"Xiao Qiao, what's wrong with you today? Why did you give me strange looks? Are you so stingy that you are unwilling to treat me to a meal?" On the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, Zhu Chengqi came with Zhu Baoguo to the small quad to say their greetings, treating them as if they were their relatives.

Elder Zhu did not come with them since Wang Yang and his family would visit the Zhu family's residence today.

If everyone in the Zhu family was gone, there was no way that they could answer to Zhu Qin.

Zhu Baoguo touched his face when he noticed that Qiao Nan was staring at him. "Can it be that after the Lunar New Year, you realize that I've become more handsome?" Zhu Baoguo flattered himself and struck a narcissistic pose.

"Stop your nonsense. Let me ask you a question. You have to answer me honestly."

"What's so serious? You can ask me directly."

"Is Wang Yang acquainted with the Chen family?"

"The Chen family?" Zhu Baoguo was puzzled. "Xiao Qiao, there are so many people by the surname Chen in China. Which Chen family are you referring to? The Wang family has high social status, and many people are acquainted with them. It is not strange that one of them has the surname Chen. Xiao Qiao, you seem to be very smart, but at times, you are quite dense."

It was as good as not asking.

"Do you remember the senior, Chen Jun, who came to our school recently?" She had to admit that she was too anxious and did not make herself clear.

"Why do you bring up Chen Jun again?" Zhu Baoguo frowned and he sounded angry. "Xiao Qiao, I must warn you. That man is not a good person. Don't be fooled by him. He is so shameless. You never replied to any of his letters, yet he insisted on writing so many letters to you. What is he up to? He is definitely not a good person!"

They were about eighteen, nineteen years old. Zhu Baoguo was not stupid. He could tell from Chen Jun's attitude that he wanted to pursue Qiao Nan.

Hence, Zhu Baoguo became very impatient at the mention of Chen Jun and was reluctant to talk about him. "Xiao Qiao, why did you mention him? Do you regret it and want Wang Yang to introduce you to Chen Jun?"

Zhu Baoguo was boiling in anger. He remembered that ever since Xu Tingting, who was from the same class as him, saw Chen Jun, she rejected all other boys in the school and would address Chen Jun affectionately, saying that she wanted to go to a college in the capital.

Was Chen Jun that remarkable? He did not care that Xu Tingting behaved in that way.

But it had been almost half a year, yet Xiao Qiao mentioned him again.

There was nothing spectacular about that pretty boy except for his looks. Why would Xiao Qiao remember him for such a long time?

"It's been a year. Why are you still so foolish? What kind of person Wang Yang is? Since I asked you if Wang Yang knows Chen Jun, what do you think I meant by that? Regret? I don't regret it at all!"

Qiao Nan was furious.

Luckily, her menses had finished. Otherwise, given how furious she was at Zhu Baoguo, she might be too agitated and affect her menses again. No matter how many jujubes she had, she would not be able to make up for the blood loss.

In fact, Qiao Nan had been very kind to Zhu Baoguo. The Zhu family might be the reason why she could never avoid Chen Jun, her unlucky star in her two lifetimes.

Qiao Nan was enraged that Zhu Baoguo acted out of jealousy without stopping to think clearly.

"Don't be angry. It's the Lunar New Year. Besides, I didn't say anything…" Zhu Baoguo softened his tone as soon as he sensed that Qiao Nan was angry. He lowered his voice and said humbly, "Xiao Qiao, you should know that I am not as smart as you. I tried my best in order to achieve the results that I had in school. You can tell me directly what it is that you want to know."

When he was with Xiao Qiao, he would become foolish and not as quick-witted as he usually was. He felt as if Xiao Qiao was talking in riddles. "Xiao Qiao, why did you mention Wang Yang along with Chen Jun? Is there anything wrong with them?"

"Forget it. It has nothing to do with you. There is only one thing that you have to know. Wang Yang hasn't given up yet. He wants to have everything in the Zhu family. At the very least, you have to work harder. I can't help you with everything. I am neither your elder sister nor your mother. Do you want me to look after you for the rest of your life? Learn to be wary of others and look out for their plots. I really don't understand. Wang Yang is a few years younger than you, but why is it that he is so scheming? It's as if he has all your wits."

Qiao Nan gave Zhu Baoguo a lecture.

If her guess was correct, in order to get rid of Zhu Baoguo, Wang Yang wanted to make use of Chen Jun to make her fall for his tricks.

Since Wang Yang had resorted to using Chen Jun to fool Qiao Nan, it seemed that he had gone all out to deal with Zhu Baoguo.

Wang Yang could use a honey trap on her, and he would also use it on Zhu Baoguo. It seemed that he would do whatever he could to make Zhu Baoguo fall for his tricks.

"Xiao Qiao, you must not look down on people. Wang Yang may be scheming, but I am not foolish. Today, my aunt visited our house with Wang Yang and Wang Qinglin. And so I asked my dad to bring me to your house. Xiao Qiao, you are right. I do not have to be anxious. My dad cherishes me and my grandpa values me more than he does Wang Yang. It's no wonder that Wang Yang can't stand the sight of me. I have everything that he yearns for."

He used to be angry that he was ridiculed for not having a mother since he was little. He did not realize that, in fact, he had a lot more than others.

What he could not stand was that Wang Yang was jealous of everything that he had and wanted to take it away from him.

Initially, Zhu Baoguo had taken all those that he had for granted. But when Wang Yang wanted to snatch it from him, it made him realize suddenly that all these were very important to him and he must cherish them. He would never let Wang Yang succeed in snatching them away from him.

A mediocre person would not be the envy of others. People would only fight to get those that were valuable!

"Since you could say this, I am slightly at ease." What she feared most was that Zhu Baoguo would be so foolish as to fall for Wang Yang's schemes and was defenseless against him.

They had just finished talking when Qiao Dongliang and Zhu Chengqi came out with the dishes. "Stop chatting. The food is ready."

"Dad, are you sure that what you cooked are edible?" Zhu Baoguo widened his eyes in exclamation when he noticed that it was Zhu Chengqi who prepared the food. His tone was full of disdain. Ever since a young age, he had never eaten the porridge that Zhu Chengqi cooked, let alone the dishes that he cooked.

"Don't worry, you won't die." Zhu Chengqi did not care that his son looked down on him. "Nan Nan, you should have more of the food."

"What! How could you tell Nan Nan to have more of the food that will kill her? You are too evil. Uncle Qiao, if you see my dad next time, don't open the door for him. He may be a bad influence on Nan Nan." Why was it that his father had no regard to him? People used to say that sons were more worthwhile than daughters.



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