Qiao Nan stared unblinkingly. "Did Mom really say that? To let the judge decide one and a half years later?"

"Yes, your mom is, again, dragging her feet and refusing to divorce. Does she think that I will soften my stance after one and a half years? This time, she really guessed it wrong." Once he had made up his mind to divorce, he would even be able to wait ten years, not to mention one and a half.

Qiao Nan pursed her lips and pondered. This time, she did not know if her mother guessed it wrong, but she knew that her father had definitely guessed it wrong.

If the unsuccessful divorce today was due to her mother's excuse of being unwell or any other matters in order to delay for a period of time before settling this, then her mother's true intention was not to divorce.

However, today, her mother said to wait for one and a half years for the judge to decide. This clearly showed that her mother had some thoughts about divorce.

How did this happen?

It was impossible that her mother was truly willing to do so. Furthermore, there was Qiao Zijin.

Her father was the family's source of income. Without her father, did Qiao Zijin still wish to continue with her studies? It was impossible that Qiao Zijin would let her parents leave each other. With Qiao Zijin holding her back, her mother should have been convinced not to divorce instead of having thoughts to do so.

Qiao Dongliang really wished to divorce, and Ding Jiayi had the intention to do so. Even Qiao Zijin could not hold her back.

The situation that Qiao Nan did not dare to wish for had occurred. She was stunned. Happiness came too sudden. It was simply unbelievable.

"Dad, then are you going to give Mom and Sister living allowance every month? After one week, Sister and I will be returning to school. How about my sister's tuition fees?" The matter between her parents could not be so easily settled with just a word of divorce.

"Your mom said she doesn't need me to bother about it." This was something that Qiao Dongliang felt strange about. He had thought that since Ding Jiayi refused to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, she would then take the opportunity to ask him for money first.

"Dad, don't think too much. Let my mom be." Qiao Nan poured Qiao Dongliang a cup of tea.

Having been mother and daughter for two lifetimes, Qiao Nan really could not decipher the trick that Ding Jiayi was up to this time.

"That's right. She told me that I don't need to give her money anymore. I feel less worried now. Nan Nan, study well. Dad will earn your tuition fees for college." Qiao Nan forced a smile at Qiao Dongliang. He was serious about divorcing with Ding Jiayi, but he could not bring himself not to care about Qiao Zijin. This was a very difficult decision for Qiao Dongliang.

"Thanks, Dad." Qiao Nan did not wish to drown Qiao Dongliang's enthusiasm at this moment.

"Right, Nan Nan. Did Zhai Sheng come today?"

"No, no. Why did you ask, Dad?" Qiao Nan felt guilty and did not tell the truth.

"No? When I came back, I clearly saw Zhai Sheng's car. Your mom didn't go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, so the money that Zhai Sheng lent me is still in my hands. Maybe I'll return it to him tomorrow?" Qiao Dongliang was still unable to repay the money that was borrowed from Zhai Sheng previously and he already felt bad about it.

He would feel worse if he borrowed more as it would only increase his debt.

"You saw Brother Zhai's car? Perhaps he had some other matters to attend to and happened to pass by this area. You might have made a mistake as well. Return the money tomorrow? I'm afraid that can't be done. Brother Zhai will be going back to the army tomorrow."

"Going back to the army? Why didn't I know?" Qiao Dongliang looked sullen. "I didn't hear about this. Nan Nan, how did you know?"

"Yesterday! Brother Zhai came to our house yesterday, didn't he? It was him who told me. He told me… He told me that he'll be returning to the camp and asked me to write to him if I encounter any problems in the future. He said that if I have any questions in my studies, I can ask him too. Dad, didn't Brother Zhai tell you?" Qiao Nan was stammering as she spoke.

Qiao Dongliang had a look of realization. "So, it's like that. Nan Nan, your Brother Zhai is too polite. There are many important matters to look after in the army. Don't disturb him if you don't have any problems. As long as your mom doesn't come and create trouble for us, we should not have too much of a problem in the future. It's just that I don't know when I can return him the money. I don't feel at ease carrying this debt."

"Brother Zhai will go back to the camp but he will be back eventually. Most likely, he will look for us first at that time. You can then return the money to him."

"That's fine too." Qiao Dongliang nodded. "However, when you encounter anything that you don't understand in your studies, shouldn't you ask your teacher instead of Zhai Sheng? You don't have to go to all that trouble since your teachers are closer and within your reach?"

"…" Qiao Nan laughed awkwardly. "Most likely… Brother Zhai will most likely be busy. Nevertheless, there are some questions that only Brother Zhai can help me with. The teachers at school may not be able to do so. Dad, you've finished your cup of water. I… I'll go and get you another cup."

If her father continued to question her, she would let the cat out of the bag.

On the ninth day of the Lunar New Year, Qiao Nan had originally thought of waking up earlier to return to the quad. Although she could not do it outright, she could still send Zhai Sheng off secretly just by being present.

However, Qiao Nan caught a cold that morning. She was not sure if it was due to the many happenings in recent days.

At the sight of Qiao Nan's runny nose and constant sneezes, Qiao Dongliang refused to let Qiao Nan leave the house regardless of her reason.

Qiao Nan, who was lying on the bed, sighed regretfully. Brother Zhai was probably disappointed by her absence today…

There was the sound of someone knocking on the windows, and then came someone's voice shouting for Qiao Nan. "Nan Nan, Nan Nan…"

"Brother Zhai?" Qiao Nan jumped out of the bed immediately and put on an exterior coat. She then opened the windows. "Brother Zhai, didn't you return to the camp?"

"You have a cold?" At the sight of Qiao Nan's face, Zhai Sheng said gently, "Quickly go back to the bed and cover yourself properly with a blanket. Don't let the condition worsen. I'm going to return to the camp. I just wanted to see you before leaving. Alright, I'm leaving. Take good care of yourself."

"Okay." At the very least, she had seen Zhai Sheng. Although it was a brief meeting, Qiao Nan felt much more at ease. Fortunately, her father was out. Otherwise, Brother Zhai would have bumped into him.

Having fulfilled her wish, Qiao Nan felt more comfortable and returned to her bed. In a daze, she nearly fell asleep.

This time, Qiao Nan had left the windows opened and unlocked. Before Qiao Nan could react, Zhai Sheng bent his waist, did a somersault, and landed in her bedroom.

After entering Qiao Nan's bedroom, Zhai Sheng was too preoccupied to look around. He walked to Qiao Nan's bedside at lightning speed. "I've just bought the cold, fever, and cough medicine for you. Put them away properly. Remember to take good care of yourself. Don't let the medicines run out before I'm back."

Zhai Sheng had bought all kinds of medicine that Qiao Nan could think of.

Qiao Nan could even sell such a big bag of medicine.

Tears welled up in Qiao Nan's eyes. She then sniffed. "Brother Zhai, quickly return to the army. Don't worry. I'll be fine."



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