Miao Jing knew his habits and had spent some time in the army. Hence, she would always fold the blanket into a square shape resembling that of tofu.

Looking at the blanket that he had folded, Zhai Yaohui found it very displeasing.

It was folded into a square shape as well, but he just kept finding faults with it.

Maybe he had been used to the way Miao Jing folded the blanket and thus could not stand the sight of the blanket that he folded himself.

Zhai Yaohui lay down on the bed and covered himself with the blanket, thinking to himself that women were fickle-minded. Back then, Miao Jing liked Qiu Chenxi a lot and felt that she and Zhai Sheng would make a good match. It was the couple's unanimous decision to go ahead with the engagement of the two children. He was not the only one who made the decision.

Who would have thought that Miao Jing would have a sudden change of mind, saying that she was dissatisfied with Qiu Chenxi and objecting strongly to the match?

He remembered the Qiu family visited them on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year to discuss the marriage of the two children, but Miao Jing left with Zhai Sheng, leaving him with Qiu Qin and his wife. Zhai Yaohui turned gloomy at the awkwardness and exasperation that he felt then.

He did not blame Miao Jing for making the situation to be so awkward, yet she lost her temper at him and he ended up being laughed at by his son today.

Zhai Yaohui pulled the blanket in anger. He felt like going back to the room to tell Miao Jing that the room and the bed were not hers alone. He could sleep wherever he pleased!

But after thinking for a long time, Zhai Yaohui abandoned that thought and fell asleep in the study room.

Zhai Yaohui was preoccupied with his quarrel with Miao Jing. Hence, he did not pay much attention to Zhai Sheng.

Otherwise, the father should know the son best.

As long as Zhai Yaohui paid more attention to his son, he would have noticed that things were going on between Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan. They had only been together for barely a month and would have been discovered by Zhai Yaohui.

Qiao Nan, who had her full attention on her studies, did not know that Zhai Sheng had done so much for her.

"Qiao Nan, do you want to go to the library to read books together?" A student who looked decent asked Qiao Nan to go to the library together.

Qiao Nan slanted her head and looked at him. "Sorry, I'm not going."

When he left, Qiao Nan went back to do her problem sums.

Tang Mengran sat down in Zhu Baoguo's seat quietly. "Luckily, Zhu Baoguo was called away by the teacher. Otherwise, the boy might not have been this lucky."

"What do you mean?" Qiao Nan did not understand. "Besides, I am the one who is unlucky." She had been asked by many boys to go to the library with them.

Qiao Nan did not understand why they must go to the library and not stay in the classroom to study instead. It was such a waste of time to go to the library.

If the boys were interested in going to the library, they should ask their own classmates.

She did not know any of the boys who asked her to go to the library with them.

This was what made her perplexed.

Tang Mengran cupped her face. "For goodness sake, Nan Nan, do you really not understand or are you pretending?"

"What do you mean?" Qiao Nan knitted her eyebrows.

"Oh my god, do you really think that the boys asked you to go to the library just to read the books?" Tang Mengran widened her eyes in disbelief. Who told her that Nan Nan had both high IQ and EQ? Given what she said just now, she seemed to have low emotional intelligence!

"Not for reading? That… impossible!" Qiao Nan belatedly realized what the boys' real intentions were. "The school does not allow us to be in a relationship. This is Ping Cheng High School!" It was the second best to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

"Nan Nan, why are you so naive? If all the students are so obedient and always listen to what the teachers say, then the world would be much more peaceful!"

"Why do they use going to the library to read books as an excuse?" Since the boys were interested in her, why did they beat around the bush? They could not blame her for not coming to her senses.

Tang Mengran, who was sitting in Zhu Baoguo's seat, flipped his books. "That is to escape from the teachers. Even if one wants to go against the rules, one must be clever at it as well. Otherwise, if one is caught by the teachers, the consequences will be unbearable. But if both of you are reading at the library, even if the teachers catch you, they can do nothing about it. They can't possibly say that students are not allowed to interact with each other."

"Hehehe." Qiao Nan smiled. She did not know that the students at this age would use this tactic to start a relationship.

"Nan Nan, you have rejected ten boys. What kind of boys do you like then?" This was what Tang Mengran was most concerned and most interested about.

"Ten?" Qiao Nan did not have any idea how many boys had asked her to go to the library.

"There're definitely ten of them. I took note of them for you. About five of them are from the same level. Their scores are in the top fifty. There were also three second-year students and two third-year students."

Qiao Nan twitched the corners of her lips when Tang Mengran listed the boys one by one. "The second and third-year students? Are you sure you didn't make any mistake?"

"Of course not!"

"So, if they are caught by the teachers, they will simply say that they are tutoring me?"

"Hahaha, who knows?" Tang Mengran was thrilled that her roommate was the subject of interest among the boys from all levels. Apart from feeling a slight twinge of regret that she was not the one, she felt proud that she shared the same dormitory as Qiao Nan.

Fang Fang pushed her glasses and walked up to Qiao Nan. "Don't you find them a bother?"

"Of course!"

"Then, you must come up with a solution to deal with it once and for all." Fang Fang was annoyed at seeing boys from different classes and levels hanging around their class. "Otherwise, it will only go on and on."

"This is true." Zheng Lingling agreed with Fang Fang. "Nan Nan, don't be angry when you hear this. I heard that because you have rejected so many boys from first to third years, some boys are betting to see who will be the first one that can make you accept him." In other words, those who confessed to Nan Nan might not truly like her. They could be doing it for their dignity.

Qiao Nan rolled her eyes. "We are already in high school now. How could they be so ridiculous? But thank you. Now that I know about this, I know what to tell them next time."

Previously, she did not know that asking her to go to the library to read books was, in fact, a discreet confession.

If she had known it, she would have rejected them upfront.

Fortunately, it was not too late to know now. She must make sure that she made herself clear so that it would not happen again, lest it created trouble for all of them.



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