Qiao Nan bit her lip, took a deep breath, and stubbornly turned her body toward Zhai Sheng.

This time, Zhai Sheng didn't stop Qiao Nan and loosened his hands. Qiao Nan successfully turned and looked at Zhai Sheng. "Then, how about you? There's something happening on your side too. What do you have to say about it? It's already a society that advocates equality between male and female. Don't tell me you are strict with others but lenient toward yourself?"

"Of course not." Zhai Sheng held on to Qiao Nan neither too tightly nor loosely. "Since it's my request of you, of course I'll be able to fulfill it as well."

"Then, how about Qiu Chenxi?" Qiao Nan knitted her brows unhappily. "Do you have anything to explain to me?"

"Zhai Hua told you?"

"Don't bother about who told me. Just tell me, do you have anything to explain to me?" Qiao Nan avoided the question. "I'll take this opportunity and use Qiu Chenxi's matter to find out exactly what kind of matters and circumstances that I have to let you know, and what kind of matters that actually don't need me to explain to you clearly about."

"My dad and mom initially wanted me to be engaged to Qiu Chenxi and to marry her after she graduates from college." Zhai Sheng did not wish to mention Qiu Chenxi. He did not feel anything, not even brother-sisterly love, for Qiu Chenxi. There were no feelings between the two and thus nothing for him to talk about.

Qiao Nan's face turned stiff. After all, the chief and his wife already had a suitable daughter-in-law candidate in mind.

The relationship between Brother Zhai and her was already not that smooth without the existence of this person. Now, they would have a more difficult future given that his parents already had a model daughter-in-law in their hearts.

"You don't have to give me this kind of expression. You're very smart and have successfully settled your mother-in-law." He planted a kiss on Qiao Nan's forehead, his tone full of joy.

"Settled? When did that happen? Why don't I know about it? Your mom doesn't want you to marry Qiu Chenxi anymore?" Auntie Miao's mind had changed so quickly?

"Yesterday, Qiu Chenxi's family of three visited the house of the Zhai family."

"To discuss your marriage?" At this moment, Qiao Nan felt more displeased. There was nothing between Chen Jun and her to begin with, but Brother Zhai was already jealous about it and even questioned her in an interrogative manner. Qiu Chenxi and Brother Zhai were almost getting married and finalizing the banquet seating arrangements. "Wait. That's not right. Yesterday, Auntie Miao was at my house."

Since Auntie Miao had already agreed to the marriage between Qiu Chenxi and Brother Zhai, she should have rushed home given that she was in Ping Cheng. Furthermore, Brother Zhai, the party concerned, was also at her house.

"So, do you understand my mom's attitude now?"

The party concerned in the marriage was absent. One of his parents, Miao Jing, was also absent. The engagement between Zhai Sheng and Qiu Chenxi had obviously fallen through. Moreover, Old Master Zhai was not even back. Without Miao Jing, even if Old Master Zhai was around, it would not be easy for the Qiu family of three to enter the Zhai family's residence.

"Don't feel happy about it too soon. Auntie Miao doesn't like Qiu Chenxi now, but it doesn't mean that she'll accept me." Qiao Nan dared not be too optimistic. "Auntie Miao was seeking my opinions. She said you have fallen in love with a lady with poor family background and asked me what she should do. Auntie Miao's current impression of me is not bad but if she knows about the two of us… Do you think Auntie Miao will dislike me even more?"

"Don't worry. I will think of a way to resolve this. Now, aside from me, you just need to focus on your studies. I will settle my dad and mom." As long as Qiao was willing to, the rest of the matters were not issues at all.

"It's already the eighth day of the Lunar New Year. When are you going back to the army?" At the thought of Zhai Sheng's situation, Qiao Nan asked gently.


"No wonder…" It was no wonder that Brother Zhai came again today although he was just here yesterday. No wonder the Qiao family visited the Zhai family yesterday to discuss the marriage between Qiu Chenxi and him. "It's not possible for me to send you off." Qiao Nan smiled bitterly. Before the relationship between Brother Zhai and her was exposed, she could not send Brother Zhai to the army like what girls usually did for their boyfriends.

"No problem. It's the thought that counts." Zhu Baoguo held on to Qiao Nan's hands tightly. "After I return to the camp, write to me whenever you have spare time. Call me directly if there's any matter. You can also formally acknowledge Zhu Chengqi as your godfather. You won't be shortchanged. You will then be siblings with Zhu Baoguo in the future." That way, he would have one less trouble.

"How will I be shortchanged if I acknowledge Uncle Zhu as my godfather?" If one could shortchange her so easily, would Wang Yang try to get close to Zhu Chengqi enthusiastically all this while?

"Don't look down on yourself too much. Perhaps, someday, Zhu Chengqi will gain something because you are his goddaughter." Nan Nan would be his wife in the future. She would be the daughter-in-law of the Zhai family. Zhu Chengqi might not necessarily gain nothing by becoming Nan Nan's godfather.

"Alright, I won't chat with you anymore. Since you're returning to the army tomorrow, you should go home and keep your family company. You will arouse your parents' suspicions if you keep going out. What if you bump into Auntie Miao when she looks for me?" Qiao Nan gave Zhai Sheng a push and tried to make him leave.

Zhai Sheng let go of Qiao Nan. "Sure, send me off."

"Sure, I'll send you off." Qiao Nan did not haggle with Zhai Sheng over such a short distance. She stood up to send him off.

However, when she reached the entrance, she was stunned at the sight of the tightly shut door. "The door is not open?" Then, how did Brother Zhai get in earlier?

Zhai Sheng bent his waist and rested his hands on Qiao Nan's shoulders. He then kissed her left cheek. "Remember to write to me, especially about Chen Jun. If Zhu Chengqi can't settle it, tell me, okay?"

"Okay." Qiao Nan nodded in a silly manner.

After receiving a reply and having taken his advantage, the corners of Zhai Sheng's lips curled into a smile. He turned around and stepped a couple of times on the wall, held on to it, and smoothly flipped over it in the blink of an eye.

When Zhai Sheng landed, there was not much noise. It was only when Qiao Nan heard the sound of the car engine that she knew that Zhai Sheng had really left.

"…" An imaginary row of black lines appeared on Qiao Nan's forehead. Brother Zhai actually climbed over the wall to enter her premise. He truly lived up to the name of a soldier with that agility of his. However, given his identity as a soldier, was it really appropriate for him to climb over the wall of someone's house and kidnap other people's daughter?

Dumbfounded, Qiao Nan stood at the main entrance for three minutes. The main door suddenly opened with a bang. "Nan Nan, why are you standing here? Did you know that I'm coming back?" Qiao Dongliang was surprised when he opened the door and stepped in.

"I just happened to come out to relax, in case I've sat and read for too long. It's not good for my health and eyes. Dad, you're back so soon?" Qiao Nan gave a guilty laugh.

"Don't talk about it anymore." Qiao Dongliang's face turned black as he waved his hand. "Your mom agreed to divorce but wanted to wait one and a half years for the court to make its judgment." He even woke up early and made a special trip to the small courtyard to fetch Ding Jiayi. True enough, Ding Jiayi played some tricks on him again.



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