"Nan Nan, Yang Yang is a guest. How could you say that?" Qiao Zijin sensed the tension between Qiao Nan and Wang Yang. She immediately stepped in to stop her.

If Qiao Nan angered Wang Yang and he left, he would blame it on her. It was so unlucky of her to be Qiao Nan's sister. By then, all her effort would be in vain.

She had spent so much effort and energy on Wang Yang, but she had yet to gain any benefits.

"Sister, am I wrong to say that? The onlooker is clearheaded. Senior, what do you think?" Qiao Nan turned and directed her question at Chen Jun. She had been indifferent toward Chen Jun. This sudden turn of events caught him off guard.

Chen Jun who was pulled into the conversation paused momentarily. He came to his senses and said, "I don't know the exact details, but at least from what I heard, there's nothing wrong with what Nan Nan said. You… must be Nan Nan's sister. You should treat her well. I wish that I had a younger sister who is as smart and cute as Nan Nan. I would shower her with care and concern. You must count your blessings."

Chen Jun showed that he was on Qiao Nan's side in front of Qiao Zijin and Qiao Dongliang.

Qiao Zijin's eyes turned red in anger at Chen Jun's words.

She had been very unlucky with such a sister who could not help her but would drag her down instead. Why would she be good to her?

Qiao Zijin's eyes were red, while Qiao Nan turned grim at Chen Jun's comments. She was boiling with anger and could not help but ask, "Senior, do you know Wang Yang?"


"I don't know him."

Both Chen Jun and Wang Yang denied knowing each other.

After answering in unison, they realized that Qiao Nan's question was too odd.

Wang Yang quickly shut up, not uttering a sound, whereas Chen Jun only smiled warmly. "Nan Nan, why did you ask?" He did not even talk to Wang Yang, so why would Qiao Nan suspect that he and Wang Yang were old acquaintances?

Chen Jun was perplexed. Wang Yang could not figure it out as well.

There was no way that Qiao Nan could have known that he knew Chen Jun.

He was certain that even Zhu Baoguo was clueless. In this case, why would Qiao Nan ask such a question?

It should not be!

Qiao Nan smiled reluctantly. In fact, she had gained the upper hand by digging at Wang Yang but she did not feel victorious. On the contrary, she had a grim expression on her face. "Nothing. It's just that ever since the three of you came into my house, I noticed that Senior has zero interaction with Wang Yang. If I remember correctly, the last time when Senior came to our school, even though you did not know the students there, you were very enthusiastic and friendly, giving us an impression that you had a pleasant character and that you were very affable. If both of you did not know each other, why would you two act as if you had conflicts and couldn't stand the sight of each other? Both of you didn't even bother to greet each other."

"Well…" Chen Jun lost his smile. He was feeling happy just now, but his heart sank at her words. "It seems that you have a good impression of me. It's just that I actually treat everyone differently. Nan Nan, I am on your side."

"Oh, are you?" Qiao Nan was so angry that she was short of breath. Stood on her side?

Was Chen Jun trying to say that since he knew she and Wang Yang were at loggerheads, he would not even be diplomatic enough to make small talk with Wang Yang and chose to ignore the latter when he saw him?

If Chen Jun was easily influenced, how could he have such a successful career path and climbed the ladder in the previous life?

After he divorced Qiao Zijin, and before she died, she heard that in six months' time, he would be working for the Beijing government.

Even if the current Chen Jun had not become the Chen Jun she knew in her previous life, someone who was crafty and shrewd, and was in his elements at the government job, she would never believe that Chen Jun would be so aloof to someone whom he met for the first time.

"Nan Nan, what's wrong?" Qiao Dongliang noticed that Qiao Nan did not look right. "Are you feeling unwell again?"



Wang Yang and Chen Jun dared not do anything that would give themselves away in front of Qiao Nan. However, they could not help but move their legs.

Had Qiao Nan noticed anything?


Both Wang Yang and Chen Jun reviewed what happened ever since they entered the house over and over again, but they could not find any flaws that would arouse Qiao Nan's suspicions.

Chen Jun could not understand what went wrong today.

However, given the current situation, Chen Jun knew that he should not stay for long.

Otherwise, not only did he not leave any good impression, but Qiao Nan might also realize his secrets. In that case, he would have failed at his task and Wang Yang would definitely not help him with what he agreed upon previously. Right now was an important time for his father. As his son, he had to help him. He could not hinder him.

Otherwise, the illegitimate child that his father had outside would rejoice.

"Nan Nan, it's almost ten o'clock now. I suppose you will have your lunch soon. I won't impose on you any further. Nan Nan, if we have time, let's make another appointment." Chen Jun stood up. He wanted to tell Qiao Nan that he intended to ask her out for a meal. However, there were so many people around at the moment that it was impossible for him to do that. He was not so thick-skinned as to join them for a meal. Hence, he could only ask her out next time.

"I will walk you to the door." Qiao Dongliang stood up.

Actually, since Chen Jun was here to look for Qiao Nan and he was her senior, Qiao Nan should walk him to the door.

However, Qiao Dongliang had misgivings about Chen Jun. Unlike Zhai Sheng who was upright and righteous, Chen Jun made people feel uncomfortable around him. He preferred Zhai Sheng who was outstanding and remarkable. Naturally, he would compare Chen Jun to Zhai Sheng, and Chen Jun indeed paled in comparison.

"Uncle Qiao, there's no need to walk me out. You are my elder, and I am a junior. I can go by myself." Chen Jun might be proud, but he dared not do so in front of Qiao Nan. He had to respect Qiao Dongliang so that Qiao Nan would have a good impression of him and grow to like him.

Chen Jun knew if he wanted Qiao Nan to like him and for her to become his girlfriend, he had to gain her affection, and more importantly, the approval of Qiao Nan's family, which, in this case, was Qiao Dongliang, the father that Qiao Nan valued the most.



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