"Did anyone agitate your mom, or is she unwell? Her temper is not the same as before." Miao Miao was a good daughter-in-law, but she always gave in to Zhai Yaohui, resulting in him being too arrogant.

"If your mom used that temper on your dad long ago, he would not behave like how he is now."

"That's right. My dad has been pampered by Mom." Zhai Hua nodded in agreement. Her future sister-in-law, Nan Nan, was so capable. She had not married into the family, yet she had such an impact on their family.

She was sure that Nan Nan would bring good luck to the husband. When Zhai Sheng married her, their house would be lively.

"Do you know what is going on?" Miao Miao could not possibly change her temper all of a sudden without apparent reason.

"I don't know." Zhai Hua darted her eyes. She dared not look at Old Master Zhai.

However, Old Master Zhai's gaze had already returned to the chessboard. "You are right. You are a scatterbrain, so you won't notice even if there is any situation." Old Master Zhai knew that although Zhai Hua was a female, she could be as wild as a monkey, totally out of control.

Zhai Hua, who was despised upon, rolled her eyes. If it was not for the fact that she had to keep Nan Nan's identity from everyone, she really wanted to tell her grandpa that she knew everything!

Now that Zhai Sheng had Miao Jing's backing, he did not care about his father. He walked out of the house steadfastly.

Zhai Sheng drove the car and was just about to leave the quad when he saw a disheveled-looking Qiao Dongliang running outside with a coat on.

Zhai Sheng frowned at the look of panic on Qiao Dongliang's face. "Uncle Qiao, are you going back to look for Nan Nan?"

"Oh, Zhai Sheng. That's right…" Qiao Dongliang looked up. His first reaction was to give an honest answer. "Since you have something on, you can go first. You do not need to wait for me." Qiao Dongliang could not help but blame himself at the thought of what happened last night.

He was a father, but how could he not know that Nan Nan had left the Qiao family's residence at the quad!

"Old Qiao, look at the time. Have some glutinous rice balls before you go. Bring Qiao Nan here." After what happened yesterday night, Ding Jiayi seemed to be in high spirits. She looked radiant and had watery eyes. Her voice was especially sweet as well.

"I won't eat!" Qiao Dongliang was even angrier at the sight of Ding Jiayi. "As her mom, you had no idea when Nan Nan left the house. If Nan Nan… It's the Lunar New Year. I don't wish to say those unlucky words. Ding Jiayi, you…"

Qiao Dongliang wanted to say that if anything happened to Qiao Nan, he would definitely not let Ding Jiayi off.

But as Zhai Sheng was around, he could not bring himself to say that in front of an outsider.

"That was all because I was too tired yesterday. You should know as well. You didn't notice any sound either." Ding Jiayi pouted her red and swollen lips, expressing her displeasure.

The more Ding Jiayi behaved in that manner, the more Qiao Dongliang regretted what he did yesterday. He must be too muddle-headed. The most ridiculous thing was that Ding Jiayi's attitude today was very different from yesterday. Qiao Dongliang felt so absurd that he did not even have the strength to sneer at her.

"Zhai Sheng, where are you going? Can you give me a ride?"

What he wanted to do now was to get back to the small quad as fast as possible and see how Nan Nan was doing. With another look at Ding Jiayi, he would feel like what happened yesterday night was a total nightmare. He did not expect that Ding Jiayi would have such a thought. It was too ridiculous!

"Sure." Ding Jiayi pulled at Qiao Dongliang, refusing to let go. Zhai Sheng turned sullen at the sight of her. "Uncle Qiao, get in the car."

"Thank you." Qiao Dongliang shrugged Ding Jiayi's hands away, opened the door, and sat on the passenger seat without a word.

"Then, I will go too." Ding Jiayi refused to let Qiao Dongliang go. Moreover, there was a glimmer of greed in her eyes when she saw the army green jeep that Zhai Sheng drove. She had never had the chance to sit in a car like this. It was one of a kind!

"I…" Qiao Zijin, who stood by the door, heard the conversation and started to say something.

"It will not be convenient." Ding Jiayi might be quick-witted but Zhai Sheng's hands were faster than her. He locked the door immediately so that Ding Jiayi could not open it. "Uncle Qiao, sit tight. I will start the car now."

"Sure, let's go." All that Qiao Dongliang wanted was to go back home and ascertain that Qiao Nan was safe. As for Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin, he did not have the energy to care about them.

Ding Jiayi coughed uncontrollably at the car exhaust fumes. "That was too much…" Why would Zhai Sheng drive by at this time? Otherwise, she would have been able to make Old Qiao stay behind.

Yesterday, Old Qiao was very nice to her. It showed that during the time that they were apart, she was not the only one who missed Old Qiao. He missed her as well. She knew that as they had been husband and wife for so many years, Old Qiao definitely missed her.

"Mom, Dad is gone. Let's go back to the house. It's very cold outside." Qiao Zijin looked pitifully in the direction of the car. She sighed and went back to the house.

Ding Jiayi stomped her feet to rid herself of the cold before going back to the house. "When did Qiao Nan leave this morning? That wretched girl is bent on creating trouble. She is displeased now that I am getting along well with Old Qiao and just has to make life difficult for me. I really owed her in my previous life. In this life, I gave birth to her to pay my debts."

If not for Qiao Nan who left early in the morning, she could still have a reunion breakfast with Old Qiao.

She believed that with her coaxing, Old Qiao would not be so heartless as to leave her and Qiao Zijin alone. He would definitely bring Qiao Nan back to stay with them.

"How will I know when she left? I slept very early, but I woke up later than all of you. If Dad didn't argue with you, I still wouldn't know that Qiao Nan is not at home." Qiao Zijin yawned. It was so cold outside. She had to hand it to Qiao Nan who left the warmth and comfort of her bed early in the morning.

Ding Jiayi paused momentarily. "Your dad went to that wretched girl's room to check. The bed felt cold. The room looked the same as yesterday…"

"Mom, do you mean that Qiao Nan didn't sleep in the house last night?" It could not be possible. Did Qiao Nan really leave because of what she said yesterday? "It's already ten o'clock when we went to bed. It was pitch dark outside. Qiao Nan must have been really daring to leave by herself."

"If this is not the case, will your dad be so furious early in the morning?" The wretched girl really went back in the middle of the night. She was so daring to do that. Is she not afraid that she would run into bad guys?

Qiao Zijin's face sunk. "Mom, it's no wonder that Dad is so angry. You may have to be mentally prepared. It will be good if Qiao Nan is fine. Otherwise, there is no chance of Dad and you reconciling in this life."



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