Therefore, regardless of Wang Yang's identity and character, as long as Chen Jun had yet to ascertain whether he would be of any value to him, he would not miss out on the chance to build a network with him.

Today, Chen Jun had been silent from beginning to end, and he did not even cast a glance at Wang Yang.

Based on this alone, Qiao Nan was certain that something was not right with Chen Jun. He was not his usual self.

This proved that there was something going on between Chen Jun and Wang Yang.

Qiao Nan tried to probe by asking if they knew each other, and both Chen Jun and Wang Yang jumped in to deny.

Their unison replies showed that there was something going on.

From what Qiao Nan knew of Chen Jun from the previous life, Chen Jun would definitely give an excuse and said that perhaps he had seen Wang Yang at a certain place and that it was such a coincidence to run into each other again.

Qiao Nan had mentioned several times that Wang Yang had a very close relationship with the Zhu family and that Wang Yang had such an influential figure like Zhu Chengqi as his uncle, and he used to be very good to Wang Yang.

If it was the Chen Jun whom Qiao Nan knew, he would have tried to strike up a conversation with Wang Yang. He would not fawn on him or flatter him, but he would make Wang Yang feel as if he was highly valued and of importance.

Even though Wang Yang would not warm up to Chen Jun right away and address him as his brother, at the very least, he would not give him the cold shoulder and treat him with indifference. They never had any eye contact when they were at her house.

Chen Jun was not that type of person, and Wang Yang was not either.

Chen Jun knew that Wang Yang's uncle held an influential position, yet he did not bother to chat with him. Qiao Nan was even more certain that there was something going on between the two of them.

Why would they hide the fact that they know each other and pretend to be strangers in front of her?

Qiao Nan thought of a very terrible scenario.

Wang Yang and Chen Jun might be cunning and scheming, but they did not know that Qiao Nan had been through rebirth.

"Nan Nan, what's wrong with you? Are you uncomfortable? Do you want to lie down and rest? Nan Nan, it's not that I want to lecture you. After all, Dad is a man. He doesn't know how to take care of you. Look at you. You have only left our house for half a year, but you have grown thinner. Mom knows how to take care of you more than Dad. After all, you are still young. If there's anything wrong with you, it will be inconvenient for Dad to take care of you. Even if you want to throw a tantrum, half a year should be enough. Shouldn't you persuade Dad to bring you back home?" Qiao Zijin was elated after she was certain that Chen Jun came from established family background.

By the time she came to her senses, she noticed that Qiao Nan looked very pale and pitiful.

"No need." Qiao Nan sighed in anger. "In the past six months, at least nobody has yelled at me, and nobody will call me wretched girl for every single day and order me around. Nobody will despise me and put me down. Qiao Zijin, do you think that I have no respect for myself and will stoop so low as to be willing to go back to lead that kind of life? Do you think that the more I am humiliated, the better it is for me?"

Qiao Zijin was embarrassed. "Nan Nan, why did you put it that way? Mom… No matter what, it was for your own good. It was so that you would toughen up. If Mom knows about this, she will be heartbroken." What was wrong with Qiao Nan? Why was she in such a bad mood today?

"Since Mom likes you so much, why did she not train you for your own good?" Qiao Nan placed her hands on her legs and supported herself to stand up.

It could be due to the fact that she had her menses or that she was agitated by Wang Yang and Chen Jun. The moment Qiao Nan stood up, she felt dizzy as if the world was spinning around her. "Don't spout nonsense in front of me. I won't be fooled. If you want Dad to go back, you can tell him yourself."

Then, Qiao Nan returned to her room, feeling weak and dizzy. She leaned on her bed to rest for a while.

Why? What was the reason?

If her suspicion was right, then she could more or less explain Chen Jun's appearance in this life.

Wang Yang always believed that because of her, Zhu Baoguo had made a change for the better, causing him to lose his foothold in the Zhu family. Elder Zhu alienated him because of Zhu Baoguo. As for Zhu Chengqi, he would naturally side with his son rather than with his nephew.

When she was at school, Zhu Baoguo would be like her father, warning her that she should never fall in love when she was still in school.

Zhu Baoguo had shown disapproval and dissatisfaction at the appearance of Chen Jun last time.

Could it be that Wang Yang believed that Chen Jun would wreck her relationship with Zhu Baoguo?

Since Chen Jun was still in college, she did not see him often at her school. But from the letters that she sent back to Chen Jun, it showed that he was pursuing her and wanted to be in her good books.

Chen Jun pursued her in order to affect her relationship with Zhu Baoguo. Without her influence, Zhu Baoguo would revert to his old ways.

Was this what Wang Yang had in mind?

She would not be surprised if Chen Jun really knew Wang Yang and he pursued her according to Wang Yang's arrangement.

In her previous lifetime, was Chen Jun truly good to her? Or did her fake his feelings for her?

Ever since getting to know Chen Jun personally, Qiao Nan always had this question in her mind. Back then, why would Chen Jun, who was eager for quick success, like her who was without any merits?

It was illogical!

She supposed that in this life, Wang Yang was out to wreck her relationship with Zhu Baoguo. Hence, he wanted Chen Jun to pursue her. But what about the previous life? Wang Yang simply did not have the need to do so. Zhu Baoguo had already died. He was cremated and buried in the Garden Grove.

Since Zhu Baoguo had died, Wang Yang could achieve his aim and take over the Zhu family.

As for her, she did not have the love of her parents and she had not graduated from junior high school. She even had quit school to work. She was not educated and she was not knowledgeable. What was Wang Yang after that he would get Chen Jun to go after a girl who had nothing at all?

If not for Qiao Zijin, Chen Jun might have really married her! Moreover, when Chen Jun married Qiao Zijin, he did not stand to gain at all. Qiao Zijin committed adultery and Chen Jun was so disgraced that there was a while where he could not hold his head up high. For Chen Jun, he suffered a great loss marrying Qiao Zijin.

Could it be that in order to accomplish whatever Wang Yang wanted him to do, Chen Jun was willing to sacrifice himself to the extent of marrying the other party?

Everything that happened today made Qiao Nan realized that it was not an accident or coincidence that Chen Jun came into her life in these two lifetimes. It was arranged by Wang Yang.

What she could not understand was that in her previous life, she was worthless and her father had given up on her, so what could Wang Yang want from her?

At the thought of Chen Jun's betrayal and deception in the previous life and his suspicious relationship with Wang Yang in this life, Qiao Nan paled and her eyes reddened.



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