Chen Jun sat on the balcony. After confirming that the woman had left his house, he took out his cigarette and started smoking quietly.

It was only until there were more than ten cigarette butts on the floor that Chen Jun let out a sigh and returned to the bedroom.

Wang Yang had made himself clear. If he could not settle the matter regarding Qiao Nan within one month, and Qiao Nan did not reveal any liking for him, then Wang Yang would ask someone else to do this. His father had been in the role of the deputy police commissioner for a long time. After much difficulty, he finally found an opportunity through Wang Yang. So, this time, the matter pertaining to Qiao Nan must not fail.

Judging from this, he must definitely wreck his brains to deal with Qiao Nan.

Chen Jun always felt that this matter was not urgent. At the very least, it was not that urgent and he could completely take it a step at a time to break the barrier between Qiao Nan and him and grab hold of her tightly in his hands.

He did not expect that a senior high school student, who was usually an easy target to 'kidnap', would have a psychological wall so tall and thick that he completely had no means to climb over. It was also not within Chen Jun's control that Wang Yang was so anxious about this matter. This was totally unexpected.

"Mom, it's the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. Are you going there?" Early in the morning, Qiao Zijin's dissatisfied tone could be heard coming from the small courtyard of the Qiao family. "If you're still not going, those things will go into Qiao Nan's tummy. Mom, were you just coaxing me back then? All those words were unreal, weren't they? Were you lying to me?"

One day after another. The first day of the Lunar New Year had passed, yet nothing. The second and third days passed by in the same fashion. Eventually, one week had passed and Qiao Zijin had not seen any of what Ding Jiayi promised to bring back for her.

On the contrary, the two kilograms of dried food brought back by Qiao Zijin previously had been used up.

"Didn't you say that there's a lot of them? Qiao Nan's appetite is as small as that of a cat. How could she possibly finish eating all of them in such a short time? Even if I wish to help you by looking for your dad to ask for the things, I need to find a suitable reason. If I simply go over and take them, will your dad give them to me? If your dad was really so easy to convince, you would have brought back all the stuff that day." Ding Jiayi looked like she was in a difficult situation.

Ding Jiayi agreed to this matter readily, but on hindsight, she realized that it was hard to do it.

She had not managed to coax her husband back home, and Old Qiao was obviously biased toward Qiao Nan. Besides, the things were with Old Qiao. If Old Qiao was not willing to, whatever she thought would be useless.

"There's only one more week before the school reopens. Qiao Nan may not finish them quickly, but what should we do if she brings them to school for her classmates?" Qiao Zijin was judging others by oneself. She felt that Qiao Nan would finish the food off even if there were a lot of them.

Ding Jiayi shook her head. "No, that wretched girl is a little heartless, but she should be able to differentiate clearly between her own family and the outsiders. I don't believe that she will give them to outsiders instead of her own biological sister."

"I can't be sure about that. Qiao Nan may bring them to school for her classmates to eat for the sake of winning them over. Anyway, it's already the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. Mom, are you able to do what you've promised me? I'll leave it to you." Qiao Zijin would not accept any explanation. She only wanted one thing, and that was for her mother to quickly bring over all of the dried food. It would be the best if she did not leave anything for Qiao Nan.

Cornered by Qiao Zijin, Ding Jiayi had no alternative but to visit Qiao Dongliang's place on the seventh day of Lunar New Year. Even if she really could not bring back all the things, at the very least, she could bring some home to appease Qiao Zijin.

"Mom, you're going too? Are you sure that you're not going to stay at home today?" Zhai Hua's voice could be heard coming from the quad.

"Yes, I'm going. I won't be at home," Miao Jing said coldly.

Zhai Hua smiled secretly. "But Qiu Chenxi's family will be visiting today. We could let Zhai Sheng leave, but you're the lady owner of the house. Is it really good if you're not around?"

In the past, whenever the Qiu family would visit, her mother would be anxious beyond words, feeling that she had to be present in the house to entertain everyone. Moreover, her mother would dress presentably and doll herself up to look extremely energetic on such a day. Undoubtedly, her mother would wear the pair of unsuitable high heel shoes that was given to her by her father. She would then entertain the Qiu family for the entire day.

That alertness and combat-ready spirit of hers was akin to meeting the president of the country. It was so exaggerated.

Today, when Miao Jing said that she would be visiting Qiao Nan at the house of the Qiao family, Zhai Hua was thoroughly surprised.

"No issue. It will suffice that your father is around. Some people may be happier that I, the lady owner, am not around," Miao Jing said in a fit of anger. In the past, she was silly and refused to concede defeat. However, every time she saw Zhai Yaohui and Qi Minlan smiling, their eyes meeting, looking as if they were soul mates who could understand each other without uttering many words, Miao Jing felt as if a knife was pierced into her heart and lungs.

In the past, she had not sorted out her thoughts and made herself suffer. This year, she just wished to have a more peaceful year. Would that do?

"But Dad is angry. He doesn't look happy at all." Clearly, Zhai Hua felt the happiest that Miao Jing had sorted out her thoughts. However, she could not bring herself to shut her evil lips at this moment and purposely said these to aggravate Miao Jing.

Miao Jing reached out her hands and pointed at Zhai Hua's forehead. "You climbed out of my tummy. Would I not know how many intestines you have? You don't need to use this tactic to goad me into action. I won't turn back after I leave. Send me a message when the Qiu family has left. I don't wish to see the people I dislike in my house."

Even though she could not compete or fight with Qi Minlan, she could avoid her, right?

If Zhai Yaohui was capable, he could leave her for Qi Minlan. Anyway, whoever wished to suffer in this life could go ahead. She was no longer willing to do so.

"Mom, aren't I doing this for your own good?" Zhai Hua was also embarrassed that her intentions had been exposed. "Mom, I'll help you into the car."

"Go, go, go, you stubborn child. Your mom's age is not that old that I need someone to help me into the car. I'll go by myself." Having said that, true enough, Miao Jing decisively went into the car with the charisma of a soldier's lady. She completely did not need the help of others.

"Zhai Sheng, look after Mom." After all, Mom still did not know that the ordinary lady whom Zhai Sheng liked was Nan Nan.

It was rare for her mother and Nan Nan to have chemistry with each other. It would be best for the mother and daughter-in-law to spend more time with each other. Their relationship would then be more harmonious.

Perhaps in a year or two, when her mother and Nan Nan's relationship was stable and her mother knew that Nan Nan was the one that Zhai Sheng was going out with, she might readily approve of their relationship.

Judging from the repulsion that Miao Jing had toward the Qiu family, Zhai Hua felt that this situation was likely to occur.

"I know." One was his wife-to-be and the other was his biological mother. Of course, he would watch after them well.

"Madam, are all of you going to visit my daughter, Nan Nan? Coincidentally, I am as well. Let's go together. The more, the merrier." Ding Jiayi's ears were so sharp, particularly to the words that she was extremely pleased to hear. The full conversation between the mother, son, and daughter trio was overheard by Ding Jiayi, not a single word less.



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