"Yang Yang, come in." Although Chen Jun had caught her eyes, Qiao Zijin had not forgotten that she was trying to get into Wang Yang's good books.

"Okay." Wang Yang gave Chen Jun a knowing glance and walked into the house with a smile. "This place is quite good. Uncle Qiao is really good to Qiao Nan. You found such a good place for her so that she can go to school easily."

Wang Yang did not expect that he and Qiao Zijin would run into Chen Jun on Lunar New Year's Day.

Had he known that Chen Jun was coming, he would have chosen another day to disturb Qiao Nan.

The reason why Wang Yang came to disturb Qiao Nan on Lunar New Year's Day was because of Zhu Baoguo.

In the past, the Wang family would have a meal with the family at home on the Lunar New Year's Day. On the second day of the Lunar New Year, Zhu Qin and Wang Qinglin would bring Wang Yang to her parents' house to visit. However, there was an exception this year.

The whole Zhu family, including Elder Zhu who was peers with Elder Lee, had gone to the Lee family's residence to say their greetings. There was nobody at the Zhu family's residence except for the helper.

If Zhu Qin went back to her parents' home with her husband and son, they would be the butt of a joke.

Ever since Lee Shu's death, the Zhu family and the Lee family seldom kept in touch with each other. They did not practice the custom of returning to the parents' home on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Zhu Qin had been used to going back to the Zhu family's residence on the first day of the Lunar New Year, and to be welcomed by everyone in the Zhu family.

Wang Yang was not the only one who could not accept the sudden change. When Zhu Qin received the news, her eyes turned red in anger.

Her father had done it on purpose. Did he want her to be disgraced in front of her parents-in-law?

Ever since the appearance of Qiao Nan, the Zhu family and the Lee family had gotten closer to each other.

Wang Yang was certain that it must be Zhu Baoguo's idea to visit the Lee family on the first day of the Lunar New Year. It was all because of Qiao Nan that Zhu Baoguo became closer to the Lee family.

Because of Qiao Nan, he suffered so much humiliation on the first day of the Lunar New Year. He had to make her suffer in return. Hence, he went to the quad to look for Qiao Zijin and then went to the small quad with her to make life difficult for Qiao Nan.

"I am my dad's daughter. It's only natural that he is good to me." Qiao Nan smiled sweetly, oblivious to Wang Yang's oblique accusations.

Wang Yang stiffened at Qiao Nan's reply.

His mother was Elder Zhu's daughter, but Elder Zhu did not treat her well.

Whenever his father had a favor to ask of the Zhu family, her mother had to beg her father for help. Actually, if his father was doing well, it would be good for her mother. Even if her mother did not ask the Zhu family for help, they should help to pave the way for his father's career on account of his mother.

"Zhu Baoguo told me that he's going to visit Grandpa Lee on the first day of the Lunar New Year. Have you seen Zhu Baoguo? Has he been to the Lee family's residence?" Qiao Nan looked at Wang Yang smilingly.

Wang Yang glared at Qiao Nan. He was shocked at her frankness. Was she trying to provoke him into anger?

"My cousin has always been insensible. However, ever since he met you, he became very obedient and smart. He knows that since the Lee family is their relatives, they should visit each other during the Lunar New Year. Qiao Nan, I must hand it to you. You are such a good influence on my cousin!"

"You are flattering me. Zhu Baoguo is good-natured. It's just that some people deliberately led him astray. Nevertheless, it's easy to lead him in the right way." Qiao Nan brought out five cups of water. "We do not have any good tea at home, so please make do with water."

"Zhu Baoguo is good-natured, and the credit will have to go to his parents. It has nothing to do with me. Zhu Baoguo is not evil by nature." Unlike Wang Yang who was ill-natured, nobody could make him change for the better.

"My cousin will be elated to hear this." Was Qiao Nan suggesting that he was evil by nature and could not be compared to Zhu Baoguo?

Qiao Nan might have the upper hand, but not for long!

At the thought of this, Wang Yang took a deep breath and looked at Chen Jun again.

Chen Jun held the transparent glass teacup in his hand. He stared intently at the water inside as if he was looking at a piece of art. He did not have any eye contact with Wang Yang.

Wang Yang was not furious at Chen Jun's behavior. In fact, he had a complacent smile on his face.

Qiao Nan noticed that Wang Yang kept looking at Chen Jun. He had directed his glance at him for about three times.

Qiao Nan held the glass teacup in her hand. She could not help but hit the glass with her nails, making an audible sound.

"Nan Nan, what's wrong?" Qiao Dongliang reminded Qiao Nan not to be impolite in front of the guests. Even though he did not welcome these two young men, as the owner of the house, one could not be rude.

Qiao Nan halted her movement. "Wang Yang, Zhu Baoguo went to the Lee family's residence to say his greetings to Grandpa Lee. Did Zhu Chengqi, Uncle Zhu, go as well, or did he stay at home with Elder Zhu?"

"Nan Nan…" Qiao Dongliang smiled helplessly. "Don't be so impolite. Zhu… He is your elder. How could you address him by his name?"

"Uncle Qiao, it doesn't matter. My uncle likes Qiao Nan very much. Even if Qiao Nan may be impolite, I don't think he will be angry at her." Wang Yang sneered. Even though he was his nephew while Qiao Nan was only an outsider, his uncle treated Qiao Nan much better than him. He would buy stuff for Qiao Nan, but when Wang Yang wanted anything from him, he would not agree easily.

"Qiao Nan, I have to hand it to you. Why is it that you are so well-liked by the elders? My uncle has high expectations, yet he likes Qiao Nan very much. He even wishes that Qiao Nan can be his daughter. Qiao Nan, teach me one trick or two. People dislike me and they will always bully me." What was so special about Qiao Nan that made her uncle treat her so well such that he forgot about his only nephew?

"That's simple. You just have to put yourself in somebody's shoes. Your uncle is a smart person. Do you think he will be good to you if you use your tricks on him? You plotted against them and they have to guard against you. Is this how one should treat their relatives? Whose responsibility is it? Think about it. Back then, Elder Zhu treated you much better than Zhu Baoguo. With your uncle's position and capability, you would have better prospects than Zhu Baoguo. Now that it has come to this, you come asking me for advice? It's too late. Besides, there are things that can't be taught. After all, this had to do with one's character."

Wang Yang sneered. Qiao Nan was good with her words. It was no wonder that Zhu Baoguo, that fool, would listen to her and obey her words like a dog would obey its master.



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