Even if she did not want Zhai Sheng to follow in Zhai Yaohui's and her footsteps and suffer for life, she could also introduce other better ladies to Zhai Sheng.

Her son was so outstanding. If Qiu Chenxi was anxious to get married, that would be her loss. She dared to bet that if his son was willing to marry, there would be many good ladies who were willing to be married to him. Why was she so anxious?

Qiu Chenxi was popular. Was her son unpopular?

Having thought about it clearly, Miao Jing comfortably leaned back. "I'm hungry. What food do you have? Quickly take them out."

Qiao Nan lifted her head and held her neck. She felt more sullen.

What was this Auntie Miao trying to do? She treated her like a psychologist. After asking her numerous questions, she not only did not remunerate her but also wanted her to serve her food and drinks. Was this the karma of kidnapping Auntie Miao's son?

An hour ago, she just nodded in agreement and kidnapped other people's son. Didn't this karma come too quickly?

Qiao Nan silently meditated. She had no choice but to continue waiting on Miao Jing.

"There's only white porridge?" Miao Jing shriveled her lips and had a look of disdain.

"Auntie Miao, I believe the Zhai family has everything. Why don't you get the chauffeur to send you back? You can eat anything that you wish then."

"Forget it. The guest should adhere to the host's convenience. White porridge it is." Miao Jing took over the white porridge from Qiao Nan and started drinking it. The porridge was slightly bland but extremely thick. After drinking the top layer of the rice soup, her tummy felt extremely comfortable. "It tastes fine."

"Haha." Of course, it's fine. This was prepared by Brother Zhai. Auntie Miao did not realize that it was cooked by her own son?

Qiao Nan did not know that besides Zhai Hua, who had taken Zhai Sheng's porridge before when she was having a high fever, no one else, including Old Master Zhai, had the fortune to taste his porridge, not to mention Zhai Yaohui and Miao Jing.

Miao Jing did not even know that Zhai Sheng knew how to cook, not to mention tasting the food prepared by her son.

After disentangling the knot in her heart and filling the stomach that was empty when she left the house in the morning, Miao Jing's brows relaxed and her attitude softened much. "Alright, it's late. I should go back. You look unwell. Rest at home. Don't neglect your health just because you're young. Young people don't know how to cherish themselves."

Multiple exclamation marks floated in Qiao Nan's heart. She scolded in her heart: What the hell was this.

Who was the one who dug her out from the bed? Who held on to her and treated her like an understanding sister and grabbed her for a chat?

As Qiao Nan's emotions were affected, she felt a hot flush at her lower body.

"Don't need to send me off. I'll leave on my own. Go and rest." Miao Jing waved her hands. She did not bring any rainbow. She left without a care, leaving behind Qiao Nan who was red with fury.

Miao Jing finally left. Qiao Nan waddled like a duck as she clamped her legs and walked slowly toward the toilet.

When she saw that her pad was extremely wet as expected, Qiao Nan felt extreme grief and resentment.

Yesterday, in the middle of the night, she fainted due to menstrual cramp as Brother Zhai's words gave her a big fright. Today, she was 'bleeding profusely' after being questioned by Auntie Miao.

She never knew that her menses would become heavier with the changes in her emotions. It was terrible…

She kidnapped other people's son and this was her 'karma'. She dared to ask Brother Zhai, who also kidnapped other people's daughter, whether his life was carefree afterward.

Qiao Nan yawned. She did not know if she was especially tired because of her heavy menses on this occasion. Once Miao Jing left, Qiao Nan closed her eyes and fell onto the bed. As she covered herself with the blanket, she felt warm and fell asleep soundly within three minutes.

"Miao Miao, you're back?" At the sight of Miao Jing coming back in less than one and a half hours' time, Old Master Zhai was extremely surprised. He had thought that Miao Miao would be back only in the afternoon.

Almost everyone in the Zhai family was used to it. If Miao Jing was in a bad mood, she liked to leave the house for an entire day and would not come home unless the sky was dark. However, when the night came, Miao Jing would be like a house swallow. She would definitely come back home and never stayed overnight outside.

"Miao Miao, do you feel better now?" When he saw Miao Jing, who left with a gloomy face and returned with a bright one, Old Master Zhai was even more shocked. Where did Miao Miao go? Her mood had lifted?

Miao Jing sat down and replied. "Yes, it's all good. Dad, I've made you worry."

"Everyone belongs to the same family. Why are you so polite?" Old Master Zhai was embarrassed to say this. Because he gave birth to a son who sinned but he picked Miao Miao, this daughter-in-law.

Ring! Ring! The phone beside Miao Jing rang at this moment. Miao Jing simply picked it up. "Hello. Oh, it's Qiu Chenxi. Is something the matter? It's the first day of the Lunar New Year today, so it's not convenient to go out. Another day? I'll see you on another day, then. Bye."




When the members of the Zhai family heard this phone conversation, everyone was shocked.

Zhai Yaohui accidentally turned the newspaper in his hands upside down and Zhai Hua blinked her eyes in disbelief. In the past, when Qiu Chenxi asked her mother out to 'strengthen' their relationships, her mother would always agree. She did not even bother if the date and time were convenient. It was as if Qiu Chenxi was the senior. Today, her mother actually rejected, rejected, rejected!

Important matters must be mentioned thrice!

How was that possible!

"Zhai Sheng, come over!" Zhai Hua curled her fingers at Zhai Sheng. Although Zhai Sheng disliked this action, he walked over nevertheless. "Why do I feel that Mom has been behaving very oddly recently? Now, each time she's out when her mood is sour, she'll be back within two hours and not the whole day. Moreover, her mood will become better when she's back. What is happening?"

Most importantly, each time her mother was out, there was a change in her character.

The pair of high-heeled shoes that her father gave to her mother was not suitable, but her mother not only treated it as a treasure but also wore it and maintained it at every opportunity. When she came back that day, the heels of the shoes were all broken. Her mother did not even mend it. She said she wanted to lock it up. From that day onward, she had not seen that pair of high-heeled shoes.

Her mother clearly disliked Qiu Chenxi but obsessively treated her as her future daughter-in-law. Her mother would not listen to her no matter how she persuaded. She treated Qiu Chenxi so well as if she was praying to her ancestors.

It was truly 'the mystery of leaving the house for a walk'.

"Zhai Sheng, should we follow Mom when she leaves the house for a walk next time?"

"You can be a fool yourself. Don't include me in your silly acts," Zhai Sheng said with sarcasm.

"What? Don't think I really won't bash you up. Grandpa is here. He will help me." Zhai Hua almost spat blood. "I don't believe that you're not curious. If the situation is not right, I'm a little worried." She was afraid that the character that influenced her mother so greatly would be problematic and dangerous to the Zhai family.



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