Nan Nan was right. Baoguo was not mature enough. His current thinking could not match that of Wang Yang at all. If Baoguo confronted Wang Yang head-on impulsively, this silly son of his would definitely be the one to lose out.

Judging from this, it seemed like he had to 'throw' Baoguo back to the army and give him some life skills training again. At least, he would need to train Baoguo's brain to become smarter.

"Dad, what did you speak to Xiao Qiao about today? Xiao Qiao's grades are very good. Would she have any questions to ask you? I don't believe it." Zhu Baoguo rubbed his head that was slapped. "Are Xiao Qiao and you keeping something from me?"

"Do you think we will have anything to keep from you and her dad?"

"It doesn't seem like there's anything."

"Then, won't that do? It's already so late. Quickly wash up and sleep. Don't always let others urge you." Although Baoguo's plotting ability was not comparable to that of Wang Yang, he had, in fact, improved a lot.

At the thought of the expression on Wang Yang's face when he left today, Zhu Chengqi calmly glanced at Baoguo and was satisfied with the passable performance of his son, Zhu Baoguo. It was only now that he felt Baoguo had some resemblance to Lee Shu and him.

It was rare that Zhu Chengqi and Zhu Baoguo could get along so peacefully. On the contrary, the atmosphere between Wang Yang and Wang Qinglin was not that good. "Yang Yang, it's not that Dad is exerting pressure on you. Dad has told you about the situation of the Wang family long ago. Yang Yang, you have to buck up. Don't let Zhu Baoguo overtake you. In fact, even if Baoguo can't win against you, as long as he performs well and improves, you know the choice your maternal grandpa and uncle will make. Yang Yang, we all rely on you for the Wang family's future."

Wang Qinglin's words were still ringing in Wang Yang's ears. Each time he thought of Wang Qinglin's words, Wang Yang's mood would be extremely bad.

Why wasn't his surname Zhu? Why was he not the son of his uncle?

If he had been born earlier, there wouldn't have been so much trouble. Similar to Zhu Baoguo, he could have idled around and enjoyed the fruits of others' labor. He could have easily had all the Zhu family had without the need to work hard. Truly, not everyone is equal. The world is unfair.

At the thought of these issues, Wang Yang was so furious that he simply smashed all the cups in his bedroom to the floor.

After losing a round of his temper, Wang Yang picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Hello?" From the other side of the phone came Chen Jun's voice, which sounded gruff. Obviously, Wang Yang's call had disrupted Chen Jun's good dream.

"Ha, you slept so early? Be careful of kidney failure." Wang Yang sneered. "I don't care how you play with women usually but remember what I asked you to do. You'd better show me your results as soon as possible. My patience is limited. If you don't have the capability, I don't mind changing to another person. There are many who wish to work for me. It's not just you, Chen Jun. Do you understand?"

Chen Jun let go of the woman who was sleeping soundly in his arms. His expression turned serious. "I'm in the midst of working on it. You should have seen it. But this Qiao Nan is definitely different. Compared to other young ladies around her age, she is much more mature."

Hero saving the beauty, endless sincerity in love, and what not—Chen Jun had tried all these means but unfortunately, none of them worked. Now, Chen Jun was only left with his last move and that was to throw money to win the beauty's smile. This was Chen Jun's last resort and one that Chen Jun did not wish to use most. He had this nagging feeling that the tactic that was most tried and tested was unlikely to work on Qiao Nan.

"I don't want to hear any excuses. Whether Qiao Nan is hooked by your trap, that's your business and it has nothing to do with me. What I want is the outcome. I've already said that if you can't do it, I have no qualms about getting someone else to do this. The fact that Qiao Nan doesn't like you means you're not competent enough. I'll take it as having made a wrong judgment. I'll give you one more month. If Qiao Nan continues to ignore you during this one month, then don't blame me for being heartless. I can only ask someone else to do this. I don't have that much time to let you continue to waste them!"

Having that said, Wang Yang simply slammed down the phone without listening to Chen Jun's explanation.

At the beeping sound from the other end of the phone, Chen Jun's expression turned extremely ugly. On this occasion, Wang Yang had really got him by the balls. He could not give up this opportunity. If he did, his father would have to wait for a few more years before he could be promoted from the deputy police commissioner to police commissioner.

"Chen Jun, what's the matter? It's already so late and you're not sleeping. We've done it for so long. Aren't you tired?" The woman lying beside Chen Jun was awakened by the noise. At the mention of the 'war' between the two earlier, the woman's face turned redder. "Don't tell me you don't wish to sleep? Let me tell you first, I can't do it anymore. You're too much. Was it because you wished to maintain a squeaky clean good image that you never did this when you're still in the school back then?"

Chen Jun's face was cold. He let go of the woman. "I'll send you back."

The squeaky clean image that he maintained in the school previously was useless now. Qiao Nan would not care about it. The effort that he had put in all this while was all in vain.

After he attended college, Chen Jun held the belief that a villain doesn't harm his next-door neighbors. He never had any romantic relationships with the ladies in the school, and neither did he have the habit of having one-night stands. After he received the mission regarding Qiao Nan, Chen Jun especially paid more attention to this aspect.

Just like no man would be annoyed that his wife was a virgin, which woman in the world would not like to be the only one for her husband?

Chen Jun always believed that he could definitely make use of this point to move Qiao Nan and make her accept him.

However, when he came back this time, Chen Jun realized that everything that he had done could not win Qiao Nan's heart. During the past six months, he had constantly written to Qiao Nan. He eventually retreated intentionally for the sake of advancing and even visited Qiao Nan on a special day such as the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Qiao Nan did not care about the good image that he had maintained in the school. She also would not act according to his wish and visit his school to find out about his situation.

The mission that was supposedly easy to complete had been a fiasco. That little physical need of Chen Jun also completely vanished with this phone call of Wang Yang.

"What did you say?" The woman looked at Chen Jun in disbelief. "Can you repeat?"

"I'll send you back. Now." Chen Jun got up from the bed and wore his clothes. "Hurry."

"You…" Chen Jun had worn his shirt and pants. Of course, Chen Jun was not kidding. He was serious. That woman sneered. "All of you men are truly heartless after sleeping with a woman. I didn't know that you're no different, Chen Jun."

"I don't need you to send me. I'll leave by myself. Don't look for me again in the future. I don't wish to see you anymore!" The woman dressed up, threw a pillow at Chen Jun, and ran out of the house of the Chen family.

When she reached the entrance of the house, the woman halted her steps and looked back. Seeing that Chen Jun was really nowhere in sight, she stomped her feet in fury.



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