"Dad, I'm also quite interested in 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' recently. Why don't I join in to listen?"

In the past, Zhu Baoguo was most impatient in learning. As such, Wang Yang would always use learning as an excuse to spend individual time with Zhu Chengqi to improve Zhu Chengqi's impression of him. Zhu Baoguo despised learning so much and would definitely distance himself away.

Hence, when Zhu Baoguo said this, Wang Yang and Wang Qinglin's faces turned pale. They reacted strongly.

Although Zhu Qin was not quite used to Zhu Baoguo's curiosity, she still had some conscience. She said, "It's good to be close. The two of you can learn together. If you have any questions, you can ask them together too. Both of you can also discuss it. You both should have done this long ago."

How good would that be? If they had any questions, they could discuss, learn, and improve together.

Regardless of the number of misunderstandings Baoguo and Yang Yang had, after getting along for some time, they would clear up eventually. The brothers' relationship would only improve.

When Zhu Baoguo heard what Zhu Qin said, he looked at Wang Yang and smiled.

The look in Wang Yang's eyes was sinister and scary. His mouth simply pursed and formed a straight line.

Regardless of what question he asked, Zhu Baoguo would definitely poke his nose into it as long as his uncle was around. However, when his uncle was not at home, Zhu Baoguo would not bother about him. Just as in the past, he would definitely force Grandpa to ban him from coming to the house of the Zhu family.

Over these two years, Zhu Baoguo had progressed more than just a little.

"Fine, the two of you can ask questions together." Zhu Chengqi pretended not to notice the conflict and competition between Zhu Baoguo and Wang Yang. He thus sang a similar tune with Zhu Qin.

Each time Wang Yang came to look for Zhu Chengqi, he never came unprepared. He really did bring the questions along with him.

When he heard Wang Yang posed the questions in a decent manner, Zhu Baoguo raised his eyebrows. He finally knew why he lost out to Wang Yang in the past. "So, this is what you wanted to ask. I can explain this to you without the need to trouble my dad. It's a rare chance. You've addressed me as an elder brother for more than a decade. Today, I can finally fulfill my duty as a brother."

Zhu Baoguo took out his own 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' book and started explaining to Wang Yang. Who would have thought that Zhu Baoguo, who was once the naughty lad who used to play truancy and fail his examinations all the time, would have such an eloquent manner?

Whoever saw the current Zhu Baoguo would say that he was a child who loved to learn. He was like a little eminent writer who knew a lot. It was truly not exaggerating to say that he was guiding Wang Yang.

Wang Yang sought Zhu Chengqi's guidance because he wanted to show his diligence and enthusiasm in seeking answers. It was not to highlight Zhu Baoguo's progress and knowledge.

"Do you get it now? Or is there anything that you still don't understand? You can ask me. I'll see if I'm able to answer."

"No, no need." Wang Yang gave a grim smile. When he tugged the corners of his lips, they were so stiff that Wang Yang could hardly control them. "Brother, I often heard from Grandpa that your studies have improved a lot. I didn't feel it previously, but I've sensed it deeply today. Truly formidable!"

Since when did the ignorant and incompetent Zhu Baoguo become interested in these things?!

"Hahaha, that's good." Zhu Baoguo smiled complacently. In the past, he felt that ancient Chinese prose were lacking in fluency and hard to understand. He almost bit off his own tongue to recognize and recite all those words in the books even once, not to mention understand them.

"Looking at that happy smile on your face, Brother, you must have been influenced by Qiao Nan. It's truly good that you have Qiao Nan as your friend. She thought of everything for you." The influence that Qiao Nan had on Zhu Baoguo was apparently great. Zhu Baoguo was now willing to accept the ancient Chinese prose.

"That… I don't only mix around with the bad company. I don't need many good friends, just one will do." Zhu Baoguo didn't feel any resentment and anger toward Wang Yang's tone when he mentioned Qiao Nan. Instead, he replied to him proudly. He was laughing at Wang Yang that the latter did not have such a capable friend like Qiao Nan, whereas he did.

Wang Yang was not as good as he thought to be.

Zhu Baoguo did not know that if not for his repeated emphasis of Qiao Nan's existence in front of Wang Yang, it would not have been possible for Qiao Nan to meet the scum, Chen Jun, so early in this lifetime.

Zhu Baoguo did not realize that Zhu Chengqi was already aware of Chen Jun's existence.

When Zhu Baoguo said this, Zhu Chengqi restrained his eyes as he observed Wang Yang discreetly.

In that instance, Zhu Chengqi caught the curse that flashed beneath Wang Yang's eyes when Wang Yang heard Qiao Nan's name.

In that case, Nan Nan's suspicion of Wang Yang trying to sow discord between Zhu Baoguo and her so that Baoguo would become bad was not unfounded. Wang Yang, this nephew of his, had surprised him and done something shocking again.

"Uncle, I don't have any other questions. I shall not disturb Grandpa and you from resting then." After unintentionally allowing Zhu Baoguo to shine brightly in front of Zhu Chengqi, Wang Yang lost the interest to remain in the house of the Zhu family. He wished to go home and calm himself down.


"Let me send you off?" Zhu Baoguo stood up. He crossed his arms and looked at Wang Yang in a provoking manner.

"No need!" Who needed Zhu Baoguo to send him off! When did Zhu Baoguo not only become interested in ancient prose but also polite in his manner?

Was Qiao Nan a magician? He even changed Zhu Baoguo's heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys! Otherwise, why did Zhu Baoguo seem like he was a totally different person? He was nothing like the Zhu Baoguo that he knew in the past. He had changed.

"Baoguo, that's right. You're the elder brother. If Yang Yang is wrong, you should tell Yang Yang. If he doesn't change, you should tell Auntie. Auntie will definitely teach Yang Yang. The two of you are brothers. Is the relationship between the two of you comparable to outsiders? You must be united and support each other. That way, the Zhu family and the Wang family will have a good relationship. Understand?"

It was rare for Zhu Baoguo to send them off. Zhu Qin was overjoyed.

Baoguo's studies had improved and he was a changed person. He knew how to respect her as his auntie and send people off.

True enough, children that loved to learn are the best in the world.

Zhu Baoguo did not reply to Zhu Qin directly. He looked at Wang Yang smilingly and replied, "Auntie, it's already so late. When you are on the way home, you must ask the chauffeur to drive slowly and not to rush."

"Ah, don't worry, he won't. The weather is cold. Let's go back quickly." Zhu Qin nodded happily. Zhu Baoguo sent them off and waited as they boarded the car and left the house of the Zhu family.

As soon as the car of the Wang family left, a sarcastic smile appeared on Zhu Baoguo's face. "Ah, Wang Yang, I initially thought that you're very awesome. I didn't know that you only have so much capability. Oh…"

"Oh? What are you oh-ing about?" Zhu Chengqi gave Zhu Baoguo a slap on his head. "Silly lad."

If Nan Nan had not been by Baoguo's side, he did not know what Baoguo would have become with Wang Yang's plotting against him.



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