Qiao Zijin snatched Chen Jun away from her. In the end, after they were married, their relationship was not as close as what Qiao Zijin thought it would be.

She heard Qiao Zijin complained to her mother more than once about her marriage, and her mother would vent her frustrations on Qiao Nan, reprimanding her for seducing Chen Jun even after he was married to Qiao Zijin. Her mother blamed her for being the reason that Chen Jun stayed indifferent toward Qiao Zijin.

Whenever she was scolded by Ding Jiayi, Qiao Nan would feel a mixture of sadness and happiness.

Did it mean that Qiao Nan was the only one that Chen Jun loved? Was it because he could not resist the temptation, hence Qiao Zijin managed to come between them?

She was glad to know that even though Qiao Zijin snatched everything from her, she did not have a happy marriage.

But right till this moment, Qiao Nan discovered that although she was very miserable and bullied by her mother and Qiao Zijin, the most tragic thing was that she was deceived by Chen Jun from the start till the end!

"You are here." On the other hand, Chen Jun leaned against the wall of the alley not far away from where Qiao Nan and her father stayed now. In fact, it was the alley where Qiao Nan first met Chen Jun in this lifetime. He spoke coldly with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Of course." Wang Yang pulled a long face. "Have you ever mentioned me in front of Qiao Nan? I must warn you that Qiao Nan has some wits about her. If you spout nonsense, Qiao Nan may notice something. Besides, if Qiao Nan knows that you and I are close acquaintances, she will never like you because of her dislike for me. If you can't do what I tell you to do, I won't be able to help you with your dad's matter!"

Chen Jun sneered. He threw the cigarette butt onto the ground and stepped on it with his feet.

There was about half a packet worth of cigarette butts around Chen Jun's feet. "I am not stupid. Why would I take the initiative to mention you to Qiao Nan? Besides, I didn't get to talk to Qiao Nan. Even if I am stupid, there's no chance for me to do that!"

In addition to today, he and Qiao Nan had met three times in total. The only time that they communicated through letters was when Qiao Nan returned all his letters to him.

Ever since a young age till now, this was the first time that someone trampled on Chen Jun.

"Then, why?" Wang Yang could not understand. "Why did Qiao Nan ask us if we know each other?"

"I have no idea. I should be asking you this question instead!" His plan was almost destroyed, and he would not be able to win over Qiao Nan.

Chen Jun could tell from the way Qiao Nan bickered with Wang Yang that she hated him very much and was very wary of him.

Qiao Nan already had no liking toward him. If Qiao Nan knew that he had connections with Wang Yang, it would be difficult for Qiao Nan to develop any feelings for him.

"I might have missed something. Can you try to recall if we had done anything in particular that would give ourselves away in Qiao Nan's house?" Chen Jun sighed with frustration. He had thought that Qiao Nan was someone who would be easily cajoled, and that she would fall for him if he put up a show to save the damsel in distress.

He had thought that Qiao Nan was just another bookworm. But to his surprise, she had the looks, the brains, and high EQ.

If it was not due to his relationship with Wang Yang, perhaps his feelings for Qiao Nan would be more genuine.

Wang Yang frowned, trying to recall what happened just now. Finally, he shook his head helplessly. "I don't think we made any mistake." If there was any, he would have warned Chen Jun.

"Alright, then I will go back. Qiao Nan… is a very sensitive person. In the future, it is better for us not to appear in front of her at the same time, lest she comes up with such a sentence again and gives us a scare." Chen Jun waited outside in the cold to get this reply from Wang Yang.

He and Wang Yang were mutually beneficial. If Wang Yang insisted that he had to bear the responsibility for what happened today and used it as an excuse not to help his father, then he would suffer a big loss.

Chen Jun was more crafty and cunning than Wang Yang. Long before he met Wang Yang at the door of Qiao Nan's house, he had already thought it through, planning how he should react in front of Qiao Nan.

Hence, he was sure that he was not the problem. If there was any problem, it had to be Wang Yang.

Chen Jun spent a long time waiting for him in the alley to make sure that Wang Yang did not push the blame to him.

"I think so too. Maybe Qiao Nan merely posed the question casually and did not mean anything by it. It could be that we have a guilty conscience and hence we think too much. In short, we must not meet up in front of Qiao Nan, and nothing will go wrong." Wang Yang was puzzled as well.

When Qiao Nan asked him if he knew Chen Jun, he was so scared that he could feel his heart thumping loudly.

Chen Jun twitched the corners of his lips and said, "You go first. I will leave after ten minutes, lest we are seen by others."

Did Qiao Nan ask the question casually?

Chen Jun was not too sure. According to common sense, what Wang Yang said might be true. But when he thought of Qiao Nan's reaction and behavior at that time, Chen Jun felt that something seemed to be wrong.

If Qiao Nan was a smart woman, her question would not be without a purpose.

Hopefully, his performance today still made the mark and Qiao Nan would disregard any doubts regarding his relationship with Wang Yang.

"Alright." Wang Yang left right away.

Chen Jun left ten minutes after and went back to the Chen family's residence.

Chen Jun did not believe that Qiao Nan would ask the question out of nowhere. There had to be meaning behind it.

In her previous life, both of them were lovers, and they almost married each other. After being together for so long, Qiao Nan was very clear of Chen Jun's character and temperament. In fact, she knew it better than Qiao Zijin.

Chen Jun's father had a very smooth sailing political career. He was a successful official. But compared with Chen Jun's father, Chen Jun was more like a politician. He was all smiles to everyone. He was tactful, diplomatic, yet shrewd and ruthless. In fact, he got promoted faster than his father.

Qiao Nan had been to the Chen family's residence to visit. Due to Chen Jun's effort, his parents eventually accepted her as their future daughter-in-law.

Sometimes, Chen Jun's father would share with Qiao Nan about how sensible and outstanding Chen Jun was. He told Qiao Nan it was due to Chen Jun that his career was smooth sailing.

When Chen Jun was very young, he was already a big help to his father.

It showed that from a young age, Chen Jun was already very diplomatic and tactful.

People like Chen Jun were good at establishing connections. They were good with interpersonal relationships and they would use all means to establish a great network of connections so as to bring benefit to themselves. They would never offend others or make enemies with people. They would be well-prepared lest they make any mistakes.



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