Of course, all these were paid by Zhu Chengqi. He gave them to Qiao Nan and said that they would make her learning and daily life more convenient.

While sitting in the car, Zhu Baoguo yawned. "Dad, do you think Auntie and her family would have gone home when we're back?"

"Not necessarily." Wang Yang and Zhu Qin might want to leave due to anger, but Wang Qinglin would definitely not.

"It's too annoying." Zhu Baoguo grimaced. "Can't they be more self-aware as a person? Aren't our attitudes obvious enough?" If not for the fact that his grandfather was still around, he really did not wish to let the Wang family enter the house of the Zhu family. They were so shameless.

He could never understand why the Wang family was so thick-skinned and continued to be relatives with them after Wang Yang's bad deed was exposed. They acted as if the relationship was as good as before. Their shamelessness was indescribable.

"Self-awareness?" Upon hearing this word, Zhu Chengqi smiled. "Saying that showed that you're not mature enough. In the face of great benefits, dignity and self-awareness are all as superficial as clouds. Wang Qinglin is a smart man. The Wang family spent so much effort to marry your auntie. Before fully making use of this relationship, it's impossible for the word 'self-awareness' to appear in the Wang family."

The Wang family's design for the Zhu family was not that simple, and Wang Qinglin did not marry Zhu Qin out of love only. Zhu Chengqi had known about this all along.

Regardless, he seemed to be unable to avoid such a situation in a family like his.

As long as the Wang family did not go overboard and his sister, Zhu Chengqi, was truly happy, Zhu Chengqi never felt that it was an issue for the Wang family to take a little advantage of them.

However, if the interests of the Wang family were to be built by sacrificing his only son, Zhu Chengqi could no longer be as easy-going as he used to be.

Although Elder Zhu was still around, Zhu Chengqi had not been giving the Wang family any face for over a year.

The time Zhu Chengqi spent in the Zhu's residence was already very scarce. In the past, Wang Qinglin could only meet Zhu Chengqi, his elder brother-in-law, a few times in a year. However, ever since Wang Yang's deed of feeding Zhu Baoguo with fruits immersed in sleeping drugs was exposed, Wang Qinglin had not seen Zhu Chengqi for more than one year.

"Auntie's surname is also Zhu. Why can't she understand? If the Zhu family is not good, did she think that the Wang family will treat her well?" At the mention of Zhu Qin, Zhu Baoguo felt more depressed.

Zhu Chengqi closed his eyes. "Your auntie's surname is Zhu, but his husband and son bear the surname Wang. The Wang family doesn't have the ability to bring down the Zhu family. Under this premise, your auntie is, of course, biased toward the Wang family."

True enough, it was almost nine o'clock at night when Zhu Chengqi and his son returned to the house of the Zhu family, but Wang Qinglin's family of three was still around.

"Elder brother, you're back." Wang Qinglin, who had been sitting and waiting for the entire day, did not look unhappy at all. Instead, he displayed a very respectful attitude toward Zhu Chengqi.

At the sight of Zhu Qin's black and unresponsive face, Wang Qinglin gave Zhu Qin a tug. Zhu Qin pushed his hand away and refused to speak. She was angry. When she was still a lady in the Zhu family, her brother and father doted on her. Now, all of them did not treat her as part of the Zhu family.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, they visited Elder Lee at the house of the Lee family. She could not say anything about it as Elder Lee was her elder brother's father-in-law.

But what did he mean by his actions today? The Qiao family and the Zhu family had nothing to do with each other. Why did her elder brother ignore her whole family and went out to meet the outsiders? He even stayed out and returned home so late.

If Qinglin had not insisted, she would have gone home.

"Uncle, Brother Baoguo." Wang Yang, whose bottom felt numb from sitting all day long, was smiling like a flower at the sight of the two of them. "Brother Baoguo, you're back so late. You must be feeling cold. Come over, sit down and drink some hot tea to warm up your body."

Wang Qinglin discreetly nodded. Yang Yang was truly his son. He was unlike Zhu Qin who could not think clearly at times.

Actually, Wang Qinglin knew that Zhu Qin did not bother to hide anything when she was with the Zhu family. She was unafraid since her surname was Zhu and she belonged to the Zhu family. Nevertheless, he and his son bore the surname Wang and belonged to the Wang family.

The Zhu family would definitely tolerate Zhu Qin, but not him and his son.

"Brother, I often hear from Wang Yang that Qiao Nan is a very outstanding child. If there's a chance, could you let us meet with her too?" Wang Qinglin was not embarrassed and even used Qiao Nan as a bridge. "Yang Yang, this child, is obedient, yet naughty at times. I need to find a good example for him and let him know how a truly good child behaves."

"What good child? No matter how good Qiao Nan is, she's not related to our Zhu family in any way. Brother, you have the thoughts to be good to other people's child, but why don't you spend more effort on Baoguo and Yang Yang?" Zhu Qin was dissatisfied. Her son was his biological nephew.

She had never seen her brother treated Yang Yang that well, so how could another family's child snatch away the benefit? It was unfair.

"Brother, did you become foolish and muddle-headed from staying in the camp for too long? There are two children in your own family that need your concern, yet you're so good to an outsider. What are you thinking of?" Zhu Qin aired out all the grievances that she had accumulated over the recent period.

It was rare for men in the army to see women. Had water gone into his brother's brains that another family's daughter was like a rare gem to him now?

After letting Zhu Qin vent her frustration, Zhu Chengqi said calmly, "I only have one son."

"But Yang Yang is also your biological nephew."

"He's only my nephew, and his parents dote on him. Even if there's a need to dote, it won't be his uncle's turn to do so." There was a flash in Zhu Chengqi's eyes. He took a glance at Wang Qinglin and Wang Yang.

As long as Zhu Qin was present, this pair of father and son would not say more in front of him. In that case, Zhu Qin would be the bad guy, whereas Wang Qinglin and Wang Yang would be the good guys. How could he not understand this two-faced drama? It was just a little disgusting.

"Pfft…" Upon hearing that, Zhu Baoguo was so happy. He nearly laughed out loud and couldn't help but leak out a weird sound. It was aggravating enough.

Seeing that Wang Yang's expression was about to change, Wang Qinglin grabbed Wang Yang's hands. Wang Qinglin maintained the smile on his face. "What Brother said is right. Yang Yang has his grandpa, grandma, dad, and mom doting on him. Yang Yang, you have so many people who dote on you, so you have to do even better. Your uncle and maternal grandpa have been treating you so well since a young age. You must not let everyone down."

"Dad, don't worry. I won't. Uncle, while I was reading 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' previously, there're some parts that I didn't understand. Can I seek your guidance?" Wang Yang managed to suppress his fit of anger.

Wang Qinglin looked assured as he curled his lips into a smile. He then looked at Zhu Baoguo and waited for him to lose his temper.

Zhu Baoguo gave a big yawn and then leaned against the sofa. "Wang Yang, you're so hardworking. You waited until the middle of the night just to seek advice from my dad. It seems like I have to learn from you too."



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