Upon hearing that Qiao Nan was worried that he would misunderstand, Zhai Sheng's expression looked more at ease. "At least, you still have some conscience."

"I've always been full of conscience!" Qiao Nan said with displeasure as she snorted.

"Why do you have to tell me only when Chen Jun comes again?" Based on what Uncle Qiao said, Chen Jun was definitely up to no good. There was no reason for Nan Nan not to tell him.

Qiao Nan sighed. "If Chen Jun comes again, that means Uncle Zhu is unable to resolve this matter. To prevent the situation that you will hear false rumors about Chen Jun and me from others, I'll definitely let you know first to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding between us."

"You're quite rational." Again, Zhai Sheng looked happier. "Why did you mention Zhu Chengqi? What has Zhu Chengqi got to do with Chen Jun?"

"The matter is like this…" Qiao Nan narrated the situation of the Zhu family to Zhai Sheng. "So, I'm guessing that most likely, Chen Jun is wooing me because of Wang Yang."

There was a sharp look in Zhai Sheng's eyes. "You're so certain? You seem to understand Chen Jun very well, don't you?"

"…" Qiao Nan's body turned a little stiff. "This has got nothing to do with whether I understand him or not. This is a woman's sixth sense. If you're present at that time, you'd definitely feel the weird atmosphere between Chen Jun and Wang Yang. When Chen Jun came to my school previously, he was very eloquent and soon after, both the male and female students addressed him as their senior. There's no reason for him to be so quiet in front of Wang Yang. I even made clear a few times Wang Yang's identity and his relationship with the Zhu family. He didn't even utter a word to Wang Yang. Do you think that was normal?"

Zhai Shang gently squeezed Qiao Nan's slender arms so that she would relax.

As a soldier, Zhai Sheng could, of course, tell whether Qiao Nan was telling the truth. Furthermore, the tiny body in his arms that was extremely soft suddenly turned as stiff as a stone.

If Zhai Sheng did not feel anything, he would be letting down his identity as a soldier. "Yes, it's quite odd. What do you intend to do?"

Qiao Nan relaxed a little. "I don't have many plans. I've already told Uncle Zhu about this. He should be able to settle this properly."

"What if Zhu Chengqi can't resolve it?"

"Look for you." These three words jumped out of Qiao Nan's mouth as a matter of course.

The ferocious aura that Zhai Sheng had been keeping a leash on for an entire night after learning about Chen Jun's appearance completely vanished with the comfort of these three words from Qiao Nan. "Tell me. Do you think it's because his father wants to be promoted from the deputy commissioner to the commissioner?"

"I think so. I'm not too sure as well. I heard this from my classmates and it may not be accurate. But if I guessed it correctly, Chen Jun certainly wishes to help his father climb up the ranks. His family doesn't lack money."

"How did you know that his family doesn't lack money?" When he heard Qiao Nan's random understanding of the Chen family, Zhai Sheng could not help feeling jealous.

Qiao Nan raised her voice. "You're asking this question because you're not around on the first day of the Lunar New Year. My sister's eyes are so sharp. She's a shrew in front of me and a little white rabbit before Chen Jun. I don't know how to tell from the clothes, but I know how to watch my sister's expression."

The corners of Zhai Sheng's lips curled into a slight smile. "Fine, I'll let you pass for Chen Jun's matter. Then, how about Zhu Chengqi? He's very good to your family. There are even color television and phone?"

Qiao Nan had been telling him not to announce their relationship to others and keep it a secret.

Otherwise, the first thing that Zhai Sheng would do as Qiao Nan's boyfriend would be to install a phone.

Who knew that he was a few steps behind an old man on the two matters regarding the phone and television.

"Uncle Zhu wished to acknowledge me as his goddaughter, but I didn't agree."

"Acknowledge you as his goddaughter?" Zhai Sheng was a little surprised. "You're sure of it?"

"Is there a need to confirm? Uncle had already made himself clear. What's the matter? Didn't you ask my dad about Chen Jun? How could you not ask him about this matter?" Qiao Nan turned her head to look at Zhai Sheng. Unexpectedly, Zhai Sheng hugged her so tightly that Qiao Nan could not even turn her head. Hence, she was unable to see Zhai Sheng's expression.

Sensing Zhai Sheng's possessiveness and awkwardness, Qiao Nan's face turned red.

Nevertheless, she came to a realization soon after and asked in surprise, "Don't tell me that after my dad mentioned about Chen Jun, you're jealous and didn't find out more from him regarding Uncle Zhu wanting to acknowledge me as his goddaughter?"

Zhai Sheng did not respond. He continued to hug Qiao Nan as his voice came from behind, "Nan Nan, you know my situation. No matter what my identity is, my entire heart is with you. Nevertheless, I also ask that you give me absolute loyalty. Can you do it?"

Zhu Sheng admitted that he had been jealous after knowing about Chen Jun's appearance in Qiao Nan's life. He felt so jealous that he did not even ask Qiao Dongliang about the situation with Zhu Chengqi.

He was a soldier and the time that he could spend with his family was too little. In addition, Nan Nan was very young.

Before the individual Chen Jun appeared, Zhai Sheng had always been very confident about their relationship. However, it was only when such a rival appeared that Zhai Sheng felt a little insecure.

"Sure, why not?" Qiao Nan did not move as she sat in Zhai Sheng's arms. Her tone was also extraordinarily firm. "Brother Zhai, don't think that I'm young and don't know what I'm doing. I've always been very serious about this matter ever since I nodded in agreement. Brother Zhai, don't worry. I'll fulfill my responsibility to you. No, I mean, I'm serious about you!"

Zhai Sheng leaned forward and placed his face on Qiao Nan's shoulder. The breath that he exhaled out from his nose constantly made Qiao Nan's soft and tender neck feel itchy. "You said this yourself, Nan Nan. Since you've already said this, I won't give you a chance to regret it no matter what happens in the future. Do you get it? When you reach legal age, we'll collect our wedding certificate. Army marriage is different from other marriages. We can't divorce. Do you understand?"

Once Nan Nan was married to him, they would be 'entangled' for life.

"Yes, I understand." Qiao Nan took a deep breath, her face slightly pale.

Marrying Zhai Sheng was a gamble, a gamble on Zhai Sheng's character. After all, divorce was not allowed in such a marriage. However, if Zhai Sheng had another woman outside in the future, given the status disparity between Zhai Sheng and her, she was not even qualified to request for a divorce unless Zhai Sheng gave his permission.

Nevertheless, she was willing to take the gamble.

"It's good that you understand." Hearing Qiao Nan's affirmative answer, Zhai Sheng's stiff body finally relaxed a little. Zhai Sheng was very clear that Qiao Nan was still young. Although she made a promise today, she might change her mind tomorrow. He was somehow acting like the big bullying the small, having the intention to 'kidnap' Qiao Nan.

However, since he had decided on his target, of course he had to act quickly, mercilessly, and accurately!

"If such happenings occur in the future, I hope that you can take the initiative to report to me directly. Don't wait for me to ask you. You must adopt an active attitude. Understand?"



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