan, if you're married one day, to you, is your husband or children more important?"


Qiao Nan was able to reply to that question without even thinking.

Qiao Nan had just opened her mouth but Miao Jing smiled. "I'm so silly. Why did I ask you this question? You're still young. You don't even know when you're getting married, not to mention children. I'm really muddle-headed to have asked you this question."

"…" Qiao Nan pursed her lips and rolled her eyes hard.

What did it mean that she did not know when she was getting married? If she was willing to agree, she could get married immediately. Furthermore, she would be married to the son of the woman that was sitting opposite her right now!

Qiao Nan's action of rolling her eyes with dissatisfaction amused Miao Jing. "You're already eighteen years old. You're a grown-up lady, yet you're still so childish in your manner. Are you usually ostracized by others when you're at school?"

"Auntie Miao, do you know what is called the 'ace student'? As a top student, I'm still quite popular at school." Although she's not liked by everyone, there's still quite a number who liked her and treated her well.

"Qiao Nan, do you have any guy that you like at school?"

"…" Qiao Nan's leg slipped and she nearly fell. "Auntie Miao, did you come here today to do a population survey? The topic has changed too swiftly. Is it appropriate?"

"Do you?"

"I have someone that I like." But he's not from the school, and he's your son.

"What if, I'm saying what if, your dad does not think that the guy suits you and thinks that he knows another guy that's more suitable for you? For the sake of your happiness, how can your dad bring the boy and you together?"


"I'm asking you."

"Auntie Miao, are you sure you're asking me and not my dad? Why are you asking me what my dad should do?"

"Don't be so dimwitted. You can change your identity and put yourself in your dad's shoes. Or you can think of it in this way. If you become a mother in the future and encounter such a situation, what will you do?"

Qiao Nan's brows stiffened and three imaginary vertical lines appeared on her forehead. On her head, the word 'awkward' seemed to have been carved.

In other words, Auntie Miao, who would possibly be her future mother-in-law, was seeking her advice for ways to double-cross herself?

"Auntie Miao, I'm only eighteen years old. I'm still too young to be a mother." After enduring for a long time, Qiao Nan could only say this as she did not feel like coaxing and lying to Miao Jing.

Anyway, if she had to provide some ideas to let Brother Zhai be together with another woman, she was definitely unable to do that.

Besides, when Auntie Miao encountered such a problem, shouldn't she look for friends of the same age to chat and analyze to find a solution? She was just a child, but Auntie Miao treated her like one of her sisterly friends. Was it appropriate to ask her about this?

When Qiao Nan said that, Miao Jing was stunned too.

Yes, water must have flooded her brains. It was not appropriate to pose this kind of question to a child.

Miao Jing could not understand too. When she encountered any problems, she would first come to Qiao Nan and it seemed like she wanted to seek Qiao Nan's advice. Was she muddle-headed by anger?

"I'm just asking you casually. You can reply casually too. You've borrowed my place to study for a year. Reply to this question and treat it as repayment to our family." Miao Jing, who felt awkward, turned red. She was as embarrassed as a young lady.

"Since you said that… Auntie Miao, are you really so certain that your children will not find happiness if they marry the person that they like?" How much did Auntie Miao know? Was she deliberately testing her or did she hope that she would withdraw from the relationship on her own accord? Was the conversation that they had earlier for the sake of bringing up this topic?

"Of course I'm absolutely sure. I've seen such real cases." She was that living example. She didn't want Hua Hua and Zhai Sheng to follow in her footsteps. There was too much suffering.

Qiao Nan ground her teeth. Should she persuade? Should she be selfish?

"Auntie Miao, the example that you mentioned, how's their situation now? Is their life worse than mine?"

"Not really."

"There you have it. There's a saying that one man's meat is another's poison. It's the same vice versa. The example that you've seen may not be representative of everything. If you don't try, how will you know that the outcome is definitely bad? What if it's good? No two individuals are the same in this world. Therefore, when facing the same situation, there'll be a different outcome for different people. Auntie Miao, don't you feel that you're too presumptuous?"

After being in a long state of dilemma, Qiao Nan decided to help herself and be selfish for once.

Her mother was biased toward Qiao Zijin, and her father favored the weaker one. No one favored her.

If she did not favor and dote on herself, who would still love her in this world?

"This…" Miao Jing became more hesitant.

"Auntie Miao, actually, you don't need to feel anxious. Everyone is still young. The man that you mentioned may not marry the woman that he likes immediately. There's still a long time to get to know each other. If they are really suitable for each other, there's no need to deter them and treat the other party as a bad person. If they're not suitable, they'll break up even if you don't persuade them to do so. You don't need to do anything."

"But there's another lady…" Qiu Chenxi's family background was good. She was good-looking and had many admirers. If not for the fact that Qiu Chenxi liked Zhai Sheng, given her qualities, she would already have a boyfriend.

What if the reality proved that Zhai Sheng was not compatible with the lady that he liked? Yes, they would break up eventually. But at that juncture, what if Qiu Chenxi already had a boyfriend or was going to get married? Wouldn't Zhai Sheng lose at both ends?

When she heard Miao Jing's worries, Qiao Nan let out a long sigh. "Auntie Miao, how lousy is that guy that he only has two ladies to choose from? Is the lady that you mentioned so outstanding? Is she the number one in the world such that it'll be a loss to all the guys if they don't marry her? Perhaps it's a loss to the girl for not waiting for the guy?"

Toward the end of her speech, Qiao Nan's tongue was nearly entangled.

Now, she was most curious. Who exactly was that extremely outstanding and beautiful rival in love whom Auntie Miao was so anxious about?

Given the situation of the Zhai family, most people would take the initiative and find ways to be in-laws with them. Was there such a good lady and in-law that would make the Zhai family so anxious and afraid to lose?

Miao Jing patted her legs with strength. "That's right. Why didn't I think of that?"

Putting aside that she was the daughter of that woman, there were many other ladies with a similar background as Qiu Chenxi in the quad.



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