"Let's chat. You'll feel more comfortable if we do. Sister, I often see Brother-in-law and you coming in and out of the quad. You're away more often than you're home. Is Brother-in-law really that busy? If he's so busy, why don't you find someone to help him? If Brother-in-law has someone to assist him, he will definitely feel more at ease."

Perhaps when that time came, Old Qiao would have the opportunity to resume his previous career. She would then have the possibility to become the wife of a high ranking soldier!

Miao Jing's face revealed an expression of ridicule. Having come into contact with all sorts of bad characters, of course Miao Jing understood Ding Jiayi's true meaning behind those words.

Ding Jiayi was requesting a stranger in an imposing manner to help pave an opportunity for her husband. Miao Jing held her forehead. This would not do. Her head was getting dizzier.

She was happy to chat with Qiao Nan. However, when she chatted with Qiao Nan's mother, just being a passive listener already made her feel terrible.

She had clearly sat in the front seat to distance herself away from Ding Jiayi, but Ding Jiayi actually refused to sit properly. Instead, she bent forward, almost standing up, and held the back of Miao Jing's seat. She moved her head closer to Miao Jing and insisted to chat with Miao Jing even in such an uncomfortable position. Miao Jing could hardly tolerate this behavior.

Miao Jing leaned on the back of the seat and closed her eyes. Why didn't Qiao Nan's mother feel awkward when she did this?

"My mother is unwell. Can we not talk?" Through the rearview mirror, Zhai Sheng said without reservation. Ding Jiayi was clearly seizing the opportunity to make her requests.

"Oh, alright. Sister, then you rest well. Upon reaching our house, we can have a good chat again once you feel better. There's no hurry. We'll have a lot of opportunities and time in the future." Ding Jiayi zipped her mouth thereafter. Rich people were spoiled. They were used to a comfortable life and had a lot of such illnesses.

She had never sat in such a good private car before. Car sickness and discomfort? She felt none of those. She only felt the fast speed of the car and the comfortable seat under her that was cushy and springy.

This would not do. When Zijin was married to a good family, she did not want anything else. She just wanted her son-in-law to get her such a good car and a chauffeur. She could then be chauffeured to wherever she wanted to go. That would be so flashy!

At the thought of this, Ding Jiayi finally quiet down and spared the back of Miao Jing's car seat, sitting properly in her own seat.

As she could not chat with Miao Jing, Ding Jiayi then placed her thoughts on the gifts that Zhai Sheng was delivering to the small quad. At the sight of these valuable items, of which many she had not seen before, Ding Jiayi's eyes revealed a ray of greed.

There's so many good stuff. How good would that be if she could bring some of them back for Zijin to supplement her health?

These items were definitely valuable! If she took them out to sell, she would most probably have Zijin's school fees for the next few semesters covered.

The Zhai family obviously lived up its name. They were so generous in their gifts.

The Zhai family did not have an intimate relationship with the Qiao family. Did the wife of the chief truly wish to acknowledge her as a sister?

Zhai Sheng did not miss any of Ding Jiayi's expressions.

At this moment, Zhai Sheng finally understood why Qiao Nan was unwilling to stay in the small courtyard of the Qiao family, which she had grown up in ever since she was a child, on the night of the Lunar New Year's Eve despite how late and cold that night was. She would rather return to the small quad, which was not really her home, to pass the night of the Lunar New Year's Eve.

It was Qiao Nan's greatest sorrow in her life to have a mother like Ding Jiayi.

"Sister, we've reached." Once they arrived at the small quad, Ding Jiayi first opened her mouth and said loudly before others could react. "Nan Nan, come over and welcome your Auntie Miao. Your Auntie Miao is unwell. Quickly pour a cup of hot tea for her. This child really is… You're already clumsy as is, and you even dawdle now. You're not smart and don't resemble your sister at all. Speed up, the visitor has arrived. As a host, you should make preparations earlier."

"What nonsense are you shouting about?" At the sound of Ding Jiayi's voice, Qiao Dongliang immediately shouted at her when he came out of the house before he could figure what Ding Jiayi was talking about. "You… Zhai Sheng? You all are really here. This is…?"

Qiao Dongliang had not seen Miao Jing before. Nevertheless, when he saw Miao Jing coming here together with Zhai Sheng, and given the situation that Qiao Nan had described to him, Qiao Dongliang could guess who Miao Jing was. "Madam… Madam Zhai?"

"We're all family. Do you know how to address people? What madam? Call her 'sister'." Ding Jiayi was dissatisfied as Old Qiao's way of addressing Miao Jing could possibly widen the distance between Miao Jing and them. It was hard for her to acknowledge this sister. How silly of Old Qiao.

"Shut up!" Qiao Dongliang's face turned red then crimson, especially when he saw that when Ding Jiayi said the word 'sister', Miao Jing's face nearly turned black on the spot.

The Qiao family did not have any interactions with the Zhai family. If not for Qiao Nan, the Qiao family would be like passersby to the Zhai family.

Madam Zhai and Zhai Sheng obviously came because of Qiao Nan, yet Ding Jiayi was shameless enough to address the other party as 'sister', as if Madam Zhai and Zhai Sheng came for her. If that had really been the case, they would have gone to the small courtyard of the Qiao family directly.

"Nan Nan, your Auntie Miao and Brother Zhai are here." Enduring the impulse to hide his face, Qiao Dongliang took a deep breath and shouted for Qiao Nan.

"Auntie Miao and Brother Zhai are here?" When she heard that, Qiao Nan was extremely surprised. It was the first few days of the Lunar New Year. Wouldn't the entrance of the Zhai family's residence be crowded with people who wanted to wish them a happy New Year, just like that of her master? She thought that it had been an accidental occurrence on the first day of the Lunar New Year. However, they were here again on the seventh day of the New Year today. Did the Zhai family have so much spare time? She did not believe it.

"Auntie Miao, Brother Zhai, are you really here?" When she saw the two of them, Qiao Nan was stupefied.

Although she and Zhai Sheng were already together, Qiao Nan never wished for them to be like any other couples. To others, a day away from their loved ones felt like three seasons. Zhai Sheng and she were destined not to have such a 'sticky' situation.

They had met twice within the first seven days of the Lunar New Year. This was already way beyond Qiao Nan's expectations.

"Aren't you saying the obvious?" Ding Jiayi disciplined her. True enough, this wretched girl did not know how to speak properly. It sounded like the wretched girl did not wish for her sister and Zhai Sheng to come. "Sister, don't take any issue with Nan Nan. I've already said that this child is not smart enough. Her tongue is not sweet enough. Don't take it to heart. Let's go in and chat? I've so many things that I wish to tell you about."

"Sister?" A big question mark appeared on each of Qiao Nan's eyes. When were her mother and Auntie Miao on such good terms? When did they become sisters?

Miao Jing, who had a high tolerance level, gave a stiff smile. "Mr. Qiao, can I talk to Qiao Nan alone? Nan Nan, this child, I really like her. Our family's Hua Hua is used to being untamed ever since she was little. She's like a boy and doesn't seem like a girl at all. Your family's Nan Nan is good. She's obedient and sensible. I like to chat with her."



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