"My sister would not have come with Mom." Her father left the Qiao family's residence on the Lunar New Year because of her. Her Mom must be angry at her. Besides, since ancient times, it was the custom for juniors to say their greetings to the elders during the Lunar New Year.

"Let's take a look." Qiao Dongliang frowned when he heard that Qiao Zijin did not come by herself.

Qiao Nan opened the door for Qiao Zijin. She pulled a long face when she saw the two boys who stood by her side.

"Nan Nan, what's wrong? Aren't you going to let us in?" Qiao Zijin almost could not maintain her smile when she saw the dark expression on Qiao Nan's face.

Qiao Nan took a deep breath and smiled at Qiao Zijin. Her eyes flashed mockery. "Dad, my sister is here with her two 'friends' to see you!'"

"Friends? What friends?" What kind of friends would not stay at home on the Lunar New Year's Day or visit their relatives' houses but tagged along with Zijin to their house? Moreover, Zijin had two of such 'friends'!

Qiao Dongliang felt that something was not right. He went straight out. When he saw that the two 'good friends' of Qiao Zijin were boys, his face turned black.

One of them was Wang Yang, whom he just mentioned to Qiao Nan. He knew who he was.

But the other boy seemed to be older than Qiao Zijin. At least, Qiao Dongliang had never seen him before. Qiao Dongliang looked hostile. "Zijin, when did you make this friend?"

The young man was tall and handsome, and he looked very smart. Qiao Dongliang was on alert.

Chen Jun smiled politely and bowed to Qiao Dongliang. "Happy Lunar New Year, Uncle Qiao. There is some misunderstanding. I don't know Qiao Zijin. I met her on the way here. I just realized that she is Nan Nan's friend. Today, I am here to look for Nan Nan."

Qiao Dongliang quickly shifted to the side, not accepting Chen Jun's bow. "You are here to look for Nan Nan? Nan Nan, who is this? Introduce him to me."

This young man obviously came with Zijin, yet he said that he was looking for Nan Nan. He must not be a good person.

"That's right, Nan Nan. You should make the introductions. How did you know Brother Chen Jun?" There was a glimmer in Qiao Zijin's eyes. The way she looked at him seemed somewhat different. Qiao Zijin might not be very good in her studies, but she, who valued material needs, could tell from Chen Jun's attire that they were not cheap.

Qiao Zijin thought about it carefully. Among the people that Qiao Nan knew, apart from Zhu Baoguo, when did she make such a rich friend? Why did she not know anything about it?

Why would Qiao Nan have such means and ways to get to know such outstanding men?

"Nan Nan, who is this person?" Qiao Dongliang seemed to be very concerned. Brother Chen Jun? Zijin seemed to have a good impression of this man to address him so affectionately.

"Well…" Qiao Nan looked gloomy and confused. "Who are you? Is anything the matter?"



The two people who were present stiffened at Qiao Nan's words, particularly Chen Jun. His handsome face turned green. He was obviously enraged at Qiao Nan's words. "Nan Nan, are you kidding?"

"Kidding?" Qiao Nan appeared to be even more confused. "I'm not kidding. I really don't know you. Have we met each other before? Sorry, I don't have a good memory and I can't recognize faces. For those whom I am unfamiliar with, I will forget them in no time after meeting them once. If we have met in the past, I can only say that I'm sorry."

Seeing that Qiao Nan answered without any hesitation, Qiao Dongliang relaxed slightly.

Even if Nan Nan had met this man in the past, she was not close to him.

This guy acted as if he were familiar with everyone. Nan Nan did not remember him at all, yet he addressed her in such an affectionate manner. That was so frivolous of him. He was not like Zhai Sheng who was upright and righteous. He seemed to be up to no good.

Wang Yang pursed his lips and cast an angry glance at Chen Jun.

He had asked Chen Jun to deal with Qiao Nan. But no matter what Chen Jun did, Qiao Nan did not even remember who he was!

Chen Jun could sense Wang Yang's angry glare. Chen Jun tried to remedy the situation. "Nan Nan, have you forgotten? I graduated from Ping Cheng High School as well. We have seen each other before. We even communicated through letters."

The difference was that though he sent letters to Qiao Nan, she never looked at them. The only letter that Qiao Nan sent him had made it clear that she was not interested.

"Hi, so it's you, senior." From the way she addressed him, one could tell that they were not close to each other. She did not even use his surname. "Senior, I am so sorry. Have you received your letter? Xu Tingting was so daring to tear open your letter. Although it was not me who did that, I still have to apologize to you."

"Nan Nan, don't keep on chatting with Brother Chen Jun. Shouldn't you make an introduction?" Zijin interrupted.

What was the relationship between Qiao Nan and Chen Jun? How did Qiao Nan get to know Chen Jun? She was not interested in all these questions. However, she was interested to know what kind of person Chen Jun was and what his family background was.

"He is my senior. He is studying at a first-tier university in Beijing."

"I see. You are already studying at the university. Nan Nan has just entered high school last year. So you have graduated from high school and entered the university when Nan Nan entered Ping Cheng High School?" Qiao Dongliang nodded. He finally figured out the relationship between Nan Nan and Chen Jun.

He was not her senior. He was, at most, an alumnus.

Qiao Zijin looked at Chen Jun and moved to stand by Qiao Nan's side. She held Qiao Nan's hand. "Dad, let the guests come in first. We can chat in the house."

Qiao Dongliang shot Qiao Zijin a displeased look. Every place had their distinct customs, and there were a lot of customs to follow even in Ping Cheng. Some families would not go to their relatives' houses on the first day of the Lunar New Year, while some families would visit them.

Regardless, the Lunar New Year was an important day. One either stayed at home with their parents or visited their elders to say their greetings.

This young man had nothing to do with their family. Nan Nan was not close to him as well. It was strange for him to visit their house on Lunar New Year's Day.

Qiao Dongliang had wanted to find an excuse to make Chen Jun leave. However, since Qiao Zijin had said so, he could not possibly send him away. He could only let Chen Jun inside the house. "It has slipped my mind. Please come in to have a hot drink and keep yourself warm."

"Thank you, Uncle Qiao." Chen Jun understood that Qiao Dongliang did not welcome him. Nevertheless, Chen Jun smiled politely and pretended that he knew nothing about it. He went into the house as if he really needed water to warm himself.



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