"No. When Baoguo's mother was pregnant with him, she often told me that she only wanted to have one child and she hoped that she would give birth to a daughter. She asked me for my opinion. I told her that I liked daughter too. It's just that my father would be a little disappointed. Nan Nan, you matched the image of the daughter that Lee Shu and I had in our minds very well."

Obedient, sensible, abiding, and always striving for excellence.

The daughter that he had imagined to be had appeared before him. To Zhu Chengqi, Qiao Nan was perfect and did not have any shortcomings.

Qiao Nan's face turned as white as a sheet. She forced a smile. "So, that's the reason?"

So that was the reason!!!

"Why? Is something the matter?" Zhu Chengqi did not understand why Qiao Nan's expression turned so ugly when she heard his reply.

"No. Initially, there's a problem. Nevertheless, the problem has already been resolved now." Qiao Nan let out a long breath. "Uncle Zhu, thank you for giving me a reply." After all, this made her understand what happened before her death in the previous lifetime.

While Qiao Nan was suspecting that Wang Yang and Chen Jun knew each other, that Chen Jun possibly appeared in this lifetime under Wang Yang's orders, Qiao Nan had also been thinking for the past four to five days about something else. In her previous life, why did Chen Jun appear before her, woo her, and wish to marry her?

In her previous lifetime, Zhu Baoguo had already been beaten to death by those hooligans. There was no one who would stand in the way of Wang Yang, so there was no need for Wang Yang to deal with her or use Chen Jun, his trump card. Was Chen Jun together with her because of Wang Yang, like what he did in this life?

It was only now that Qiao Nan finally cleared all her doubts with what Zhu Chengqi said. There was a flash in Qiao Nan's mind and she was suddenly enlightened.

After hearing Zhu Chengqi's response, Qiao Nan was very sure that Chen Jun's appearances in her two lifetimes were arranged by Wang Yang to deal with her.

When Zhu Baoguo was still alive, Zhu Chengqi had already wished to acknowledge her as his goddaughter. During this period, Zhu Chengqi had been trying his best to find the learning materials that she needed. Although she was not Zhu Chengqi's goddaughter, Qiao Nan dared to say that the effort that Zhu Chengqi spent on her during this period was not any less than that of her biological father!

When Qiao Dongliang had money, he did not show any concern for Qiao Nan. When he was concerned about Qiao Nan, he did not have any money. At most, he could provide moral support. Moreover, as a father, he occasionally wavered and spared a thought for Qiao Zijin. He could not completely focus on Qiao Nan alone.

On the contrary, Zhu Chengqi's consideration for Qiao Nan was much more heartfelt. He often told Zhu Baoguo to protect Qiao Nan well at school and was not allowed to bully Qiao Nan. If Zhu Baoguo did anything wrong, Qiao Nan could disciple Zhu Baoguo directly. No matter what happened, he would be the backing for Qiao Nan.

In comparison to Qiao Dongliang, Zhu Chengqi was more like her father.

Hence, Qiao Nan could completely imagine the utter despair and decadence that Zhu Chengqi felt when Zhu Baoguo died in the previous lifetime. The only longing that Lee Shu left for Zhu Chengqi was gone.

At that time, what if Zhu Chengqi still thought that she resembled the daughter that he and Lee Shu had imagined? Once Zhu Chengqi formally acknowledged her as his goddaughter, he would most likely give all the importance and love that he had for Zhu Baoguo to her.

If that were the case, then even though Wang Yang finally caused Zhu Baoguo's death after much effort, it would all be in vain. That being said, all of Wang Yang's effort would benefit her in the end?

That's why Wang Yang could not tolerate her existence!

However, Qiao Nan did not understand why Zhu Chengqi eventually dispelled the intention to acknowledge her as his goddaughter after she agreed to be with Chen Jun. However, she was certain that whatever she guessed was close to the truth.

"Are you really alright?" Zhu Chengqi did not believe her. "You don't look well. Should we go to the hospital?"

"No need. I'm really fine. Let's go out. If we don't, Zhu Baoguo will most likely come to look for us." Qiao Nan took a long deep breath then exhaled it.

Zhu Chengqi confirmed again that besides looking unwell, there was nothing odd about Qiao Nan. "Alright. Nevertheless, as I've said earlier, both you and your dad and you could consider my proposal. Baoguo likes you very much and has been treating you like his younger sister. If you become my goddaughter, Baoguo will definitely be very happy."

"I'll have to defer this matter to my dad. Thank you, Uncle Zhu." Qiao Nan gave a bitter smile. She nearly could not bring herself to say the word 'thanks'.

In her previous lifetime, she did not get married and leave her family, and was eventually bullied to death. It was, in fact, because Chen Jun's betrayal had a huge impact and influence on her.

In other words, if Zhu Chengqi had not fancied her to be his daughter, she would never have met a scum like Chen Jun and encountered the mishap.

"Dad, just how difficult of a question did Nan Nan ask you that both of you are still not out yet after quite some time?" True enough, Zhu Baoguo's noisy voice instantly broke the awkwardness and stiff atmosphere between Qiao Nan and Zhu Chengqi.

At the sight of Zhu Chengqi and Qiao Nan, Qiao Dongliang, who had been craning his neck, turned his head and pretended to read the newspapers.

Qiao Dongliang could sense that Zhu Chengqi was serious. Thus, Qiao Dongliang felt that although his son-in-law had not appeared, there was already another man fighting with him for his daughter. How could that do!

At the thought of how good Zhu Chengqi was to Qiao Nan and how he had failed his fatherly duty all this while, Qiao Dongliang felt extremely guilty. He was truly fearful that this good daughter of his would be kidnapped away by Zhu Chengqi.

"Even if I tell you, will you understand?" Zhu Chengqi was not afraid of embarrassing Zhu Baoguo. His words were as venomous as a snake's poison.

"Don't be arrogant. I'm still young. As long as I am willing to, why can't I understand!" Zhu Baoguo felt embarrassed in front of Qiao Nan. His face turned red and his neck swelled as he looked at Zhu Chengqi angrily.

Was this his biological father? He refused to give him any face each time they were with Nan Nan. He was too much!

"I've said it before that I'll succeed one day! If you don't understand, you'll just have to wait and see!" He would try his best to improve and not let others look down on him even if he was not good enough. Did his father think that he would continue to be bullied? Don't think that he would give in just because he was his father. No way!

Zhu Chengqi sat down. "Sure, I'll wait for that day."

If that day would truly come, then he and Nan Nan would not need to spend so much effort for the sake of this silly lad.

At the thought of what Qiao Nan did for Zhu Baoguo, Zhu Chengqi suspected once again whether Zhu Baoguo was the elder brother or Qiao Nan the elder sister.

On this day, Zhu Chengqi and Zhu Baoguo stayed in the Qiao family until quite late.

At about four o'clock in the afternoon, the small quad, which was initially rather empty, was not only installed with a phone but also a television.



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