In this life, she wanted to stay away from Chen Jun as far as possible. She did not care if he wanted to marry Qiao Zijin or any other girls.

But what if in the past, Chen Jun's intention toward her was not genuine and there was a conspiracy right from the start? Then, she…

Qiao Nan felt bitter the more she thought about it. Her father had already retired from the army, while Chen Jun's father was the superintendent at the police station. No, he should still be the deputy superintendent at the moment. Even if she knew that Chen Jun had been lying to her right from the start, there was nothing that she could do to him.

She could only avoid him as if he was the god of plague.

"Dad, when did you buy these dried foods? Why didn't you say anything?" Qiao Zijin held a handful of jujubes and a dozen raisins in her hand. "Dad, where did you buy these things? I told Mom to buy them for me, but she has never come across such high-quality goods. Dad, you are so good to me. You must have known that I love this hence you bought them in bulk. But there's quite a lot. Dad, I may not be able to bring all of them back." She had no wish to share them with Qiao Nan.

"Dad, why don't you send me back on the bicycle so that we can bring them with us?" The dried food would be enough to last her for a long time. She could even share them with her classmates.

She had had the dried jujubes and raisins that were sold on the market. However, they did not taste the same.

Her father must have spent a lot of money on these two sacks of dried food.

She knew that her father could not possibly abandon her and only treated Qiao Nan well.

In fact, her father remembered what she liked and bought them home, waiting to give her a surprise.

"You intend to bring everything with you?" Qiao Dongliang, who was cooking in the kitchen, came to a sudden halt.

Qiao Dongliang lowered his eyes. He did not correct Qiao Zijin. In fact, he went along with her. "How do you intend to finish so much dried food by yourself?"

"Dad, don't underestimate me. These snacks aren't filling. I can finish them easily. Besides, there's no need to finish all of them in one go. This represents your love for me, so I have to bring all of them back." If she left it there, Qiao Nan might have her snacks. She might have more of them than her.

She could not rest assured unless she brought everything back home.

"What about Nan Nan? She is your younger sister. Aren't you going to share with her?" And what about him? He was her father!

"Nan Nan…" Qiao Zijin sounded very reluctant. "Since Nan Nan is my sister, I have to share with her. Why don't we leave half a kilogram of each of the snacks for Nan Nan? She doesn't like these snacks anyway. It will be a waste if we leave too much for her."

If Qiao Dongliang did not mention himself, it would not cross Qiao Zijin's mind to share with him.

In fact, it pained Qiao Zijin to leave half a kilogram of each type of snacks for Qiao Nan.

These dried foods were of good quality. It was much more expensive than those that her mother bought for her before the Lunar New Year. Since there were four different types of snacks, if she had to give half a kilogram of each, it would be two kilograms in total. These cost a lot as well. Qiao Nan had never shared anything or given her anything in the past, yet she had to share with her. She was downright unlucky.

"No need." Qiao Dongliang was utterly disappointed at Qiao Zijin who did not think of him at all.

Qiao Zijin's eyes brightened. "Dad, do you mean it? Nan Nan is my sister. I am happy to share with her. Since you're so good to me, I shall be good to Nan Nan. You have bought me so many snacks. I will still have more than enough if I give her half a kilogram each for every snack."

It would be wonderful if she could have everything for herself.

She would rather take half a kilogram of each snack to share with her classmates, than giving it to Qiao Nan.

"Is that so?" Qiao Dongliang's face was gloomy. He searched through the house and found a small weighing scale.

Qiao Zijin pursed her lips. Had she known that her father would take her words so seriously, she would not have said so.

Qiao Dongliang took out some bags and filled them with the snacks. He weighed them, making sure that they weighed exactly half a kilogram.

Even though it pained Qiao Zijin that she had to share with Qiao Nan, she felt slightly at ease when she saw the four small bags of snacks as compared to her two big sacks of snacks.

"Okay, the meal will be ready in a while. You can bring the snacks with you when you go back." After weighing the four small bags of snacks, Qiao Dongliang straightened his back and tied the two big sacks of snacks. It would be a sheer pity if they turned moldy.

"Okay." Qiao Zijin nodded happily. She was in an extremely good mood. "Dad, Nan Nan said that she felt uncomfortable. I told her to go back to her room to rest. Nan Nan has always been healthy. Why is it that as soon as the guests left, she started to feel unwell? I have a lot to chat with her, but I do not have the chance to do so."

Qiao Dongliang brought the dishes over to the dining table. His hands stiffened at Qiao Zijin's words. He shot her a grim look and said, "Is this the case? Do you think that Nan Nan is targeting you and giving you the cold shoulder?"

"Dad, I didn't say that. That is what you thought." Qiao Zijin was shocked. Why was it that both her father and Qiao Nan spoke such harsh words? Could they not put it across nicely?

"It's good that you do not think that way. Nan Nan is simple-minded. She will not do such things," Qiao Dongliang placed the dishes on the table and said coldly.

What did her father mean when he said that Qiao Nan was simple-minded? Did he mean that she was scheming? "Dad, do you want me to get Nan Nan to come out for lunch?"

Yang Yang and Brother Chen Jun had left. It was boring for her to stay here. They did not even have a television set. She wondered how Qiao Nan and her father spent their days at home.

"It's okay. I will get her." Nan Nan was fine just now. She might have been agitated by Zijin. He should never leave them alone in the future. Otherwise, Zijin would always bully Nan Nan.

Qiao Zijin was unhappy at the worried look on Qiao Dongliang's face. She pursed her lips into a straight line. "Fine, I shall not go. I am not her maid, so why should I get her to come out for lunch!"

By the time Qiao Dongliang came out with Qiao Nan, Qiao Zijin had already eaten half a bowl of rice. She did not wait for them but started eating on her own. "Dad, Nan Nan, dig in quickly. We must have it while it's hot. It will not be delicious when it turns cold."

Qiao Dongliang, who was busy cooking, did not even have the time for a drink. He took a deep breath and did not say anything. "Nan Nan, you are not feeling well. Sit down. I will bring you the rice."

Qiao Nan sat comfortably and pulled at Qiao Dongliang. "Dad, there's no need for that. You've prepared a table of food. You should sit down and have a drink. I am much better now. I will get the rice for you."



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