Without waiting for Zhai Hua's reaction, Ding Jiayi were as swift as a mouse. All of a sudden, she scuffled out from the darkness and sneaked into the car at lightning speed. She even sat beside Miao Jing. "Madam, your family car is really spacious and nice. I've never sat in such a good car in my whole life. It's all thanks to your family's good fortune that I can sit in this kind of car. My life is considered worthy now." As she said that, Ding Jiayi touched everywhere as if they were precious. Her pair of eyes was looking left and right without a moment of rest.




The mother and children trio of the Zhai family had a moment of silence, particularly Zhai Hua. She already reached out her hand and wanted to grab hold of Ding Jiayi.

At the thought that she, as a soldier, could not even stop an ordinary person, Zhai Hua did not know if she should feel depressed for her lack of physical agility or 'admire' Ding Jiayi's shamelessness which had reached an extraordinarily high level.

"Zhai Sheng, quickly get into the car. Hua Hua, are you going? This car is spacious and can sit many people. Do you want to go together? Nan Nan will definitely be happy to see you." Seeing that the Zhai family did not make any move, Ding Jiayi acted as if she was the owner of the car and took the initiative to call Zhai Hua to come along. It was as if the car belonged to her.

"…" Zhai Hua tugged at the corners of her frozen lips. "Auntie Ding, there's no need. I'm not going. There'll be visitors at my house and I have to stay behind."

She had already experienced Ding Jiayi's 'great' character once. Today was the second time. However, Zhai Hua was full of 'admiration' for Ding Jiayi each time she met her. She did not understand why a person such as Ding Jiayi would exist in this world.

She further could not understand how Ding Jiayi could be Qiao Nan's biological mother. Qiao Nan did not resemble Ding Jiayi in any way no matter from which direction she looked from.

"Since that's the case, then sure. You should come next time. Nan Nan and I will wait for you." Having been addressed as 'Auntie Ding' out of Zhai Hua's courtesy, Ding Jiayi's bones nearly floated.

The daughter of the chief called her 'auntie'. Wouldn't that make her the sister of the chief's wife? In the future, did she have to address the chief as brother-in-law when she saw him?!

The day for a twist of luck to grace her life of failure had finally come!

"Sister, did my family's Nan Nan give you any trouble? Nan Nan is good at everything. It's just that she's too young and immature. She's also stubborn in her ways. I'm really worried that she will provoke you and spoil our relationship. Sister, actually, you can come to the small courtyard of our Qiao family when you have the spare time. I can chat with you and keep you company to relieve your boredom. I have an elder daughter. You should have some impression of her. She's very pretty and smarter than Nan Nan. My family's Zijin is not only pretty but also smart. She studies at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. If you come to my house, I can also let Zijin keep your company and chat with you." After greeting Zhai Hua, Ding Jiayi turned her body and grabbed Miao Jing's hands as if she had a long-standing sisterly relationship with Miao Jing.

When she heard Ding Jiayi affectionately and enthusiastically as well as melancholically address her as 'sister', Miao Jing, who had her fair exposure to major events, had a fright. Her whole body shivered and had goosebumps all over instantly.

Miao Jing wished to withdraw her hands but didn't expect that Ding Jiayi would be grabbing on them so strongly.

Miao Jing's face turned red. She could not be bothered to give Ding Jiayi any face. She simply said. "That… who are you again? Could you please let go of my hands?"

"Ah… Oh, alright. Sister, I was too nervous. Please don't mind me." She was sisters with the wife of the chief. She would be so proud if other people knew about this.

Her parents had been facing the field and the sky for their entire life. The most prominent people they'd met with were the village chief and the secretary. But she was different. She not only saw the chief but also became sisters with his wife. This was a major event that the village folks would not expect to encounter in their entire lives.

"Zhai Sheng, my head hurts and I'm a little car sick. Move the stuff on the front seat to the trunk. Or you could move them to the back seat. I'll sit in the front seat." Qiao Nan was totally different from her mother. Qiao Nan always made her feel comfortable. She often forgot that Qiao Nan was actually a child who had not grown up.

But when she saw Qiao Nan's mother…

If Qiao Nan were like her mother, it would be impossible for her to speak a word more to Qiao Nan.


When did her mother give her such a younger sister? It had been many decades, but why didn't she hear of it before?

Ding Jiayi still wished to take the opportunity to bond with Miao Jing during the journey and hoped that Miao Jing would address her as 'younger sister'. Thereafter, she would try her best to introduce Qiao Zijin to Miao Jing and let the latter take a liking to Qiao Zijin in hopes of the latter formally acknowledging Qiao Zijin as her goddaughter. Perfect!

Hence, when she heard that Miao Jing was going to sit in the front seat, Ding Jiayi felt extremely regretful and wished so much for another brain that knew how to treat car sickness. In that case, Miao Jing would not need to sit in the front seat and it would be convenient to chat with her.

However, Miao Jing was not feeling well. Ding Jiayi dared not hold her back. She even showed her concern constantly. "Sister, then quickly sit in the front seat. Don't worry about those things and just put them at the back. These are gifts for our family, aren't they? It's fine to put them at the back. Even if they are crushed badly, it's the thought that counts. Sister, you treat me, my family, really well."

No wonder Qiao Nan had so many good things to eat. So, it was all given by the Zhai family.

The family of the chief truly lived up to its name. Clearly, it was the same items but the quality was much better than the norm.

When Zijin grew up in the future, she must definitely let her find a rich husband. Most importantly, he must be powerful and of certain status.

At that time, she would not need to hitch on the glory of the Zhai family and could take a ride in this type of spacious car. That way, her sister would sit in one car and she the other. The two sisters would be so proud to go out together then!

The more Ding Jiayi said, the worse Miao Jing's 'car sickness' was. She nearly vomited. This mother of Qiao Nan was too merciless.

Zhai Sheng's face was cold. He looked at Ding Jiayi without much emotion. Unlike Zhai Hua, he did not address Ding Jiayi as 'auntie' from the start. He quietly cleared the items on the front passenger seat to let Miao Jing take the seat.

After Miao Jing sat well, Zhai Hua did not mind the trouble to pile up the items which could actually be placed in the trunk on the back seat of the car instead. She very much wished to drown Ding Jiayi with these items.

Zhai Hua's face turned black. Her mother's mood was already bad in the first place because the Qiu family was visiting their house today. Her mother's expression looked slightly better when they mentioned about looking for Qiao Nan in the small quad. Unexpectedly, they met the shameless Ding Jiayi at this juncture who addressed her mother as her elder sister. Ah, where did Ding Jiayi's self-confidence come from?

Was her addressing Ding Jiayi as 'auntie' the cause of this? The latter really took others' politeness for granted.

"Sister, I heard that one won't feel that sick if they chat more with others when they're traveling in the car."



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