"There are people who seek my favor because of our family status, but I don't want them. I'm not stupid."

Zhu Baoguo raised his voice and ensured that everyone present could clearly hear him. When he said that, his pair of eyes constantly glanced in Qiao Nan's direction, observing her reaction.

He was a decent man. Even if there were women who initiated to bring themselves to him, he did not mess around with them. As of now, he was still a virgin!

"I'll consider you smart." Zhu Chengqi snorted. "If you dare to mess around, I'm not sure if your mom will still be willing to acknowledge you as her son." At the thought of the deceased Lee Shu, he recalled that she had mysophobia and was very clear in terms of who she truly loved. Zhu Chengqi did not wish for his son to become an irresponsible man who messed around with others.

"What kind of nonsense are you talking about? This topic has gone haywire. Were we discussing this earlier?" Zhu Baogo turned red with embarrassment.

"You're the one who brought this up first," Zhu Chenqi said as a matter of fact.

"Alright, then I shall shut up. Will that do? I'm hungry. I'll have a taste of your culinary skills, Dad." After ascertaining that Qiao Nan did not look at him in a different light, Zhu Baoguo picked up some dishes with his chopsticks and placed them in his bowl. Given his situation, it was safer to eat more and talk less.

"Uncle Zhu, I have something to ask you." After the meal, Qiao Nan took out a book. "It's regarding my studies. Can I seek your guidance privately?"


"I want to listen too. It may be of use when I take the high school examination."

Zhu Chengqi slammed a book on Zhu Baoguo's face. "What's there to listen? The English knowledge that Nan Nan asks me is already beyond your level. You may not even understand it when you attend college. Just read what you should be reading."

After entering the bedroom, Zhu Chengqi's expression was increasingly serious. "Nan Nan, what do you wish to talk to me about?"

"Regarding Wang Yang."

"What about him?" Zhu Chengqi furrowed his brows. "As far as I know, he didn't do anything recently. He has been quite abiding."

Qiao Nan smiled. "If he can be abiding, then he's not Wang Yang. But Wang Yang has become smarter this time. He didn't take action himself, and neither did he target Zhu Baoguo directly."

"He is plotting against you? What did he do to you?"

"Uncle Zhu, this is what I want to tell you today. Last year, a senior with the surname Chen came to my school suddenly. Thereafter, he kept writing to me and his intention of wooing me was quite obvious. Uncle Zhu, how much time will I have and how much effort will I exert to help you take care of Baoguo if I'm in love? Moreover, Zhu Baoguo has poor self-discipline. If that truly happens, what will become of Zhu Baoguo?"

"…" Zhu Chengqi's eyes were downcast. If Nan Nan truly fell in love, the situation would not be as simple as what she had described.

Nan Nan was someone that was very important to Baoguo, someone whom he cared very much for.

The early passing of Lee Shu resulted in Baoguo lacking a sense of security since a young age. His character was domineering and possessive. Baoguo detested Wang Yang because the latter portrayed a very obedient image in front of his father and won the liking of many. Baoguo felt that his grandpa and father had been snatched away and thus his temper worsened.

Aside from his family members, Nan Nan was the only good friend that had an important place in Baoguo's heart.

If Nan Nan fell in love at this time and ignored Baoguo, Baoguo's situation might turn worse and he might give up on himself.

Zhu Chengqi took a few deep breaths. "Why did you associate Chen Jun's appearance directly with Wang Yang? Nan Nan, you're an outstanding lady. It is actually not strange that someone likes you and wants to woo you."

"Sixth sense. Chen Jun's appearance was too coincidental. The way he wooed me was also ridiculous. I only met him twice. Chen Jun comes from good family background. His father is the deputy police commissioner in the police station. He's considered a rich kid too. He wrote me numerous letters in the past six months. The only time that I replied to him was when I sent him back all his letters. On the first day of Lunar New Year, he came to our house and even bumped into Wang Yang. Their behaviors were strange, so I casually asked them if they knew each other. At that time, to my amusement, both Wang Yang and Chen Jun replied simultaneously that they didn't know each other. The whole time that Chen Jun was at my house, he didn't have any eye contact with Wang Yang, and neither did they speak to each other. Uncle Zhou, although you have been staying in the army all this while, you are definitely capable of observing and judging people. Do you think my deduction is logical?"

"Not logical," Zhu Chengqi said with certainty.

"There's one more thing. Uncle Zhu, please take what I'm going to say into consideration. The girls in my class were quite interested in Chen Jun, so I heard about something. Chen Jun's father is only the deputy police commissioner now."

"You're saying that Chen Jun wishes to help his father get promoted?" Zhu Chengqi was a smart individual. Qiao Nan had not finished her statement and he already understood what she meant.

"This is just my guess. What the truth is… Uncle Zhu, you have to rely on yourself to investigate this matter. The son is yours. I'm only Zhu Baoguo's friend." If Zhu Chengqi was really unable to protect Zhu Baoguo, it was useless no matter how cautious she was.

"Why didn't you tell Baoguo directly? He's not young anymore and should learn how to handle these matters. Whenever something happens, you never think of telling Baoguo, but you'll always discuss it with me. Aren't you looking down too much on Baoguo?" Zhu Chengqi looked at Qiao Nan interestingly. Qiao Nan behaved as if she were the senior who was protecting her junior.

Unfortunately, that 'junior' who was being protected was his son.

"Wang Yang is too scheming. Zhu Baoguo is impulsive and not mature enough. To train Zhu Baoguo in life, there has to be a process and he has to go through different stages. Obviously, Zhu Baoguo should not skip any of the stages now." If he clashed with Wang Yang, given Zhu Baoguo's intelligence, he would directly be blasted to ashes. "Most importantly, honing Zhu Baoguo is your problem and not mine. I'm just relating the situation to you. As for the arrangements you want to make for Zhu Baoguo and how you want to settle this, it's up to you. I'm just a child. I don't have that much endurance and capability."

"You're a child, but you have more endurance and capability than you think." Zhu Chengqi smiled.

Nan Nan relating the problem to him was equivalent to making the first move in a chess game and setting up the strategy and plot.

"Uncle Zhu, can I ask you another question?" Qiao Nan clenched her fists nervously. Her palms were sweating profusely.

Zhu Chengqi's following reply might provide an explanation to a question that she had been pondering for the past few days.

"Ask away."

"When you said that you want to formally acknowledge me as your goddaughter, were you joking or serious?"


"!" Qiao Nan tightened her fists. Her fingernails, that were not that long, directly carved a crescent moon shape in her palms. "Why? Just because I'm good to Baoguo?"

If that were the case, then her deduction might be wrong.


Wang Yang, Wang Yang. So, the ill fate between us was actually quite deep. It was not just in this lifetime!!!



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