But why did his father speak gently to Xiao Qiao and display such a good attitude during all of his interactions with her? On the other hand, his father was always fierce to him.

Fortunately, he treated Xiao Qiao like his younger sister. Otherwise, if other people, such as Wang Yang, were his father's son, they would definitely hate his father in this situation.

Sigh. It was also his misfortune to be his father's son. If it were other people, none would be able to tolerate this.

"Hahaha." Qiao Dongliang was amused. He could feel that Zhu Baoguo was joking. A year ago, Zhu Baoguo did not even bother to greet Zhu Chengqi when they met, but now Zhu Baoguo would make such jokes with Zhu Chengqi. The relationship between the father and son had seemingly improved much.

At the thought that all these were thanks to Qiao Nan, Qiao Dongliang felt extremely proud of her.

"It's true that Uncle Qiao should keep your dad away from my house. Every time he visits, he brings Nan Nan presents. If this continues, Uncle Qiao is worried that my daughter will be kidnapped by your dad." Having that said, Qiao Dongliang gave a gentle sigh.

As time passed, Qiao Dongliang realized that the presents given by Zhu Chengqi to Qiao Nan were not only expensive but also hard to find. It was also commendable that they were things that Qiao Nan needed most.

Clearly, he was the father of Qiao Nan. However, he relied on other people's father to settle Qiao Nan's needs.

When he thought about it from time to time, the more he felt that he really did not fulfill his responsibilities as a father.

"Uncle Qiao, don't be afraid. If my dad kidnaps your daughter, you can kidnap my dad's only son," Zhu Baoguo said flippantly. "I like Uncle Qiao." His father was always aloof and kept to himself. It was tiring to play mind games such as 'You Guess, Guess, Guess' with him.

Xiao Qiao was the only one that her father could communicate with ease. Even when Wang Yang saw his father, he had to keep himself in check around his father.

"Fine. I'll formally acknowledge Qiao Nan as my goddaughter. You can then acknowledge Uncle Qiao as your godfather." Zhu Chengqi's eyes lit up and agreed readily.




The proud smile and serious tone of Zhu Chengqi stunned the rest of the three people present.

Zhu Baoguo was dumbfounded as he looked at Zhu Chengqi. "Dad, are you joking or serious about it? See, you're making everyone surprised."

If his father really acknowledged Xiao Qiao as his goddaughter, then Xiao Qiao would really become his younger sister?

Clearly, this was Zhu Baoguo's wish all along, but when this seemed to be happening, he did not understand why there was a sense of repulsion in his heart. Nevertheless, it was obvious that he did not dislike Qiao Nan.

He liked Xiao Qiao but was reluctant for her to be his younger sister. What exactly was wrong with him?

"Serious. Is it not okay? You always told me that Nan Nan is your sister. Now that I'm giving you a chance, you don't wish to be Nan Nan's elder brother anymore?" Zhu Chengqi's tone reflected his usual composure. It was so normal that everyone suspected that they had a delusion earlier.

Nevertheless, when they came into contact with his extraordinary bright and shiny eyes and glowing face, everyone could not help but feel that Zhu Chengqi was not joking. He was serious.

"Qiao Dongliang, do you wish to consider this? In the past, you were also a soldier. You decided to have a second child and hoped for a son. Now that I'm letting you have a godson, do you want it?" Zhu Chengqi looked at Qiao Dongliang and asked daringly without any reservation.

Qiao Dongliang was extremely embarrassed. "Baoguo is a very good child, but I don't deserve such glory."

Yes, he really wished to have a son. However, when someone brought the 'son' before him, he then realized that a son was nothing special.

He thought of Zhu Baoguo's past delinquent behavior and poor learning attitude. He was always away from home and his studies were a mess. On top of that, he was good at spending money. His character was as stubborn as an ox and his temper was hot and explosive.

If he truly had such a son, he definitely could not control him. Furthermore, he was not capable of earning so much money for Zhu Baoguo to squander. Even Zijin did not give him so many worries, not to mention Nan Nan, who always reduced his burden and worries.

Recently, the more Qiao Dongliang discovered Qiao Zijin's shortcomings, the more depressed he was. He already had two sleepless nights.

Qiao Dongliang was already so tortured with a daughter like Qiao Zijin.

Qiao Dongliang pondered Zhu Chengqi's offer. If Zhu Baoguo truly became his son, would he still be able to live on?

Fortunately, he only had daughters and Nan Nan had been considerate and caring from a young age. This lessened much of his worries.

In comparison to a negative example such as Zhu Baoguo, Qiao Dongliang truly felt that he was blessed.


Having a son was not as fortunate as he had expected.

If it was truly a blessing, would Zhu Chengqi fight with him over Nan Nan and let Zhu Baoguo be his godson?!

Zhu Chengqi did not seem to mind as he smiled. He then said to Zhu Baoguo. "See? No one wants you even if I give you to them. Given your situation, are you able to find me a daughter-in-law and give me a grandchild in the future? Even others will despise you."

"Dad, what you are talking about? Do you believe that if I curl my fingers now, I can let you have three grandchildren in a year's time?" Zhu Baoguo refused to concede defeat. There were countless women who were willing to sleep with him. Two years ago, there was a woman who stripped naked in front of him but he was not interested.

Otherwise, his father would not only have a grandchild today, but one who was able to run about and overturn sauce bottles.

When Zhu Baoguo displayed that previous temper of his, the other three people knitted their brows.

Zhu Chengqi was a soldier and disliked this type of frivolous and irresponsible attitude most. "Baoguo, how did I teach you usually? This type of words will not highlight your capability but will only let others look down on you."

"Baoguo, you're already an adult. Don't talk nonsense out of impulse. Those words are not nice. No wonder your dad is worried that he won't have a grandchild in the future. Your dad wants a daughter-in-law and not those loose women. A good lady who's not casual will not agree to what you said earlier."

As someone with daughters, Qiao Dongliang felt deeply about this.

In comparison to the quick-tempered and impetuous Zhu Baoguo, he would rather marry Nan Nan to someone who was older and upright, such as Zhai Sheng, than someone like Zhu Baoguo, who was of the same age as Nan Nan but irresponsible and liked to mess around.

After being jointly disciplined by the two fathers, Zhu Baoguo withered like a frosted eggplant. "Alright, don't discipline me. It's the Lunar New Year. Give me some face. Am I the type who messes around? It's all just talk. Dad, Uncle Qiao, I'm extremely decent. I've never done any of those messy things before."



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