"Give me half the money you spent on the television and phone first. You've agreed that the small courtyard of the Qiao family will be Zijin's and mine. Give me the money. Tomorrow, wait for me at the Civil Affairs Bureau. We will divorce. Will this do? You're not stopping me from finding another man? It should be… I should not stop you from finding another woman!"

That set of television was worth a lot of money. Old Qiao wanted to use divorce to threaten her. No way!

This was the first time that Ding Jiayi agreed to divorce. Qiao Dongliang really did not know if he should feel happy or angry.

In the end, Qiao Dongliang took a deep breath. "You want money. Sure. Still the same saying. I will give you the money after we are divorced. If we're not divorced, you won't get a single cent."

They had been a couple for so many years. Did she really treat him as a fool?

"No way, I want to see the money first. Give me the money today and I'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow."

"I'll give you the money first? What if you don't appear after taking the money and refuse to get a divorce? What should I do?"

Ding Jiayi bit her teeth. "Do you think I really treasure you so much? Why will I refuse to divorce after taking the money? If you're worried that I won't turn up at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow after getting the money, I'm also worried that you won't give me the money after I'm divorced with you!"

"If you continue to talk in this manner, we can't continue with this conversation." Qiao Dongliang pursed his lips and refused to talk further with Ding Jiayi. "If we don't divorce, you won't have anything. I won't give you any more money. You have to settle Zijin's tuition and miscellaneous fees on your own."

"You… You told those people not to lend me money. How do you expect me to settle this?!"

"You can do whatever you like. Since you've already known about the situation, this means that you've obviously made the trips and used my name to borrow money again. Ding Jiayi, let me tell you, whether we're getting a divorce or not, don't you ever wish to borrow money in my name again! I will not give it to you even if I get a single cent. Our relationship is only reduced to talks about money. We really can't go on with such lives. If you don't want to divorce, that's fine too. Anyway, the law dictates that if we are separated for two years, the court will deem that our marriage has ended even if you refuse to divorce by then. We've already lived separately for six months. There's still one year left. Before Nan Nan graduates, we will be able to settle the issue between us."

Ding Jiayi knew the law. He was not ignorant either!

Ding Jiayi's lips shivered. She only wanted to use divorce to get money from Old Qiao and would decide on what to do later. This time, it seemed that Old Qiao was determined to divorce her. Why? Why did it come to this?

"Tell me, how do you wish to proceed with the divorce? Do you want to take half the money tomorrow when we settle the divorce or wait for one year? I'll be candid here. One and a half years later, I won't provide you with a monthly allowance anymore. Zijin will already be eighteen years old. I've fulfilled my duty as a father. At that time, even if we go to court, the judge can't interfere with this."

Ding Jiayi refused to speak but Qiao Dongliang became increasingly serious.

Ding Jiayi had squandered all his savings. She even bullied his younger daughter and tarnished his reputation. She made him lose all his dignity in front of his former comrades.

Aside from being unfaithful, she had done all the bad things that a woman could ever do to a man.

Qiao Dongliang was sick of it. He could no longer maintain such a relationship.

If he forced himself to do so, he might not be able to live for more than a few years.

"Then, what if you refuse to give me the money after we divorce? What should I do?" There was a tremble in Ding Jiayi's tone. She asked as her face turned as white as a sheet.

"This…" Qiao Dongliang was stunned. It was the truth that he did not buy the television and phone. At this moment, Qiao Dongliang really could not cough up that huge sum of money to give to Ding Jiayi.

"This is a simple matter to resolve." Zhai Sheng, who was coming out as he wiped his hands, had a flash in his eyes. He said calmly, "Uncle Qiao, you can write her an IOU. I'll be your guarantor. If Uncle Qiao is unable to give you the money after the divorce, you can simply take this IOU to the Zhai's residence and ask me for the money."

"This is our domestic affair. What has it got to do with you!" Ding Jiayi was furious beyond her senses. This 'nephew' of hers not only did not lend her a helping hand at this critical juncture but also pushed her into the hole. It was really…

"Uncle Qiao, what do you think?" Zhai Sheng ignored Ding Jiayi. He was looking only at Qiao Dongliang and let Qiao Dongliang make a decision.

"This could do." Qiao Dongliang nodded. "Now that the issue about the money has been settled, are we still meeting at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow?"

At this juncture, Ding Jiayi was caught in a dilemma.

Ding Jiayi clenched her fists, perspiring profusely. She was in a fix. She wanted both her husband and money. She could not give up on any of these two. "Fine, write me an IOU now. We'll divorce at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow. Give me the money. We should get the unpleasantness out of the way as well. Tell me honestly how much this television and phone cost. If the prices are not real, what I've said today is void but I'm still taking the money!"

Qiao Dongliang simply looked at Zhai Sheng.

Zhai Sheng smiled. "Uncle Qiao, there should be receipts for the newly purchased television and phone. Can you find them?"

"There should be some receipts. I'll go and find them. Most probably, they are in the big carton boxes that came with the television. I didn't look at it carefully earlier."

"Sure, go look for it. You just need to bring over the plastic bag and the papers in the boxes."

"Okay." Of course, Qiao Dongliang was quick to find the things in his own house. He immediately brought over what Zhai Sheng asked for.

Zhai Sheng directly took out two receipts from the plastic bag. "The costs of the television and the phone are clearly stated on the receipts. Take a look at it yourself."

Ding Jiayi took over the receipts and looked at the individual prices on these two receipts.

Compared to the television in the small courtyard of the Qiao family, this set was much better albeit only slightly pricier.

"Uncle Qiao, write the IOU." The prices were right before them. It was much easier to settle the remaining matters.

"Writing the IOU is not a problem." But he certainly did not have so much money. Did he really have to let Ding Jiayi take this IOU to Zhai Sheng to ask for money after they divorced at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow?

Just the thought of it made Qiao Dongliang feel ashamed.

"Don't worry." Zhai Sheng smiled. A problem that could be resolved with money was not considered a problem. It was easy to settle this sum of money.

"Then, fine." Seeing the look on Zhai Sheng's face, Qiao Dongliang felt much more assured. Anyway, he had already borrowed more than a thousand yuan from Zhai Sheng. There was no difference in borrowing another thousand yuan. He would repay him gradually and would clear his debts eventually.

With nary a word, Qiao Dongliang took out a pen and paper and wrote the IOU as per what he and Ding Jiayi had agreed upon. Finally, he signed his name. "It's your turn now."

Ding Jiayi looked at the contents of the IOU. She also signed it after confirming that there was no issue with it.

After Qiao Dongliang and Ding Jiayi finished signing it, Zhai Sheng also put his sinewy handwriting on the paper.

"Hold on to this IOU. After we settle the proceedings tomorrow and you've taken the money, pass it back to me then."



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